Kiosk Standards

Here is coverage of the regulatory compliance standards which affect and/or come into play for kiosks.ADA Kiosk


  • ADA Standards for Kiosks — Providing access for the disabled is the law not an option. Disabled come in all forms from wheelchair, to hearing to sight to any number of “differences”. These standards apply to digital signage to ATMs to POS checkout to any public access system.
  • HIPAA Standards for Privacy & Self-Service — security in healthcare is originating basis but data security extends to all types of public data collection.  Violations can result in millions of dollars in fines.
  • PCI & EMV Payment Standards — from out of scope to QSA to devices to much more, payment data must be protected.  October 2015 is the big Liability Shift  and organizations are putting in place their response now.
  • Section 508 — often overlooked but this standard ensures that government online cyber mechanisms communicate effectively with users.
  • UL Standards — an exposition of UL standards which come into play for self-service (kiosks, ATMs, Checkouts) including UL 2361, UL 291
  • Environmental Standards for Outdoor — this includes the various standards that come into play for Outdoor or environmental circumstance. This ranges from NEMA rating to IP standards for ingression protection to vandal resistant touch screens.  What is the difference between NEMA 4 and NEMA 4X (besides about $200 in cost).

Kiosk Manufacturers

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