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Kiosks work with mobiles in a variety of ways and they are sometimes provide their own channel into the retailer.

And kiosk software developers do kiosk mobile apps —

Kiosks Mobile App News Lincoln, NE August 19, 2022: Nanonation, a leading public space interactive, and digital signage solutions provider, is pleased to announce that Nanonation and Omaha by Design partnered to create an app for an event geared toward exploring the spaces that shape the city of Omaha. The inaugural event, Open Omaha, was facilitated by Omaha by Design,… Read More »

Carry2Mobile™ with 22Miles New functionality offered by 22Miles. For more information you can always email [email protected] or sign up for demo below. Deliver content directly to your customers’ mobile phones with 22Miles Carry2Mobile™. 22Miles created Carry2Mobile™ as a solution that empowers end users to consume and engage with content on the go, from the convenience of their mobile… Read More »

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