HIMSS Booth #3065 – CTS Healthcare and Kwerk Release

By | February 18, 2016

The company has developed a middleware solution to help its kiosks connect to smaller healthcare organizations’ record systems.

CTS Healthcare Services to debut mid-market patient check-in kiosk

At HIMSS16 booth #3065, the vendor will unveil Kwerk to help mid-size and smaller provider organizations launch and integrate kiosks.

Kiosk maker CTS Healthcare Services will start targeting mid-size and smaller provider organizations when it introduces at HIMSS16 new middleware dubbed Kwerk.

Since it launched its first kiosks in 2005, CTS Healthcare Services has racked up more than 200 million patient check-ins on its kiosks, the vendor said. More than 95 percent of healthcare organizations using the Welcome patient check-in component of Epic’s electronic health record system use CTS Healthcare Services kiosks, CTS Healthcare Services said. This is because Epic was very early to the patient check-in game, enabling the critical integration component.

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But there is a whole healthcare world beyond Epic, said Sandy Nix, president and CEO of CTS Healthcare Services.

“We’ve found a lot of potential customers with an interest in deploying check-in solutions but without the appropriate middleware piece that allows kiosks to talk to their EHRs,” Nix said. “So we developed Kwerk, which will talk to not only the EHRs in larger facilities but also serve as a bundled product we can offer the mid-market so potential customers at that level can have healthcare-proven hardware and high-quality patient check-in software solutions in an affordable package.”

Kwerk will connect with EHRs in any size facility, but will also enable smaller organizations that simply want a standalone check-in solution to have one. In addition to patient check-in, the kiosks can accept co-pays and bill payments, be used for patient scheduling, secure consent to treatment signatures, issue privacy notices, change demographic information, and more.

CTS Healthcare Services will offer Kwerk on a subscription basis, Nix said.

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