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We can perhaps best be categorized as a group of technology aficionados who are lucky enough to be able to make a living at what we’d be doing for hobbies anyway.

We’re laid back and ambitious at the same time. And we love kiosk software, especially. We’re also the creators of the kiosk lockdown  KioskSimple.

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RedSwimmer develops custom kiosk software solutionsOur specialty is creating massively scalable custom software that engages your customers.
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RedSwimmer Kiosk Software Development ProcessWe hold your hand from design to deployment to ensure your project is a glowing success.
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Kiosk Mode

Easily run your website or .NET app in kiosk mode with KioskSimple kiosk software.
Easily run your website or .NET app in kiosk mode with KioskSimple

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Case Studies

The following are just a few examples of the different types of solutions we’ve developed for our clients in the past, read below. We’re happy to provide references upon request.

EZ Card and Kiosk, Continental Prison Systems, CPSZ, CPSI

EZ Card and Kiosk

EZ Card and Kiosk, a financial services company serving the jail industry, was in need of a self service kiosk software for the purpose of facilitating bails and commissary loads to inmates incarcerated in jails across the United States. The majority of jails today are still using archaic methods of cash handling that are extremely time consuming and error prone. We developed a solution to offload all of the jails cash handling to a kiosk and also allow for the acceptance of credit cards both at the kiosk and online. Our self service kiosk solution allows a family member to walk into the jail’s lobby and use a self service kiosk to load money on an inmate’s account which they can then use to purchase commissary or post bail. The self service kiosk accepts both cash and credit card payments and then prints a wallet sized receipt. To learn more click the link below.

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Key features include:

  • Self Service Kiosk for accepting cash and credit card payments
  • Kiosks for bail, commissary, work release, booking and more…
  • Secure website for remote bail and commissary loading
  • Kiosks accept cash, coin and credit card payments
  • Real-time web based reporting and management
Signature Equipovision Network Marketing

Signature EquipoVision

EquipoVision, a network marketing company serving the Hispanic community, was in need of a comprehensive solution for managing their large conventions. Their existing system was fairly low-tech and required large amounts of manual data-entry and was prone to ticket-fraud. The point of sale system was slow and lines several hundred people deep were common place. That’s when RedSwimmer stepped in to develop a solution that was able to dramatically speed up the entire process all the way from registration to point of sale while also preventing ticket fraud by placing barcodes on pretty much everything, including the attendees. By incorporating UPC barcodes and hand held barcode scanners we were able to eliminate a lot of tedious and error prone data-entry. This also had the added benefit of providing real-time reporting of sales as the convention progressed. A pre-registration website allows users to register online and print out a ticket that is essentially a “fast-pass” for entry into the convention. The pre-registration step helps keep the convention lines small and moving quickly and also gives management some expectation of attendance levels. Attendees that did not pre-register can use the self check-in kiosk at the convention to register and print out their tickets. Upon entry to the convention a badge is printed for each attendee that allows their purchasing history to be tracked and provide real-time reporting to management. Now the entire convention is tracked in real-time and thousands of attendees are managed with great accuracy and efficiency.

Key features include:

  • Online pre-registration via the website
  • Self check-in at the convention via a self service kiosk
  • Admission solution for managing admittance, printing badges and tracking ticket usage
  • Point of sale solution for accepting cash and credit card payments
  • Barcode integrated into tickets, badges and products to allow for quick scanning to minimize manual data entry and provide real-time tracking or the entire convention
Perez Distributing Fresno

Perez Distributing

Perez Distributing, a distribution company serving the Hispanic community, was in need of a web based solution for allowing their customers to place orders for their grocery stores online. The Client’s product catalog is large (5000+ products) and needed to be easily searchable. Customers also needed to be able to view past purchase orders and be able to place repeat orders based on past orders. RedSwimmer was able to develop a web application which met all of these requirements and is easy and familiar to use because we utilized a similar look and feel to other popular online stores around today. We were also able to automatically synchronize the Client’s product catalog and invoices between the Sage MAS 90 ERP and the website which eliminated the need for manual daily synchronization. The online ordering system is well accepted by customers today and increasingly saving the Client time by reducing the need to take orders over the phone.

Key features include:

  • Searchable online product catalog
  • Multi-user system facilitating grocery store orders nation-wide
  • Customers can view their purchase history and easily place repeat orders
  • Automatic synchronization between website and Sage MAS 90 ERP
  • Customers can view past due invoices

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