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Kiosk RFPRequests for kiosk proposals come out all the time. Here at Kiosk Industry Group we track and list some of them. Included are current Kiosk RFPs and also completed RFPs for Kiosks, ATMs, and Digital Signage (aka Digital Sign).  Sponsors at medium to high level on the site get advance notice + details + this listing is just a highlights summary.

Here are some of the recent Kiosk RFPs and Digital Signage RFPs by date

For current RFP and RFI you can visit our RFP page for sponsors.

Examples of best practice in RFP generation.

  1. The RFP Big List—Top Ten
  2. The Right Team: Are all key business function areas represented
  3. The Right Problem: What problem are you solving for the customer?
  4. The Right Process: for ROI, Business Case Analysis
  5. A Systematic Needs Assessment Process
  6. Pre Procurement Discussions, RFI Process with Select Vendors
  7. The Right Process for Procurement/RFP Specifications
  8. Pick the Right Vendor(s): How to compare apples and oranges
  9. Balanced Negotiation Process/A Fair Contract
  10. Project Management Best Practices
  11. Plan for On-Going Vendor Management, Monitoring, Upgrades

Reference:  Kiosk-RFP-2007-Richardson-RFPtal

Historically it can be interesting and educational looking at past RFPs.

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