Mobile Kiosk Trailer

MultiFunction Mobile Kiosk Trailer

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Mobile Kiosk Trailer

TurnKey Kiosks Logo New product from TurnKey Kiosks.

Introducing the first portable temporary mobile kiosk trailer. Capable of holding up to 8 kiosks in a thru the wall configuration, this unit can give your site a boost in kiosk sales. The trailer is completely moveable and can be configured to be completely self-sufficient or connect to existing infrastructure and payment gateways to allow
an additional 8 kiosks to sell tickets, passes or whatever your enterprise needs to sell and/or dispense.

The trailer is fully heated and cooled and is hardened to allow it to be installed virtually anywhere you need it and in any weather. Place the unit where you think your customers will most benefit and reduce line ups, reduce wait times and improve customer satisfaction.

Mobile Kiosk Components

  • 23.6” PCAP Outdoor Touchscreen, Portrait mode, w/Security Shield
  • HP PC
  • Boca Printer – Ticket transport
  • Star Printer – Receipt, 80mm
  • Ingenico Payment Device
  • UPS
  • Air Conditioning
  • Vendor Hard Awning
  • Shelves for supplies and equipment


  • 11/4/2019
  • Cash Accepting and Dispensing
  • Optconnect 3G/4G
  • Generator – Onboard
  • Heater
  • Other components

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