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Feb. 16, 2017 —  Big news is TIO Networks being purchased by PayPal.  Physical network, bill pay and cash now in the PayPal lexicon. Congratulations to Hamed Shahbazi who for the last 20 years has worked his butt off.

Other news includes SlabbKiosks buying Phoenix Kiosk.  For the long time Phoenix Kiosk was identified with Alan Work who eventually retired and then Dustshield took over.  They are in good hands with SlabbKiosks who has been steadily growing their company and business this last year.

KioCall by KioWare has been released. Video conferencing made easy and with today’s new healthcare mandates video for telehealth and telemedicine is critical.  Good move KioWare!

This months feature is the Cannabis industry and the new automated vault payment systems. Think Crane and RedSwimmer.

Upcoming shows – ETA, HIMSS and DSE.  For DSE, Kiosk Industry members do get discounted rate for Self-Service Pavilion in center of exhibits.

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It’s that time again for the Hall of Fame. See article here.  Thanks to URway Holdings for sponsoring last year. Please send your nominations.

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