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AR Kiosks News – Time for developers to get real

Augmented reality technology blends virtual reality with real-world images to create immersive user experiences. Developers need to get ready — really.

Source: searchcloudapplications.techtarget.com

Gartner believes by 2020, 100 million consumers will leverage augmented reality technology for online retail, an experience characterized as “immersive shopping.” It’s coming quickly; Gartner predicts 20% of global retail brands will adopt some form of augmented reality during 2017.

VR Watch — Inside VR & AR, November 9th, 2017

SteamVR for Windows / Harry Potter AR game / RideVR theme park headsets

Source: inside.com

Pretty cool — VR Coaster and Sensics have partnered to create RideVR, all-in-one VR headsets for theme parks. The headset’s display can detach from the head and chin strap while guests are adjusting the fit, and the face masks are hypo-allergenic, reusable, and machine washable.