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Digital Wayfinding – Qwick Media Announces QwickWay

April 10, 2019

QwickWayTM is your leading digital 3D Interactive Wayfinding

digital wayfinding qwickway by qwickmedia
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The most cost effective, versatile, rapid 3D wayfinding
with outstanding details and simplicity.

• Simplistic in design and use
• Easily manageable in real time
• A part of the complete integrated package or a stand
alone product.
• Applicable in endless isle in stores for retail.
The mapping and wayfinding system includes eleva-
tors, escalators, stairways, and walkways between
buildings. Getting directions between floors is easy.

Digital Wayfinding

• Interactive Navigation
• Rerouting for detour
• Directory interface
• ADA compliant
• Content management
• Multilingual
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• 3D experience interface
• Build-in Wayfinding Algorithm
• Interactive keyboard for search
• Pop-up descriptions
• Analytics

To learn more about QwickWayTM – your leading digital 3D Interactive Wayfinding contact Qwick Media, Inc.

More Information

Qwick Media Inc.
Telephone: 778.370.1715  1.855.370.1715
E-Mail: info@qwickmedia.com
Address: 8331 Eastlake Drive, Building 2A, Suite 104, Burnaby, B. C. V5A 4W2

Qwickmedia Deploying Smart Lockers

Entering Online Delivery Last Mile Solutions Market

qwickmedia lockers Qwick Media has signed a designated distributor agreement with Kern Smart Terminals. This relationship enables us to expand our reach in the
emerging online packaged delivery market throughout Western Canada and the US. Qwick Media’s recent acquisition of SFE Global in WA, USA, will enable us to market and service the distribution territory through an existing servicing network.

With 70 years in business, Kern develops and manufactures technologically sophisticated inserting systems for document and card processing and packaging, digital printer pre and post-processing, 24/7 Smart Terminals and automated document factory software.

Kern, based in Switzerland, selected Qwick Media to expand its North American presences in the fast-growing last mile solutions market for the online delivery.

Tourism Software – Qwick Media Introduces ‘Shared Data” Interactive Kiosk Software

November 14, 2018

Qwick Media of Burnaby, British Columbia, is pleased to introduce its innovative and successfully deployed ‘Shared Data’ interactive kiosk technology at the TIAC Congress.

This annual event for the Tourism Association of Canada will be held in Gatineau, Quebec, November 27-28, 2018. Qwick Media will be showcasing, for the frst time at the national level, our proprietary connected tourism self-service platform solutions that have been successfully deployed in Saint John’s, New Brunswick and Halifax, Nova Scotia.

This new initiative by Qwick Media is now available and ready to enable tourism administrators to share data with other smart city tourism communities.

Kiosks are easy to install and the Qwick Media platform allows for user friendly management content, either through API or manual upload,  resulting in real time data. Also, the Qwick Media platform simultaneously operates and manages a digital signage media player.

Tourists, in their preferred language, will enjoy the experience of discovering your destination, via a network of custom-built interactive kiosks where they can search, find, print and share ­information. Kiosks networks will broadcast local events in real time and provide an opportunity to pay for those

The Qwick Media platform is THE vehicle to assist tourism towards participating in ‘data marketplaces’. This includes the private sector, promoting new and existing businesses to visitors with its multi-language capability, thereby providing information to a diverse public.

Qwick Media 2018 Tourism Brochure