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Kiosk ROI can be a juicy investment, but requires careful peeling. On one hand, kiosks boast efficiency: reducing labor costs, handling peak times, and streamlining orders. Think faster queues, happier customers, and potentially bigger bills. On the other hand, the peel reveals hardware, software, and maintenance costs, not to mention potential training woes. Calculating ROI involves comparing these savings and expenses, aiming for a sweet spot where the kiosk pays for itself quickly. Don’t forget intangible benefits! Kiosks can elevate brand image, offer self-service convenience, and gather valuable customer data. ✨ Ultimately, a well-planned kiosk strategy can be a ripe apple for business, just remember to weigh the cost of the core.

Whitepaper – Determining ROI for Merchandising Displays and Interactive Kiosks

Introduction A recent article from The Business Journals sums up a common retail challenge best when it states, “Successful new product launches are not to be taken for granted.” There’s supporting research behind that declaration. A 2013 white paper published in the Journal of Product Innovation & Management cites a study done by the Product Development & Management… Read More »