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In the wild – Olea Kiosks at Scientific Games

Scientific Games Gaming Kiosk

gaming kiosk

Monte Carlo kiosk by Olea Kiosks at recent Scientific Games tradeshow in Las Vegas

From Olea Website

Versatile Kiosk for Ultimate Performance
A modern approach to the player experience

Our latest winning kiosk for casinos features card-printing and vibrant LED lighting that can be controlled remotely or programmed, and its sleek design fits in any décor.

The Monte Carlo boasts robust components that stand up to 24/7 use. Two large LCD panels create a rewarding touch experience for users, while the highly visible digital signage is perfect for advertising, wayfinding and more.

Gaming News – Despite Coronavirus Shutdown Skill Games Still Open

From GGB News Apr 2020 Skill Games Still Active


On Monday, March 16, the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board ordered all casinos in the state to shut down, part of the larger nationwide effort to slow the spread of the deadly coronavirus. The following day, gaming boards in Missouri and Kansas followed suit, and eventually, the entire legal gaming industry was at a standstill.

Many in the industry initially thought social distancing—shutting down two or three slot machines between each active game—would allow casinos to remain open. Then the Centers for Disease Control revealed that the Covid-19 virus can survive up to two or three days on stainless steel, plastic and other nonporous surfaces—like gaming machines. An industry shutdown was unavoidable.

But as recently as last weekend, convenience stores, pizza parlors, gas stations and other retail locations in Pennsylvania, Missouri and elsewhere still had live gaming machines operating. These are the so-called “skill games” that had been cropping up in several states prior to the crisis, the subject of an effort launched in February to battle them by the Association of Gaming Equipment Manufacturers (AGEM) and the American Gaming Association (AGA).

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GLI-20 Gaming Standards for Kiosks V2.0 Technical Standard Release

Gaming Standards for Kiosks

May 14, 2019 – Gaming Laboratories International, LLC (GLI), is pleased to announce the release of the final published version of the “GLI-20 Standards for Kiosks V2.0” for use by the gaming industry.
During the past several months, GLI worked closely with various industry stakeholders including suppliers and regulators to ensure GLI-20 V2.0 represents the most highly-developed set of technical requirements and practices available in the gaming industry.
GLI-20 V2.0 reflects a revision to the core kiosk standard to incorporate technical requirements reflecting the latest trends in kiosk technology, to better align with overlapping requirements in the GLI Family of Technical Standards and other industry standards, and to maintain best-in-industry practices. In general, the changes are largely designed to improve the clarity and consistency of requirements.
A PDF copy of the final published version of GLI-20 V2.0 is linked below for your reference and is also accessible by visiting the GLI website at www.gaminglabs.comand clicking on the ‘GLI Standards’ tab.
Additionally, an Executive Summary of the changes against the prior GLI-20 V1.5 is linked below for reference.
Translated versions of the GLI-20 v2.0 standard will be made available in the near future. These translated documents will be posted to the GLI public internet site for global consumption.
Each standard in the GLI Standard Series is a culmination of industry best-practices and is continually updated based on industry feedback. The GLI Standards are true “industry standards” in that they are created using a collaborative approach which involves thousands of gaming industry stakeholders. These standards are intended to assist regulators by creating baseline technical guidelines which they can adopt and/or utilize in the manner they see fit. In addition to assisting regulators, the standards are of tremendous value to suppliers who use the standards as a guide in their design and development process, saving both time and expense. GLI-20 and the rest of the GLI Standards Series are available for free download on the ‘GLI Standards’ tab found at www.gaminglabs.com.
Kind Regards,
The GLI Team

GLI STANDARDS – Gaming Laboratories International

GLI STANDARDS – Gaming Laboratories International GLI Gaming Kiosk Certification

GLI’s business is to test, review and report on gaming devices and systems against the standards established by relevant gaming jurisdictions worldwide.

Source: www.gaminglabs.com

Background information on Gaming Labs certification for gaming regulations.

GLI Standards

GLI’s business is to test, review and report on gaming devices and systems against the standards established by relevant gaming jurisdictions worldwide. Each jurisdiction has the authority to set their own standards; however, many use our standards as a starting point in developing their regulations.

In other words, GLI has established the base standards for gaming devices and systems around the world. We are the experts in the industry. *Non-English versions of the most current versions of any/all recently-updated standards will be posted to this website as soon as practical.

Gaming Standards Including Kiosks and Betting Kiosks or Wagering Systems