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By | August 9, 2021
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Smart Lockers ClearConnect Restaurant Solutions

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Looking to give your guests a seamless experience complete with a short wait time, exceptional service, and the latest technology? ClearConnect™ is a holistic and scalable solution designed for quick service restaurants enhancing every step of the customer journey that can be customized to fit your operational needs, from small to medium-sized operations to multi-location deployment.

Panasonic ClearConnect Infographic

Highlights of our Smart Locker platform include:

  • POS systems, including traditional and mobile options, paired with iQtouch software

  • World-class suite of drive-thru technology, including Attune Restaurant Communication System, indoor and outdoor menu board displays, and the innovative iQtimer optimization system

  • Reduce counter with secure and contactless order pick up with our Smart Food Lockers

  • Clearview software helps maximize profits by providing real-time analytics to help reduce food and labor costs while reinforcing best practices across an enterprise

Decrease wait times and serve more customers faster, making customers want to come back again and again.

With the rapid evolution of Smart Locker technology, Panasonic understands you may have some questions. Here are some of the key items Panasonic has addressed with our Smart Locker technology.

Safety is always key when fulfilling a food order. Why would you want to expose food to contamination, risk, or loss in an open or partially open storage environment? Our Smart Lockers are fully enclosed to guarantee food safety and reduce exposure to risk or loss.

Panasonic takes the split locker cubby to a whole new dimension, with the ability to put both hot and cold food in one locker. That’s right – with the split cubby capability, we can even ensure your cold salad and your hot burger are just that.

Now that you’ve seen the advantages, why wait? Because the locker solutions can stand-alone, we’ll have you up and running right away, allowing customers to see you in a whole new light.


  1.  Customer Orders — Customer orders through existing mobile app, website, call in, or self-ordering kiosk.
  2.  Customer Alerted – Order is completed, food is loaded into the locker, and customer receives notification through native app or SMS message.
  3. Unit is Unlocked — Upon arrival, the customer enters pin or scans QR code to retrieve their food for a contactless experience.


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