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Smart City Update & Digital Signage

Smart City Digital Signage Update

Smart City and Digital Signage go hand-in-hand and lots of cities are looking at new infrastructure.  We track those.  These days that means smart transit, smart transportation, smart lighting, automation, EV vehicles, Self-Driving.  It’s a big basket for sure. Part of IoT trends in self-service.

smart citySmart City Digital Signage projects are a big trend right now along with Digital Signage.  What are they doing right, and what are they doing wrong.

Here are examples of Smart City, Smart Information and Digital Signage RFPs.


Smart City News

Smart City News on the Internet we like


Oct 15 Nokia Demos Smart City in Hanoi – Nokia ran a trial of a smart city management platform in Hanoi to show off its real-time automation and analytics capabilities to Vietnam-based Viettel, a military-run mobile operator.

Oct 15 — Link —  IoT and Smart Agriculture Are Building Our Future Cities Today
The 9.6 billion people expected to live on the planet by 2050, and with 70 percent of them in urban areas, IoT is pushing smart agriculture in smart cities.

Newark to offer Link Smart City Program

4/9/18 — announced last week the city’s plans for LinkNWK, a communications network of sidewalk kiosks that will provide residents and visitors of Newark with free gigabit Wi-Fi, mobile device charging, free phone calls to anywhere in the U.S., access to municipal services, maps and directions, and real-time local information on city streets. There will be no cost to taxpayers or users as it is supported through advertising on the Link kiosk displays.

Digital kiosks coming to Harrisburg

City council is mulling a resolution that will allow New York City-based Smart City Media LLC. to install about 25 digital kiosks to provide information to residents and tourists.  These kiosks – called CityPosts — will stand about 8-feet tall and have 55-inch screens on both sides, chief marketing officer Mike Mainthow said in a phone interview today.

LinkNYC Will Show Bus Arrival Time Info — LinkNYC’s 55-inch screens in those Brooklyn neighborhoods will now show arrival info for buses that are a short walk away from a particular kiosk.

Panasonic is building a ‘smart city’ in Colorado with high-tech highways, autonomous vehicles, and free WiFi

The company is now building “smart city” infrastructure near Denver, Colorado, with the goal of turning the area into a “smart city” by 2026. The initiative is part of a larger Panasonic program Panasonic called CityNow. Although the definition of a “smart city” varies depending on who you ask, the term typically describes a metro area that prioritizes the use of technology in its infrastructure.

Who Will Own The Infrastructure In The Smart City?

The smart city was a major theme at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show (#CES2018), hosted by the Consumer Technology Association.

How to improve community mobility in a smart city through public-private partnerships

Part of the smart cities movement includes managing how people travel and use the transportation network, as well as how cities collect data from vehicles and group travel patterns for better land use and transportation policy decision making.

Smart cities are boring. Give us responsive cities. | TechCrunch

Oct 14, 2017 – As an urban technologist, I’m often asked to give an example of a compelling smart city application that real people are using. But to be honest, …

The Rise of the Smart City – WSJ

Apr 16, 2017 – Cities have a way to go before they can be considered geniuses. But they’re getting smart pretty fast. In just the past few years, mayors and …

Smart cities | Cities | The Guardian

Interconnected technology is now an inescapable reality – ordering our groceries, monitoring our cities and sucking up vast amounts of data along the way.

IEEE Smart Cities: Home

IEEE Smart Cities is a global, multi-discipline cross-IEEE effort, through which IEEE seeks to help municipalities around the world address urban population …

The Problems With Smart Cities – Forbes…/the-problems-with-smart-citie…

Jun 19, 2017 – When envisioning all the possibilities of smart cities, it’s also important to consider the difficulties that could arise in creating them.

Variations on Project Example

Here is one for public safety circa March 2018 in California.

The City of xxxxxxxxxx (“City”) seeks to partner with
technology providers who are working to improve and
enhance the urban environment through the use of smart city technology. For this Request for Proposals (“RFP”), the City seeks up to four Firms/Teams that can implement and demonstrate how camera, video, motion, and other sensor technology can be an effective tool in addressing public safety. Working in collaboration with the City and the xxxxxx County Sheriff’s Department, these Firms/Teams will demonstrate solutions that can enhance public safety in the City. This pilot project will allow the City and the SD to assess the utility, data management needs, cost effectiveness, and overall success of a smart city public safety program that could be scaled citywide in designated areas of the City. The size and density of the City, along with its large visitor population (especially during special events) provides a great environment for the testing and implementation of cutting-edge public safety technology. Up to four Firms/Teams will be selected.

The selected Firms/Teams will design and implement a
demonstration project for deployment over nine months. At least one location in the City will be assigned to each Firm/Team for implementation. The selected Firms/Teams will be provided a $10,000 stipend, distributed at determined milestones during the nine month duration of the pilot program. Selected Firms/Teams shall be required to comply with the City’s Privacy Guidelines. In addition to public safety applications, the City encourages camera and
sensor applications that can provide insights about how people interact in the City. For example, innovative companies are using cameras and sensors to measure volume and direction of pedestrian, bicycle, and vehicle trac. Such programs can inform city planning and other municipal operations as collected data can be used to increase pedestrian and vehicle safety or increase economic activity. In addition, the City welcomes technologies that
protect privacy, such as use of anonymized data and real-time image scrambling.

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Case Study – Red Rocks in Colorado Digital Signage Solution

Case Study – Red Rocks in Colorado Digital Signage Solution

digital signage red rocks case studyPeerless-AV ® helps esteemed,
Colorado outdoor music venue
engage its patrons.

Case Study 2018



The Challenge

The Red Rocks Amphitheatre, located in Morrison, Colorado, is situated within the Red Rocks Park, surrounded by 738 acres of geological wonders. Originally built in 1936, the large, outdoor concert venue has celebrated over 75 years in use. The theatre can hold nearly 10,000 people and has hosted some of the very best musicians, including The Beatles, The Grateful Dead, U2, and more.

red rocks amphitheaterLike many busy venues, Red Rocks Amphitheatre’s crowds and varying event types made it crucial to be able to quickly and efficiently provide updated information to patrons, especially in the concession areas, which regularly receive heavy foot traffic as guests purchase food and drinks as well as travel through to reach different areas of the theatre. To keep information current, the venue was consistently printing and manually replacing static signage at each individual stand, a task that had long proven to be far too taxing of an undertaking.

The Solution

Red Rocks decided to seek out a digital signage option that would best showcase the venue’s various menu offerings and streamline the ordering process. In October 2017, Red Rocks approached Ping HD, an end-to-end digital media company, for a solution.

Together they determined the hardware needed to revamp the concession stands, in addition to software that would allow menu changes to be scheduled in advance and change automatically. In sum, the team set out to install 33 total Samsung outdoor displays, 19 of which would be located outside. All displays would utilize EngagePHDTM digital signage software,  ensuring content could be adjusted as needed and the
possibility of downtime would be minimized.

Peerless red rocks mountThe key challenge for the project was finding the correct mount for the Samsung displays that were selected. Relying on Ping HD’s advice, the Red Rocks Amphitheatre chose Peerless-AV ® to provide mounts for the project. The durability and functionality of Peerless-AV’s mounts were the primary contributors for selecting Peerless-AV mounting solutions. In addition, at the time, Peerless-AV was the only approved option available, industry-wide, that would fit the Samsung displays being used – another
contributing factor for the decision to move forward with the company.

Peerless-AV’s EW Series offers outdoor mounting solutions designed exclusively for Samsung’s OHF Series SMART Signage displays. Peerless-AV’s Outdoor Tilt Wall Mount in Landscape (EWL-OH46F), selected for the Red Rocks Amphitheatre, features:

    • A custom design specifically engineered for outdoor use and constructed from weatherproof materials
    • Adaptors that hook onto the wall plate, simplifying the install
    • A clean profile that hides cables and hardware within an enclosed wall plate for a clutter-free installation
    • Air baffles that help separate exhaust from intake air, crucial for the lifespan of the Samsung display
    • Tilts forward from 0° to 10° when in landscape orientation and 0° to 4° when in portrait orientation

redrock digital signageLike all Peerless-AV mounts, the Outdoor Tilt Wall Mounts are designed, manufactured, and tested to withstand the outdoor elements, so companies can focus on what matters most: the customer experience.

The Installation and the Results


digital signage red rocksInstallation began in April 2018 as Red Rocks Amphitheatre was nearing the opening of concert season, which put the entire team in a time crunch. At times, installation occurred in tandem with bands setting up.

The location on the side of a mountain also posed a challenge, as access can only occur from the bottom (where parking is) or at the top, where the carts and
concessions are and the integrations were spread across a few acres.

Working together, the team mastered the installation in just two to three weeks. Since installing, customers have noted the enhanced aesthetics and ease of locating the concession stands. Further, the venue has seen increases in guests getting in line for concessions, as they are now more engaging and easier to notice at night.

After the installation, the venue felt completely different. The enhancement of digital signage has elevated Red Rocks Amphitheater to a whole new level. 

Marcus Byrd, Ping HD

About PingHD

Ping HD is a full service, end-to-end digital media company that provides affordable, scalable, and innovative digital signage solutions. With thousands of digital endpoints around the globe, they build and design custom solutions that fit the exact requirements of their clients. From video walls to interactive touch experiences, Ping HD’s innovative
solutions have been deployed in all major verticals including: travel, hospitality, sports, QSR, retail, corporate and education industries.

digital signage software PingHDVisit or to learn more.

Connect with Ping HD via social media on Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin.

About Peerless-AV

For over 75 years, passion and innovation continue to drive Peerless-AV ® forward. We proudly design and manufacture the highest quality products, ranging from outdoor displays to complete kiosk solutions, digital signage mounts to wireless systems. Whether
a full-scale global deployment or custom project, Peerless-AV develops meaningful relationships and delivers world-class service. In partnership with Peerless-AV, you are trusting an award-winning team of experts who will support your business every step of the way. For more information, visit


Peerless digital signage


More Resources

Full Case Study Red-Rocks-Amphitheatre-Case-Study

More by Peerless

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How Digital Kiosks are Changing the Small Town Experience

How Digital Kiosks are Changing the Small Town Experiencesmart city alternatives for small towns

Small towns across the country are rapidly realizing that interactive digital solutions, namely digital kiosks, have the capabilities to serve as the answer to many of the aforementioned questions, among others.


Picture this: your company has an out of town meeting, your child has a sports tournament, or your family plans a weekend getaway. As a result, you find yourself in a bustling small town you’ve never before visited. The downtown area is filled with shops and restaurants, but you aren’t quite sure what to do or where to start, and you’re overflowing with questions. Which restaurants are kid-friendly? What do their menus look like? Which direction is the store your friend told you to check out? Is there a local park?

The predicament you’re facing when you arrive in this unfamiliar small town is one that towns across the country are constantly considering—once visitors arrive, will they be able to easily get around? If so, will they be able to find something they’re interested in, be willing to explore, and support local restaurants and businesses?

In an effort to address some of these questions, cities and towns both large and small have begun exploring and investing in interactive digital solutions. You may have heard the term ‘smart cities’ used to describe those implementing interactive technology throughout their cities. Though typically not to the same scale as major cities, small towns across the country are rapidly realizing that interactive digital solutions, namely digital kiosks, have the capabilities to serve as the answer to many of the aforementioned questions, among others.

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Olea Kiosks DSE Next Week in Vegas

Digital Signage Expo 2018 and Olea Kiosks

March 17, 2018

Step into the world of Self-Service with Olea Kiosks at booth #1457.

Interact with our lineup of kiosk solutions and learn why kiosks are being deployed worldwide at record-pace.

Olea will also be showcasing part of our BRAND-NEW kiosk line, the Austin Series. Primed for QSR/Fast-Food, the modular solution is easy to drop into place and comes with everything you need to process cashless transactions in the most compliant and efficient manner. The lineup uses traditional POS devices which makes them a quick and welcome addition by your staff. The compact and elegant form factor keeps your brand at the cutting-edge of customer-pointed technology.

Different configurations of our Austin Freestanding Kiosk will be on display throughout the show with Olea Partners.  Stop by Shuttle Computer Group (#2754) and AOPEN America (#2912) to interact with additional demos and hardware options.

Olea Kiosks is a self-service industry leader with over 40 years of design, engineering, and manufacturing experience. We offer off-the-shelf kiosks, as well as fully custom kiosks to meet the needs of your brand and unique customer-base. Some of the companies we work and worked with include Kaiser Permanente, FedEx, Nike, CLEAR, and more.

Solutions for: Digital Signage, Wayfinding, QSR/Fast Food, Bill Payment, Check-In, Ticketing and more.

Call 800-927-8063 or email [email protected] to learn more or to schedule a visit to our booth.

Olea Announces the Launch of the New “Austin” Self Check-in and Order Kiosk

Sleek and modern the Austin Freestanding Check-In Kiosk can work in almost any environment.

The "Austin" Kiosk - Freestanding Patient Check-In Kiosk
Austin Free Standing Kiosk
for Check-in –
Click for full size

The Austin continues Olea’s mission to provide better kiosks through intelligent design. Providing flexible configuration options, the Austin was meticulously engineered to accommodate 15” or 22” All-in-One computers in Portrait or Landscape. Standard options include EMV terminal and POS-style receipt printer.

The wide array of transactional components housed in this sleek, feature-packed kiosk makes it one of the most powerful retail solutions available on the market. Its compact footprint and rugged security complement a variety of environments for companies that seek to improve ROI and user interaction in small spaces or high traffic areas.

Download the Austin Kiosk Data Sheet

Olea’s Innovative Digital Signage Kiosks

Milan Portrait Digital Signage Kiosk

Make an impact with the Milan kiosk. This stunning pedestal-style kiosk was developed for interactive digital signage applications, but due to its incredible adaptability, the Milan is well-suited for many other applications. Several high-grade digital-signage monitors built for 24/7, year round operation are available. This best-selling kiosk can accommodate virtually any single or multi-touch LCD monitor with the option to orient the display to portrait or landscape mode. Larger monitors allow deployers to split the screen for multiple applications, such as retail and wayfinding. Performance on a pedestal, the Milan can be configured with a large variety of peripherals, including thermal printers, media players, magnetic and smart card readers, proximity sensors and QR/barcode scanners.

Call 800-927-8063 or email [email protected] to learn more or to schedule a visit to our booth.

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ISE 2018 – Interview with Dave Haynes, Sixteen:Nine – Meeting Rooms

Dave Haynes, Sixteen:Nine: “The pure play guys have a real advantage”

With his finger on the pulse of the industry, no one knows quite as much about digital signs (or about selling salt—trust us and watch the video) as Dave Haynes, the founder and editor of the Sixteen:Nine blog and the Meeting Room Signs website.

Meeting rooms are the gateway drug for digital signage companies wanting to enter that world. Getting in opens up many other opportunities as well.

Haynes stresses analytics and can’t disagree with that.  With digital signage in search of ROI (still), traffic and audience footfall analytics would seem to be their big card to play, yet I don’t think it has been played.

Maybe I should ask Dave Haynes why that is…

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Video Wall — New SmartMount for Digital Signs

Peerless-AV® Launches New SmartMount® Supreme Video Wall Mount with Quick Release at ISE 2018

New mount offers innovative, time-saving installation and maintenance features, including a quick release mechanism and more micro-adjustments than ever before

 AURORA, Ill. – February 5, 2018 – Peerless-AV®, the award-winning designer and manufacturer of the highest quality audio and video solutions and accessories, is excited to introduce its newest video wall mount, the SmartMount® Supreme Full Service Video Wall Mount with Quick Release (DS-VW775-QR), at ISE 2018, Hall 12, Stand F90.

Video Wall Mount
Video Wall Mount — Click for full size image

Designed with the needs of integrators and end-users in mind, the DS-VW775-QR offers innovative, time-saving installation and maintenance features, including tool-less micro adjustment, easy hang wall plate, quick release mechanism, and reusable spacers for both portrait and landscape applications.

With the addition of tool-less lateral micro-adjustment, the DS-VW775-QR offers 1.5″ of fine tune adjustment on each of the X, Y, and Z axes. The mount also features prominently colored adjustment knobs that can be easily located by installers during set-up and future video wall maintenance visits. Plus, serviceability is easier than ever before with the press to release pop-out feature, providing quick and convenient access to a recessed display without searching for hidden pull strings. The gentle release mechanism requires less pressure to pop-out a display than other video wall mounts, giving peace of mind that the delicate pixel structure will not be damaged from pressing too hard on the display front.

Reusable spacers can be used for both portrait and landscape applications resulting in a faster and more cost-effective install. Enhanced cable management allows the cables to effortlessly travel in and out with the display, eliminating the chance of interfering with the mount, as well.

“As the leading digital signage mount manufacturer in the industry, our key focus has and continues to be creating solutions that ease installation and maintenance, while aiding our customers in developing eye-catching video walls,” said Nick Belcore, Executive Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing, Peerless-AV. “We are excited to introduce this latest evolution of our award-winning Supreme Mount, now available with a built-in quick release mechanism. We are confident that this addition will provide integrators and end-users with expanded options when implementing video walls.”

The standard version DS-VW775, launched in 2016, has the same feature set as the new DS-VW775-QR, but offers unique red pop-out levers above and below. When the mount is fully extended it offers an extra 2″ of service space from the wall compared to the SmartMount® Full-Service Video Wall Mount with Quick Release (DS-VW765-LQR/PQR).

Both Supreme models weigh significantly less than previous Peerless-AV video wall mounts. The DS-VW775-QR is 4.5lbs lighter and the DS-VW775 is 10lbs lighter than the DS-VW765-LQR Full-Service Video Wall Mount with Quick Release, for example. This makes these mounts even easier to handle and position, especially when combined with the installation app and reusable display-dedicated wall plate spacers. Using the easy hang keyhole adaptor plate, a single installer can simply hook the mount onto the wall, providing a hands-free environment to secure it – a valuable on-site time and cost saving feature.

The DS-VW775-QR and DS-VW775 support 46″ to 60″ displays with a maximum load of 56.8kg (125lbs) and VESA pattern up to 600 x 400. Included security hardware makes the DS-VW775-QR suitable for public environments to deter tampering and theft.

For more product details, please visit:

Peerless-AV’s new SmartMount® Supreme Full Service Video Wall Mount with Quick Release is available now through Peerless-AV direct sales representatives and authorized distribution networks.

For additional information about Peerless-AV, please visit http://www.peerless-av.com, and

About Peerless-AV

Driving Technology Through Innovation

For over 75 years, passion and innovation continue to drive Peerless-AV forward. We proudly design and manufacture the highest quality products, ranging from outdoor displays to complete kiosk solutions, digital signage mounts to wireless systems. Whether a full-scale global deployment or custom project, Peerless-AV develops meaningful relationships and delivers world-class service. In partnership with Peerless-AV, you are trusting an award-winning team of experts who will support your business every step of the way. For more information, visit

Media Contact

Beth Gard

[email protected]

(732) 212-0823

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Nanonation promotes two

nanonation kiosk softwareLincoln, NE September 1, 2017: Nanonation, a leading provider of public space interactive and digital signage solutions, is pleased to announce the promotion of Dan Shullaw to Vice President of Technology and Zachary Rustad to Director of Business Development.

Dan Shullaw has been with the company for six years as Nanonation’s Enterprise Software Architect. As Vice President of Technology he will retain the responsibility for directing software architecture strategy, as well as the infrastructure supporting Nanonation’s international footprint of approximately 50,000 deployed interactive and digital solutions. “Dan’s leadership and prescient thought process make him the perfect fit to help elevate our platform as we continue our rapid growth path.” said Bryan Fairfield, Nanonation’s CEO.

Zac Rustad moves from Senior Account Manager to Director of Business Development after twelve years with the company. “Zac’s technical knowledge and ability to design solutions that perfectly meet each customers’ specific needs are unrivaled in the industry” said Fairfield. Rustad’s new role will give him responsibility for solution design and new business acquisition for all major accounts.

Both Shullaw and Rustad will help lead Nanonation’s future growth as members of the Product Development Group and Management Teams in their respective roles.

About Nanonation
Nanonation’s enterprise-class software for digital signage and interactive solutions delivers exceptional customer experiences. With proven tools and technologies to enhance the visitor engagement, Nanonation provides its customers the ability to monitor, measure, and manage each visitor interaction. The Company delivers engaging digital products and custom solutions in the museum, hospitality, entertainment, retail, and financial services markets.

Visit Nanonation for more information.

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Digital Signage Resolutions Introduces Designate with Shuttle Computer Group and Xibo

LAS VEGAS, Nev., August 1, 2017 —Digital Signage Resolutions (DSR) announces Designate®, its turnkey digital signage solution for easy, affordable and reliable digital signage. DSR has partnered with Shuttle Computer Group for hardware and Xibo for software to create Designate, which is available in three service options: Designate Full Service, Designate Self Service and Designate On Demand, available in both Windows® and Android® platforms.

digital signage pc
Click for full size image

Laura Gray, president of Digital Signage Resolutions said, “We have found the best digital signage hardware and software partners to create out-of-the-box digital signage for people who are completely unfamiliar with it, as well as experts who know all about it.”

DSR provides the gamut of digital signage services including in-house content creation and design, digital media players, content management systems (CMS), managed services, and hosting services used in a wide range of applications like retail, restaurant, casino, corporate messaging, wayfinding, etc. Digital signage has become ubiquitous for advertising, menu boards, gaming information, employee data, maps, and more.

With Designate, clients can customize their solution or choose from three deployment options based on their needs:

  • Designate Full Service: DSR works directly with users to determine which combination of products and services is best for their application. DSR chooses the appropriate Designator™ Media Players, configures the CMS and loads content based on customers’ needs. This option is a plug-and-play solution for companies that have no experience or limited resources.
  • Designate Self Service: Users purchase Windows® or Android® Designator media players and a subscription to DSR’s Designate Cloud CMS. They configure the CMS and load and schedule content that is directed to the appropriate Designator media player and display. The Designator media player attaches to their monitor or distribution points, users connect to the internet, and content is automatically uploaded to the display.
  • Designate On Demand: This option provides a cloud-based CMS solution for those who already own media players. Users load Designate software onto their players, purchase a subscription to the Designate CMS, then connect their displays/digital media players to their CMS and display content in minutes.

Designator Media Players are provided by Shuttle Computer Group, Inc. one of the world’s leading designers of small form computers used in digital signage. Four of its most popular digital players are available in an Entry Level, Good, Better, Best offering:

  • A02A: supports a single display at 4K/Ultra HD with a fanless design to cool its Rockchip processor. A VESA mount and multiple storage choices make this unit a great place to start.
  • CEL02U has a new elegant, space saving design and can attach directly to a monitor with a standard VESA mount, for an uncluttered workspace or all-in-one commercial application.
  • CI30SE supports two independent displays, and its heatpipe cooling system and smart fan ensures reliably cool performance for long operation. It has many connectivity options for increased installation flexibility.
  • CI5170 is designed for high-performance vertical markets; this slim PC has an Intel® built-in graphics engine for crisp, action-packed, clear 4K/Ultra HD video playback. It also supports three independent screen displays and is easily integrated into diverse business environments.

Designate is powered by Xibo, a powerful and reliable open source digital signage solution.  The Xibo CMS is the core component of the Designate solution; it plays the role of a central management interface where content is created, designed, shaped and scheduled.

About Xibo:

Xibo is a complete digital signage solution comprised of a web-based content management system (CMS) with a choice of Windows or Android signage software.  Based in the UK it started as a university project in 2004 and prides itself on being Open Source and community driven with over 6 years of development behind it. The Xibo development team are constantly reacting to the Designate community and customer feedback to bring new and revised features and functionality to each major release.  Xibo powers over 40,000 displays worldwide and counting…

About Shuttle Computer Group

Shuttle Computer Group is the North American subsidiary of Shuttle Inc., a publicly traded company established in 1983. Shuttle specializes in small form factor PC hardware for digital signage, point-of-sale (POS) and interactive kiosks in the retail, restaurant, food service and hospitality industries as well as motherboards and bare bones systems.

For more information, visit or call 1-888-972-1818.

About Digital Signage Resolutions:

Based in Las Vegas, Digital Signage Resolutions provides affordable and reliable products and services that make implementing and sustaining eye-catching digital signage easy. The company also offers exceptional, responsive, and thorough customer service. Its founder, Laura Gray, has 20+ years of experience in digital video and graphics content creation, distribution and management; her team of experts now focuses solely on digital signage. For more information, visit

More Digital Signage PC news

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Press Release – Simon Expands Network Of Interactive Digital Directories

Newly enhanced directories create seamless digital experience for shoppers

NEW YORK, Oct. 31, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Simon, a global leader in retail real estate, is rolling out new, interactive digital directories to nine centers in time for the busy Holiday season with a broader roll out planned for next year.

digital directory
New interactive digital directories are currently in use at King of Prussia. (PRNewsFoto/Simon). Click for full size.

These enhanced, innovative digital directories incorporate the latest in digital wayfinding and interactive capabilities and are designed to provide shoppers with convenient access to what’s going on at their favorite mall through an engaging new user interface.

“Simon is a leader in this space with an unmatched network of over 175 screens deployed across the country,” said Mikael Thygesen, Simon’s Chief Marketing Officer. “It’s an important customer amenity that our shoppers interact with quite regularly.  We felt it was time to develop the next generation of this technology and elevate the consumer experience even further.  Judging from the strong positive feedback received from shoppers already, I think we’ve achieved our goal.”

These next generation units use 65″, LCD, full HD touchscreens and are strategically located in high-traffic areas, coming to life when a shopper walks within a few feet of the screen. The digital interactive maps highlight the location of shops and services and display the fastest route for shoppers to take.  Shoppers also have the option to send those directions to their mobile device through a variety of digital communication channels (beacons, NFC, SMS, etc.). A universal search option allows for a quick search of stores, dining options and services.  Information on the latest offers and deals available from retailers and restaurants equips shoppers with all the information they need to make their shopping trip productive and enjoyable.  In addition, the digital directories utilize the latest location-based marketing technology to allow brands to connect directly with their customers with real-time, relevant information.

The new units were unveiled as part of King of Prussia’s grand reopening festivities in August and are also installed at Clarksburg Premium Outlets (Clarksburg, MD); Copley Place (Boston, MA); Fashion Centre at Pentagon City (Arlington, VA); Florida Mall (Orlando, FL); Forum Shops at Caesars Palace (Las Vegas, NV); The Galleria (Houston, TX); The Westchester (White Plains, NY); Stanford Shopping Center (Palo Alto, CA) and Del Amo Fashion Center (Torrance, CA). Installations to expand the network will continue on a rolling basis.

Next Gen Wayfinding Kiosk

These next generation units were created in partnership with Gable, an award-winning provider of digital displays that helps businesses connect and engage people through effective visual communications, and Acquire Digital, whose digital signage, wayfinding and interactive development tools are being used by Blue Chip brand names around the world.

About Simon
Simon is a global leader in retail real estate ownership, management and development and a S&P100 company (Simon Property Group, NYSE: SPG). Our industry-leading retail properties and investments across North America, Europe and Asia provide shopping experiences for millions of consumers every day and generate billions in annual retail sales. For more information, visit

Photo –
Logo –


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From Acquire Digital®

Acquire Digital® navigating across the USA,

with its new Wayfinding kiosk solution.

Acquire Digital® are very excited in the release of its new interactive Wayfinder kiosk solution, rolling out across America in Simon℠Shopping malls. Navigating large locations such as shopping malls can be difficult and time consuming, with traditional printed static maps often adding to the confusion. Digital Directories reduce the time taken by shoppers to find their destination by displaying the most efficiently and useful route for shoppers to take.
The Acquire Wayfinder has been developed over a number of years to produce a simple and fun interactive experience that can be installed in Shopping Malls, Airports, Exhibition spaces, City Centres and anywhere visitors need to find where to go. Over the years, it has evolved from a simple routing / mapping system to something that makes the shopping experience enjoyable and intelligent so that users can be guided not only to their destination, but also receive supplementary information related to their destination or along a route.
For Simon, Acquire Digital have used their highly configurable UI/UX system and customized their wayfinder to match the branding and requirements of Simon, whilst integrating with the Simon data to avoid duplicate entry of store details through the normal Wayfinder CMS. This also allows for more than just Wayfinding, but advertising opportunities and information about offers and events to engage with the shoppers.
The new units were unveiled as part of King of Prussia’s grand reopening festivities in August and are also installed at Clarksburg Premium Outlets (Clarksburg, MD); Copley Place (Boston, MA); Fashion Centre at Pentagon City (Arlington, VA); Florida Mall (Orlando, FL); Forum Shops at Caesars Palace (Las Vegas, NV); The Galleria (Houston, TX); The Westchester (White Plains, NY); Stanford Shopping Center (Palo Alto, CA) and Del Amo Fashion Center (Torrance, CA). Installations to expand the network will continue on a rolling basis.
The Acquire Wayfinder consists of a fully interactive, live 3D map, with multi-touch pinch & zoom, and a number of different methods to choose the destination. Even the map itself is interactive as it allows users to touch any store and find relevant information about their destination, and an animation and turn-by-turn directions of the best route(s) to their destination.
Shoppers have the option to send their chosen route to their mobile device by scanning a QR code, activating a built-in NFC tag or sending an SMS message to take their directions with them on the go.
Acquire Digital® have incorporated Beacon technology for onward routing, cameras for user recognition and audience measurement, and many other modern technologies which means the technology is always similar or better than the experiences users expect nowadays.
This project has been a huge accomplishment for the Acquire team, in collaboration with Baltimore based partners Gable.
About Acquire
Acquire Digital® has been developing digital signage and interactive solutions since 1997. With a range of products including Digital Signage, Wayfinding and interactive development tools, plus their ability to customize their offerings, Acquire has been working with many Blue Chip brands over the years in countries across the globe. From their headquarters in Leicester (UK) and offices in Boston (USA) and Macau (Asia) they provide a complete software solution from design to install and operation, whilst partnering with best of breed companies to fulfil amazing technologies across most vertical markets.
About Simon
Simon is a global leader in retail real estate ownership, management and development and a S&P100 company (Simon Property Group, NYSE: SPG). Our industry-leading retail
properties and investments across North America, Europe and Asia provide shopping experiences for millions of consumers every day and generate billions in annual retail sales.
For more information, visit
For further information regarding this project or details about Acquire Wayfinder contact the sales team: [email protected], or visit

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GMC Campaign Engages Shoppers Using Facial Recognition – ScreenMedia Daily

Facial Recognition Displays

A new outdoor campaign for GMC’s Acadia has raised the bar for consumer engagement by combining facial recognition and digital out-of-home screens.


Good writeup. GMC’s campaign, developed by Posterscope USA along with Quividi, EYE Corp Media and Engage M1, ran for 8 weeks at the Santa Monica Place shopping mall. Posterscope and their partners fitted eight digital out-of-home screens in Santa Monica Place Mall with video sensors and Quividi’s audience platform to anonymously detected a passing shopper’s gender, whether they were alone or with a group, or part of a couple or a family. The system could also identify if the person standing in front of the screen was an adult or child along with their mood, including if they were frowning or smiling.

For full article:

Excerpt – Real-Time Content Based on Age, Gender, Mood and Audience Size derived from Facial Recognition biometrics

NEW YORK, NY — A campaign for GMC’s Acadia raises the bar for consumer engagement by combining facial recognition and digital screens. The campaign marks the first time that responsive facial recognition has been used to serve personalized content to digital displays.

Facial recognition detects the gender, facial expression, age, and composition of passing audiences and then serves real-time, branded content to audience. Interactive games are included, both for children and adults.

Posterscope USA along with Quividi, EYE Corp Media and Engage M1 developed it and it ran for 8 weeks at the Santa Monica Place shopping mall. Posterscope and their partners fitted eight digital out-of-home screens in Santa Monica Place Mall with video sensors and Quividi’s audience platform to anonymously detected a passing shopper’s gender, whether they were alone or with a group, or part of a couple or a family.

“Consumers see up to 5,000 ads every single day, and we wanted to create a responsive, engaging campaign that cut through the noise,” said Jeff Tan, head of strategy at Posterscope USA. “By leveraging cutting-edge technology to deliver real-time dynamic content, we helped GMC connect with audiences via personalized location-based communication strategies. This proved particularly effective in the crowded environment that is the Santa Monica Place shopping mall.”

Free Trend Report: Why Location Is the New Currency of Marketing

Free Trend Report: Why Location Is the New Currency of MarketingFinding effective ways to deliver branded messages in today’s complex media environment is one of the biggest challenges facing advertisers. Traditional methods of advertising have become less effective as consumers spend less time in places where marketers have traditionally had an advantage in reaching them. In addition, consumer attention has fragmented across multiple channels as media options and device platforms increasingly diversify.

Active consumers spend money, and while they are going about their daily routine, they are also actively looking for information. According to Google, more than 50% of all mobile searches have local intent, and 17% of search happens while consumers are on the go.

Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) advertising, also known as Digital Place-based (DPb) media, utilizes strategically placed, networked digital signage displays to reach on-the-go consumers while they are outside of their home with highly targeted messages. Location-based mobile and digital out-of-home media are part of a larger multiscreen ecosystem that effectively amplifies brand messages to create a deeper level of engagement with active consumers.

Why Location Is the New Currency of Marketing is aimed at CMOs, media buyers and strategists and provides insight into why marketers are increasingly shifting their advertising dollars to these rapidly emerging media platforms.

Highlights from Why Location Is the New Currency of Marketing include:

  • The Connected Consumer
  • Leveraging the Moment
  • Multiscreen Campaign Planning
  • Amplifying Reach With DOOH Media

Download your free copy here

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New Kiosk Website by Kiosk Innovations

Editors Note: We have known Neil Nguyen of Kiosk Innovations for over 15 years and his team is one of the most skilled and innovative self-service kiosk & digital signage design firms we know.

Denver, CO – 09/20/16 — Kiosk Innovations is proud to kiosk innovationsannounce the launch of our new website! A great deal of time and effort went into the design and layout to ensure a quality user experience when shopping for kiosk solutions.

Our website has many new features intended to make our visitors experiences positive and memorable. Photos, galleries and graphics are just a few of the new features you will see dispersed throughout the site to create a more visual experience, drawing attention to our niche of unique custom designs and solutions, giving more transparency to our manufacturing capabilities.

kiosk innovations digital signage
Click for full size image

The new modern layout is intended to match our ideals of being innovative, giving insight to the path we hope to set in the coming years, and enabling our visitors to navigate and explore the website with ease. Feel free to take a look around and explore the new website at:

Kiosk Innovations Social Channels

Don’t forget to connect with us on our social media platforms as well for more content and updates to keep up to date on our growth, progress and innovations in the coming years.


About Kiosk Innovations

Kiosk Innovations has over 25 years experience in standard and custom kiosk design and manufacturing. Kiosk Innovations is charter member of the Kiosk Industry Association.

Office Location: 470 E 76th Ave Unit 3B Denver, CO 80229
Telephone: (303) 287-7004
Toll Free: (855) 405-4675
Fax: 303-459-5169

[email protected]
[email protected]

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Digital Sign & Ticketing Kiosk – New Project ‘The Field Museum” with Livewire Digital

What’s more Natural than a Ticketing Kiosk?

ticketing kiosk digital sign
Click to see full size image of the ticketing kiosk digital signage project. Enclosures by Kiosk Innovations,

July 19, 2016 – YORK, PA. The Field Museum in Chicago takes pride in being one of the world’s largest natural history museums in the world. Their diverse array of permanent exhibitions and quality educational programs attract over 2 million visitors annually.

The Field Museum is constantly looking for ways to enrich their guests’ journeys and engaging them through interactive ways to continuously improve the experience they receive. Field Museum had recently implemented a new ticketing system from Ticket Return, and they soon recognized that they could improve their customer’s experience by investing in self-service ticketing kiosks and digital signage.

Ticket Return reached out to Livewire Digital, based on Livewire’s long-running experience in self-service ticketing, to create a new engaging kiosk. The kiosk had to provide guests easy and quick navigation through the product purchase process and allow them to view and select show times for various exhibits. The kiosks were also to power a secondary display screen to show advertisements and messages about upcoming events and exhibits to guests.

Going Live

The ticketing kiosks were ‘thrown into the fire’ as they were made live during the week between Christmas and New Year’s, historically one of the museum’s busiest periods each year. During the first week of their release the kiosks worked flawlessly while handling roughly 20% of all sales. David McCracken, Livewire Digital’s CEO, stated that “Immediately after seeing the robustness of our system and the integration of ticketing with our easy-to-use digital signage management, Field Museum requested more digital signs. Having a single-source for support and one management interface to handle all aspects of their digital needs greatly reduces overall maintenance costs and long-term total cost of ownership.”

Field Museum personnel agree that ‘history was made’ during that first week of operation and beyond. The new kiosks have added to their guests’ journeys, offering an engaging and time-saving start to every new exploration of the museum’s story into life on Earth.

About Livewire Digital
Livewire is the Power to Connect, creating ilivewire digitalntegrated software solutions for kiosks, digital signage, online and mobile applications, all managed from its eConcierge® Content Management System. Livewire’s many turnkey solutions increase revenue and productivity for its customers, while lowering overhead and providing seamless integration. Livewire provides cutting-edge software, hardware, and system integration, bringing the necessary puzzle pieces together to increase customer engagement and create a better end-user experience. Learn more at


Contact: Shannon McCracken
Phone: 717-718-1241
Email: [email protected]

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DSE Wrap

Digital Signage Expo (DSE) iheld at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas says it is the world’s largest and longest running conference and trade show exclusively dedicated to showcasing innovative digital communications for customer- and employee-facing organizations.

From all the reports (listed below in pictures and comments) the show beat expectations.  The show may have been a hair smaller than last year (we are still getting numbers) but the impressions of the leads (who cares about anything else.. 🙂 is that it was very worthwhile.  The Self-Service Pavilion did not sell out and towards the side and somewhat disappointing but changes for next year include tripling the size of it and placing it in center of floor.  Several prominent companies have already signed up the best booths there for 2017 (22Miles & Premio example given).

This inaugural year for us to support DSE there were several members at the show including Olea, OptConnectURway, Parabit, DynaTouch, KioWare and Unattended Card Payments. And DSE this year launched the Self-Service pavilion which were 12 modular booths 5×7 and completely turnkey. URway and UCP participated in those booths.  215 exhibitors total for the show in 2016.

For 2017 they’ve moved the SSP in the center of show and have expanded it to 24 of the turnkeys + a couple of large booths. Coming into the show you still run the “gauntlet” of LG, Samsung and NEC.  Four Winds has moved up and also LG-MRI.  The entire show is larger in 2017 though I see 98 exhibitors signed up (which is good).

Below in images, videos, links and text are points of interest as they say for the show that we saw.


Olea Kiosks Digital Signage
Olea Kiosks booth at DSE. Some nice units. Click to expand.
Click to expand image
URway Holdings at DSE – Click to expand image
URway (and KioWare) at DSE. Click to expand image.
URway (and KioWare) at DSE. Click to expand image.
Optconnect digital signage
DSE and OptConnect – click to expand image
Click to expand
Parabit — Click to expand


DSE KioWare, Vidyo and Olea - click to expand image
DSE KioWare, Vidyo and Olea – click to expand image



Parabit DSE - click to expand image
Parabit DSE – click to expand image


Excerpt from Daily Dooh

Walking the floor on the first day of #dse2016, one of the first things we’ve noticed is the total absence of Christie, which most years stands out with a major booth and often has its products and partners front and centre.

Combined with the fact that Scala doesn’t have its own booth – although is visible with various partners and CEO Tom Nix is very much present, and NanoLumens has only a meeting room (although more on that later), the show seems somewhat smaller this year.

Perhaps quieter, too, although that may be because, even though there are some very nice individual products, everybody is offering 4K so nothing has yet – I stress yet – struck me as the ‘next big thing’.

We’ve heard people say that the show seemed quieter this year, heard others say that they hadn’t yet found what they’ve been looking for, while we’ve heard more wax enthusiastically about the show being really great and that they’re doing lots of business. Guess it just depends what you are looking for!

So let’s go see what day two brings!

Four Winds Interact
From Leah Saugen with FWi – We had a fantastic show and the traffic was non-stop! We debuted FWI’s Mobile Workforce and had the opportunity to share this with a large number of attendees. We also showcased all of our latest and greatest applications and hosted several demo’s at our new demo bar. We captured literally hundreds of new leads (people we hadn’t previously had contact with) and met with several of our current customers and contacts.


Here is another one that shows units that friend of mine did for 22Mile



Comments on the Show from DynaTouch

Hey Craig,

Sorry we didn’t get a chance to meet up at DSE – you probably mentioned that you had decided to opt out, and it was me that forgot!

Thanks for the suggestions.  We had a good visit with Louise Janeway, Rob Chilcoat’s UK colleague, and I’m following up with Rob post show.   And a great visit with Ed Crowley, too – he still has a lot going with URway, EuroTouch and OneSource Interactive.  Definitely a good time talking about the good old days and acquaintances.

Saw some interesting stuff from Actineon, Shuttle and Advantech.  And Elo with their new EloView software.

We were demo’ing our stuff in Olea’s booth, next to KioWare.  Very interesting show, and VERY well attended.  Overall a good experience.  Glad we went.

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Tightrope Media Systems to Unveil All-in-One Carousel Digital Signage Displays

ST. PAUL, MINNESOTA, March 8, 2016 – Tightrope Media Systems is developing a new all-in-one display system powered by its Carousel digital signage software. The all-in-one displays, to be shown at the Digital Signage Expo (March 16-17, Las Vegas Convention Center, Booth 1037) are ideal for interactive, information-based kiosks in busy consumer and visitation spaces. …


Running on POE clients (AIO 22, 32 and 42 models). Cool stuff!

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Interactive Chart: Digital Signage Market Value 2013-2019

Android Digital Signage research

Interactive HTML5 chart tracking revenue by category in digital signage industry


Many have written and ranted a few times about the dubious market research reports that get generated by research factories in India – companies that produce expensive reports on pretty much any industry they can think of. The stuff is almost valueless, but still gets reproduced and quoted by online publications and by companies who don’t bother to look into the validity of the research.

But there is good, solid research out there, and one of the biggest research companies around – IHS – does a detailed look at the market.

So … I decided to grab the most recent market data about the digital signage market and turn it into an HTML5-driven interactive chart (see below). What’s great about this, I think, is that rather than a flat chart with all the bars and numbers for all the categories, you can view this in two variations, by category, or by total.

This is slightly different from what IHS publishes, which includes the digital out of home industry’s advertising revenues. There could be a very lengthy debate about whether DOOH should be included, but I say No. The DOOH industry uses digital signage technologies, but throwing ad dollars in the mix doesn’t fit, to my mind.

I have created this interactive chart in HTML5 so it is, first, interactive, but also so that it is web-ready and embed-ready. Feel free to drop this on your own website as a reference tool. The embed code is below the chart.

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5 keys for surviving Digital Signage Expo

At the Digital Signage Expo, visitors will get to see the new Self-Service Pavilion, which will display a number of kiosks and interactive displays. However, with all the activity, DSE can be a bit overwhelming. Here are a few tips to get the most out of your visit.


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3D kiosk Retail – Provision Letter to Shareholders

December 2015 – Provision announces installation of 200 kiosks;
Further, to kick off the year, in January 2016, we announced the shipment of an additional 250 kiosks for immediate installation.


3D viewing kiosk for retail. Quarterly revenue $1M wih another 250 deployed. First client Rite Aid. Looks like they are getting some traction. Curt Thornton letter.

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Latest Kiosk Industry Member – Panel Brite Sunlight Readable Displays and Solutions

For outdoor kiosks Panel Brite is the premiere integrator for Litemax.  These are the best screens available.


If you haven’t looked at the new ultra wide displays then you should.  Those are next generation display platforms for ultra cinematic presentation.  These screens can be driven by Google Signs for that matter (simple ChromeBase or Box or Bit).

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Digital Signage Gallery Update

December 1, 2015

FWI Digital Signage Gallery


Gain access to our newest signs.
FWI’s gallery highlights visual communications solutions around the world. See client signage in action and how it’s being used to transform communications in 15+ industries.


Hamburg Gaming
Hamburg Gaming
Kalahari Poconos
Kalahari Resorts

Four Winds Interactive | 1221 Broadway Street | Denver, Colorado 80203

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Fourwinds Forward

Four Winds Forward Conference – pics and thoughts We spent a couple of days last week at the Four Winds Forward conference and it was a great time. It helped having known Four Winds from when they were $4M company out in Aurora to the Mansion to Huron and now to big brand new shiny offices right in middle of downtown Denver.  David Levin continues to hit all the right notes. Starting with the Four Winds App store.  Available to customers it basically leverages much of the customization, plugins,


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Parabit Custom Welcome Center at JFK – kiosk digital signage

ROOSEVELT, N.Y., Sept. 24, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Parabit Systems Completes Installation of Custom Welcome Center Installed within JFK International…


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Phelps Hospital Kiosks and Digital Signs Help Visitors Find Their Way

Landing screen for application — Click to expand

August 5, 2015 – YORK, PA.  Phelps Hospital, located in Sleepy Hollow, New York, is a dedicated center striving to improve the health care for their community. The hospital is continuing to grow with its care and technology and has wide areas of services including, preventative, diagnostic and treatment services. Continually searching for new ways to enhance the hospital experience for patients and visitors, the hospital recently teamed with Livewire Digital in York, PA to come up with a great new way to get information to visitors.

Phelps Kiosk
Click to expand

Phelps installed informational kiosks at the entrances to each of the campus’s buildings to help visitors understand the layout of the campus so they can find their way from one building to another.  The kiosks, based on Livewire’s eConcierge self-service platform, provides interactive maps, a calendar of events, directories of medical and administrative staff and general information about the hospital’s various services and amenities.  The kiosks’ 42” screens make user interaction very easy to navigate and read, and provide both English and Spanish options to accommodate the diverse local culture.

To further keep visitors and patients informed of up-to-date information, Phelps installed digital signs throughout the facilities.  The signs display upcoming events, recent news, and other activities within the complex.  Livewire’s eConcierge Server allows hospital staff to remotely manage content and monitor the health of the digital signs and interactive kiosks.

About Livewire Digital

Livewire is the Power to Connect, creating software solutions for kiosks, digital signage, and online and mobile applications, all managed from its eConcierge® Content Management System. Livewire’s many turnkey solutions increase revenue and productivity for its customers, while lowering overhead and providing seamless integration. Livewire provides cutting-edge software, hardware consulting, and system integration, bringing the necessary puzzle pieces together to increase customer engagement and create a better end-user experience.


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Touch Screen – Elo Announces New 70-inch Interactive Display with 10-touch

Product Information

Elo is pleased to announce the new 7001LT 70” Interactive Digital Signage display featuring 10-touch infrared capability. Infrared touch technology provides higher touch sensitivity and brightness to give ‘tablet-like’ performance in a giant 70″ size. The low profile design integrates beautifully into modern interior designs for retail, office, hospitality, or public space applications. The 7001LT delivers undistorted display clarity due to use of clear glass with four key features:

  • 10-touch infrared technology delivers smooth and highly responsive multi-user interaction
  • Auto-switching between active input sources eases use in meeting rooms
  • Support for serial control input with use of adapter cable (included)
  • Wider VESA 600×600 mounting points (Elo wall mount kit E248743)

The 7001LT is a high-quality, interactive canvas for engaging shoppers; and for office meeting collaboration. A new video input auto-detect feature will switch the display to the last good video input signal from the internal computer module or other external video sources. The 7001LT offers system integrators and value-added resellers (VARs) a high performance solution that is easy to deploy and maintain in public environments. With a total thickness of 3.7 inches (94 mm), the 7001LT is ADA and IBC compliant for wall-mounted installations. State of the art full HD display and video technology is utilized including a high contrast/brightness LED-backlit LCD panel, extended color gamut with movie/ gaming/photo modes, black level adjustment, and on-screen menu enhancements.

Optional, high performance computer modules are available which turn the 7001LT into a completely integrated all-in-one computer—without the need for any cables or additional mounting hardware. Computer modules are available in a choice of two models: ECMG2-i3, based on a 3.3GHz Intel Core i3 processor and graphics.

Product landing page

Product datasheet

7001LT Key Features

  • Touch technology: 10-touch infrared, HID compliant
  • 69.5” diagonal 16:9 active matrix TFT LED-backlit LCD
  • Active Display Area 60.6” x 34.1” (1538.9 x 865.6 mm)
  • Dimensions: 62.9” x 3.7” x 36.4” (1600 x 94 x 925 mm)
  • Native resolution: full HD 1920 x 1080, other resolutions supported
  • Brightness of LCD panel: 500 nits typical
  • Contrast ratio: 5000:1 typical
  • Viewing angle: 176°H/176°V
  • Video interfaces: HDMI, DisplayPort, VGA
  • Typical power consumption: 201 W
  • Weight: 149.5 lb (67.8kg)
  • Audio: 4 x 5W stereo speakers for stereo operation in landscape and portrait modes
  • Ambient light sensor: Automatic panel brightness adjustment
  • Intel OPS compliant with available adapter kit
  • Warranty: 3 years standard with additional 2 year warranty and on-site exchange available in US
  • EloView™ remote management capability

Part Number

Part NumberProduct DescriptionMarketing Description
E008823ET7001LT-9UWA-0-MT-GY-G7001LT 70-inch wide interactive digital signage display, VGA, HDMI & DisplayPort video interface, infrared 10-touch, optional computer module, worldwide-version, Clear, Gray


Computer Modules

Part NumberModelProcessorRAMHDDOS
E776797ECMG-i3Intel Core i3 3.3GHz HD25002 GB320 GBNo OS
E487570ECMG-i3Intel Core i3 3.3GHz HD25002 GB320 GBWindows 7
E272400ECMG-i5Intel Core i5 3.6GHz HD40004 GB320 GBNo OS
E584199ECMG-i5Intel Core i5 3.6GHz HD40004 GB320 GBWindows 7
E009007ECMG2-i3Intel Core i5 3.6 GHz HD40004 GB320 GBWindows 8.1


Other Accessories

MSR (E545781), NFC Adapter (E918074), OPS Kit (E102270), Replacement OSD Controller (E483757), Replacement Cable Kit (E000263), Wall Mount Kit (E248743), Webcam (E688656)

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NRF Wrap: Microsoft, NCR new self-service kiosk tech

NRF Highlights

Here are the items we saw and read related to NRF 2015.

ZDNet wrap —

At the National Retail Federation trade show, tech vendors are displaying a mix of self-service devices designed to drive higher sales and create repeat shoppers.


NCR, Wincor, Microsoft, CKE Restaurants, Intel, TGI Fridays, Oracle, Dell, Beef-O-Bradys, Hardee’s, Carl Jr, Panasonic are the companies noted.

Microsoft video on Carl Jr and CKE


KIOSK Information Systems —  

LOUISVILLE, Colo.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–KIOSK Information Systems (KIOSK) will feature MoneyGram’s new money transfer and electronic payment kiosk solution at NRF’s 2015 Big Show (Booth #4235). The MGiAlloy™ self-service platform transforms delivery efficiency for MoneyGram’s retail agents and enhances consumer access to alternative financial services. Picture of unit


Cisco showing ShelfX technology in its booth at NRF
Cisco showing ShelfX technology in its booth at NRF


Nice channel view from Edgell covering printers, POS, Elotouch and more.

There was an animated buzz to the show floor this year. There were more people at every turn, in every aisle, in every booth, at every table, in every section of the Jacob Javits Center – 32,000 attendees to be precise – the largest crowd in the history of the show according to the NRF. That doesn’t surprise me. There were times when I couldn’t get around the hordes of people striding casually in the aisles when I had thirty seconds to get to my next appointment. Weaving in and out of the crowds was challenging, but it also added to the energy of it all.

I had the opportunity to visit the following booths: Verifone, Elo Touch Solutions, Balance Innovations, Star Micronics, Epson America, Zebra Technologies, Retail Pro, Microsoft, Vantiv, StopLift Checkout Vision Systems, and Seiko Instruments. I looked for channel insights. I asked how they support channel partners. I focused on channel-friendly products and solutions. I feel like I just scratched the surface of the show with my meetings, but I could only get in so much. So, here are the best things I saw and heard during my visits. I hope it proves valuable to you, the solution provider.

For more information contact Kiosk Industry