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So what should we pay employees in kiosk industry?  This month we take an inside look and you may find some of the numbers surprising.  Feature article on Compensation and Pay.

See the video of McDonald’s self-order kiosk and their “Just For You”  program.  As far as who is building the units my first guess would be Zivelo actually.  Acrelec makes them in Europe (and maybe Evoke). Acrelec recently acquired Hyperactive here in the US.

December Feature Preview

We will be doing extended marijuana feature. If you would like to participate drop me an email at

Kiosk Hall of Fame

It’s almost that time again for the Hall of Fame. We manage a group select and group vote from peers for new additions to Hall of Fame. See article here.  Thanks to URway Holdings for sponsoring last year.

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Whether you are a kiosk pro or a company investigating self service then consider supporting the association during its charter year.  We have over 40 members so far with an audience of 20,000 (and growing).  Please join today and support the industry group.

New Members in November and October

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The Industry Group is operated by Thinclient, a registered Colorado company headquartered in Eastlake, CO.  To contact us:

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