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This Week In Credit Card News: Identity Fraud Hits All-Time High; Apple Pay’s Move Into E-Commerce

What took place this week in the credit card and payment industries


Last year marked a large shift in the world of data breaches. For the first time, Social Security Numbers were compromised more than credit cards. A staggering 16.7 million consumers were affected by identity fraud last year, an 8% increase over year-ago levels and the highest volume since Javelin Strategy & Research began their annual surveys in 2003. This fraud resulted in losses of $16.8 billion.

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ADA Kiosk – Congress Weighs Changes To ADA

Congress Votes on H.R. 620 which impacts ADA kiosk

aka ADA Education and Reform Act of 2017

ADA kiosk

Update:  The House passed the bill 2/15/2018 along party lines.

The ADA Education and Reform Act, or H.R.620, is slated to come up for a full vote in the U.S. House of Representatives Wednesday or Thursday. But detractors say the bill would gut the part of the landmark ADA law which requires public businesses to make accommodations allowing for ease of entry for people with disabilities.


Something needs to be done about predatory lawyers for sure but this doesn’t do it. It basically drops the bar for companies a couple of notches and eliminates any legal action. Remains to be seen whether companies decide long term it is in their interest to deploy assistive infrastructure now, or later.

ADA lawsuits are already one of the lowest categories of lawsuits filed against businesses. The Center for American Progress has reported that the small uptick in ADA litigation can be attributed to “just 12 individual attorneys and a single disability law firm” which filed more than 100 cases each.

The likely outcome we predict is a vote along party lines in the house passes the bill and then it goes to the Senate where it will likely be blocked.

Another point of view:  Seems it only adds a 180 window to the process of filing suit is all. You get 180 to make significant improvements. What determines significant vs. insignificant? So long as there is real money available through these lawsuits you’ll have trolls.

Full text of H.R. 620

ACLU Take on it

The entrance to the post office in a small town was up a flight of 20 steps. When told he needed to make the post office accessible to wheelchair users, the postmaster was befuddled. “I’ve been here for thirty-five years and in all that time I’ve yet to see a single customer come in here in a wheelchair,” he said, according to Joe Shapiro in his 1994 book, “No Pity.”

Tom Ridge R-PA Opinion piece from The Hill

Back in 1990, President Bush told the business community they hold in their hands the key to the success of the ADA, for it can “unlock a splendid resource of untapped human potential that, when freed, will enrich us all.” He characterized passage of the ADA as one of his proudest achievements. Let’s not undo that success.

TTom Ridge is founder and chairman of Ridge Global, as well as chair of theNational Organization on Disability, a position he has held since 2006. He was America’s first secretary of Homeland Security and the 43rd Governor of Pennsylvania.

Rep. Ted Poe R-TX (author of bill)

Passing H.R. 620 is good for all stakeholders. Simply having notice of claimed violations with a sufficient level of detail and the opportunity to cure within a limited time period prior to filing a lawsuit will eliminate the abusive tactics that have become commonplace.

Wheelchair-bound protesters dragged out of congressional hearing

Feb. 13, 2018, 7:37 PM WASHINGTON — Demonstrators interrupting a hearing in the House Rules Committee to protest reforms to the Americans with Disabilities Act were arrested and dragged out of the room inside the US Capitol on Tuesday.

Why Congress is Close to Gutting Key Provision of ADA

Pacific Standard 2/14/18 — Unscrupulous lawyers are a problem, so let’s work on sanctioning them. As Dara Baldwin says, “You got bad apples, go after the bad apples!” What shouldn’t happen is a legislative assault, fueled by donations from retail groups, on the fundamental right to equal access for people with disabilities.

Big thanks to Steve Taylor of Taylor Stands for his help with this. Thanks Steve!

Taylor Stands makes patented ADA compliant POS assist device.  People in wheelchairs can easily pull the terminal closer for easier and private access.

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Apriva & OTI Partner for Exclusive Client-Friendly Payment Solution in the North American Market

EMV Solution by Apriva

ROSH PINNA, Israel, Feb. 12, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Apriva & OTI Partner for Exclusive Client-Friendly Payment Solution in the North American Market


“This partnership delivers an affordable, semi-integrated EMV solution for self-service markets,” said Scott Dowty, chief revenue officer at Apriva. “Kiosk retailers, micro-markets, vendors and other self-service merchants can increase their revenues by accepting more forms of cashless payments, easily integrated via Windows or Linux SDK, and reducing their PCI scope through end-to-end encryption.”


The interactive self-service OTI kiosk payment solution is available in the U.S. through OTI’s Las Vegas-based distributor, Unattended Card Payments Inc.

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CSA Healthcare Service Solutions – Partner in the Field

Source article on Healthcare IT


CSA Healthcare Service Solutions – Partner in the Field

Infusion pumps have become commonplace equipments at major healthcare facilities around the world, using meticulous configurations at both software and hardware levels to administer precise amounts of fluid. Naturally, even minor defects can be a worrisome issue for both healthcare providers as well as the OEMs that manufacture them. Such was the case for a large healthcare organization, whose multiple deployments were erroneously configured. The OEM vendor knew that the products had to be recalled from the field but a full-scale field change order(FCO) for over 45,000 deployed instruments in just 12 months would have been a monumental task for the six field service engineers, who were already involved in the daily routine of servicing their customer base.

Fortunately, they had a long-standing partner in CSA Service Solutions, who stepped in to strategically break down the nationwide deployments into manageable geographical pieces and execute product recall quickly and efficiently. CSA has carved a niche for itself in offering cradle-to-grave services to healthcare OEMs and software vendors, ranging from installation, full project management, depot repair, logistics management, compliance, and validation, to expertise areas like on-site support, call centers, and product training.


Full article on Healthcare IT


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Speakers Section – Experts in Self-Service

Kiosk Speakers

kiosk speakers
Alex Doumani ex-Redbox Coinstar

We receive requests for kiosk speakers as well as content experts many times over the year.  And example would be the upcoming Shanghai Vending and Kiosks show.   They were looking for a speaker.  Our candidate that we provided was Alex Doumani — former VP of Technology with Coinstar and Redbox.

Here is a list of some of the speakers and experts we can arrange for you.  If you are looking for persons to interview for data research we can assist you there as well.


Feb 12, 2018 - - 0
Janet Webster

Visionary executive with considerable experience providing thought leadership around customer engagement solutions; executive-level experience assisting companies in achieving both short-term business goals as well as strategic business results; strong skills in strategic planning, leadership, communications, and problem-solving; extensive experience streamlining processes to reduce costs while growing the business and improving the customer experience; substantial experience in the kiosk and self-service industry; significant experience leading industry discussion panels as well as speaking at various industry conferences; considerable executive level business facilitation experience including meetings, conference events, and classroom sessions.

Feb 12, 2018 - - 0
Francie Mendelsohn

Former computer programmer, computer systems analyst and computer specialist. Now am a recognized self-service/kiosk expert. Particularly enjoy doing usability testing, customer intercepts, interviews with employees, management, etc. Also am an engaging public speaker.

Specialties: Usability testing. Researching and preparing reports. Giving speeches, workshops and presentations. Providing expert witness testimony.

Feb 12, 2018 - - 0
Nigel Seed

Managing Director of NAS Consultancy. Twenty years in the self-service software industry with focus in International. Based in UK.

Feb 12, 2018 - - 0
Alex Doumani

Broad experience in the software, computing, communications, and automation industries, in a range of roles including technology leadership, program management, and management consulting. In addition to the technical focus, areas of expertise include business development, international experience (both Europe and Asia), start-up incubation, and Mergers and Acquisitions. Ex-Coinstar and ex-Redbox VP of Technology.

Feb 12, 2018 - - 0
Peter B. Snyder

Twenty years in the self-service kiosk industry Peter served as VP of Sales for Kiosk Information Systems and Rick Malone. Major projects included Walmart and USPS. Has traveled and worked extensively in the Middle East.

Feb 12, 2018 - - 0
Ben Wheeler

As a Marketing Professional, I love to get results whether its new product introduction, B2B Marketing, product development, brand strategy, creating and executing marketing plans, marketing research, competitive intelligence, project management and tradeshow planning and execution in bringing highly technical products to the marketplace.

I have a passion for technology and am highly skilled in the commercialization of the products that I have brought to the marketplace, with a knack at growing revenue paths for the companies I have been with. If I am leading or participating in a collaborative environment with all the shareholders on a project, I am not only doing what comes naturally, I am also doing what I enjoy the most.

I am versed in Campaign Management, Field Marketing, Solutions Marketing, Sales Operations and Sales Enablement. I enjoy creating a digital strategy and implementing its execution, including interactive marketing and promotion, analytics, development, website localization, SEO and e-mail campaign management.

Companies include RedyRef and Flextronics (Redbox the major project).

Feb 12, 2018 - - 0
Bart Foster

I am a passionate entrepreneur focused on driving disruptive innovation at the intersection of: consumer, technology & retail. I have experience leading public and private companies both in the U.S. and Europe.

While working at Novartis I was recognized as the Entrepreneur of the Year for developing a new business venture, which eventually became SoloHealth. After nearly two years incubating the business with the resources of Novartis, I acquired the Intellectual property and founded SoloHealth (now Pursuant Health).

SoloHealth is a healthcare services company which places self-service kiosks in high traffic retail environments. Since inception we have raised over $50M in capital including a $1.2M grant from the National Institute of Health. We have developed strategic partnerships with some of the largest companies in the world including Walmart, P&G, WellPoint, Johnson & Johnson, RedBox, Pfizer, Safeway, Vons and Sam’s Club. The Company has deployed SoloHealth Stations in over 3,800 locations nationwide and currently engages with more than 4,500,000 people per month. The Company is now focused on utilizing the SoloHealth platform, and national retail network, to help large employers manage the health of their population.

Prior to working at Novartis I was the Director of Sales for Peachtree Network, a successful Internet start-up based in Montreal, Canada. While there, the Company had an IPO on the Canadian Venture Exchange. I began my career with Kellogg’s in consumer marketing and sales.

Feb 12, 2018 - - 0
Marie Schanke

Marie is known as the "Mother of Welcome" which is the patient check-in module for Epic in Madison, WI.

Experienced IT project manager and business analyst with a unique understanding of software and practical applications to facilitate and enhance business operations. Strong interest in product development as a means to resolve operational challenges and a creative problem solver with over 20 years of demonstrated achievements working with customers ranging greatly in size and complexity.

Areas of expertise: Project and Product Management, Business Analysis, Leadership, Integration, Understanding User Software and Information Display Needs, Product Demonstration, Process Improvement, Optimization, Customer Relationship Management, Workflow Redesign and Gap Analysis, Product Development, Budgeting, Mentoring, Training, Documentation, Effective Communication, Consulting, Cross-Functional Teamwork, Quality Assurance, and the Design and Operation of Patient Self-service Kiosks.

Companies and Markets: Epic, Healthcare

Feb 12, 2018 - - 0
Michael Dorety

Strategic Partnerships for Technology Service Providers.
Expertise includes negotiation of strategic partnerships between complementary technology companies; market and competitive analysis; new business development, sales and marketing. Successfully facilitated partnership negotiations with Fortune 2000 companies, including Microsoft, AT&T, MCI, Sprint, Diebold, Xerox, NCR, American Well, Learn Something Pharmaceutical, IBM, SalesForce, NextIT, Language Services, Acesco Medical, Motorola, Genesis, SAP, KioWare, TomTom, Cognition, Zebra Technology, Vidyo, Agora and numerous others.

Companies and Markets: Microsoft, KioWare, Self-Service Software

Feb 12, 2018 - - 0
Craig Allen Keefner

Working for Olea Kiosks and focused on transactional systems for self-service (QSR, Fast Casual, Healthcare, Telemedicine, bill payment and more).
Experience as web programmer (NW Airlines), Bridal Kiosks (Target Clubb Wedd and Gift Certificate Company). Irwin Jacobs B2C. Eleven years with Kiosk Information Systems.
Major projects include: Verizon, Army Gaming Centers, Target Store Bridal Registry, Correctional visitation, AT&T and many more.

Feb 12, 2018 - - 0
Ronald Bowers

Retail & The Connected Consumer Marketplace, have been the focus of my career with Frank Mayer & Associates, Inc. I am proud of what we have developed, New Business Efforts, and Thought Leadership for the Merchandising of Omni-Channel Retail, and Introduction of, I of T, The Internet of Things, for our Clients. I enjoy the opportunity of collaborating with our Industry Professionals and Leveraging in New business efforts for, Location-based, and Digital marketing programs, Technology, Design & Manufacturing. These Team members, base their Talent on the Culture Legacy, of 85 years of Success and Innovation in the Retail Display sector and Integrated Marketing Programs. Our Goal at Frank Mayer & Associates, Inc., is to establish long-term relationships with our Clients by Meeting our Commitments and Exceeding our Clients’ Expectations, by Maximizing their Consumer Marketing Objectives!


For kiosk consultants visit DigitalBusiness.US website. Rates vary from free to $300/hour.

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NRF2018 – How Target, Kroger And Design Within Reach Are Tapping Tech To Improve Your Shopping Trip

Longtime merchants are turning to technology to enhance what many retailers now seem to view as their greatest asset these days: their fleet of stores.


Nice article. Still, the devil is in the details.  Salespeople with mobiles searching inventory is dependent on accurate and well-labeled inventory. Being able to identify what is actually on the shelf (and where) is required. Add in trying to identify if the other store down the street has it is even worse.

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Meridian Taking Tech to Next Level for Kiosk Business | Business |

A slice of next-gen technology born in Moore County was exhibited earlier this month in New York City when more than 35,000 retail industry professionals attended the National Retail Federation’s


“We’re seeing two big trends. Our clients are looking for outdoor kiosk applications and the locker system, which can be used indoors or outdoors,” said Rebecca Swibes, Meridian marketing specialist.


Lockers can be deployed in a variety of settings and are picking up speed in the marketplace alongside mobile ordering, which is on the rise. Potential clients include fast food establishments, pharmacies and grocer applications, plus unattended equipment rentals, short-term real estate key pickup and drop-off, and similar services for auto repair and vehicle rental agencies.

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Costco Food Court Now Testing Self-Ordering Kiosks

After discovering the Costco food court kiosk at a location local to us, we decided to try it out for ourselves. Here’s what we thought.


Nice video of food self-order kiosks being tested at Tustin, CA Costco.  The hotdogs are legendary and the pizza (pepperoni) is top rated by Consumer Reports actually.

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Voice assistants set to revolutionize commerce and become a dominant mode of consumer interaction in the next three years – Capgemini Worldwide


The research found that today around a quarter (24%) of respondents would rather use a voice assistant than a website. However, in the next three years, this figure will rise to 40%. Close to a third – 31% – said they will prefer a voice assistant interaction to visiting a shop or a bank branch, compared to 20% today.

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Chehalis McDonald’s Gets $1.8 Million in Upgrades, Including Self-Service Kiosks

After 43 years, the McDonald’s on Northeast Kresky Avenue in Chehalis has received a facelift and a load of upgrades. Following two months of construction, McDonald’s now includes multiple new


Lots of pictures of the inside. “The restaurant now has self-service kiosks, tableside service and sleek, modern decor,” said Lindsay Rainey, a spokeswoman for the company. “You definitely won’t recognize this McDonald’s.”


Nice picture of the new ‘Kids Play’ interactive game pads


Local owner and operator Shari Nixon also commented on the new kiosks, stating, “It’s a convenience for customers. If they’re in a hurry they can beat the line.”


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Kiosks provide employees with online access to health care

WESTVILLE — Like something out of a science-fiction movie, patients can step into the telemedicine kiosk, tap a screen to connect face-to-face with a physician, and talk about their symptoms.


Anthem Blue Cross in the correctional space with telemedicine kiosks.

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New Dunkin’ store features drive-thru for mobile orders, self-order kiosks

The new concept store in Quincy, Mass., includes a drive-thru just for mobile orders, in-store ordering kiosks and new employee uniforms.


Dunkin’ Donuts has opened a new concept store designed for customers on the go, featuring what the company says is the first drive-thru exclusively for mobile orders.


Among the concept store’s other features are kiosks where people can order without the help of a staffer, a dedicated area where people who ordered using the chain’s mobile app may pick up their food and drinks and a bigger grab-and-go section, including GoGo Squeez applesauce, Yoplait yogurt parfaits and beef jerky.

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Check-in Kiosk

The modern check-in kiosk is used in many markets such as airline check-in kiosk, patient kiosk check-in , ticketing kiosks and many more


Check-In Kiosk website provides information on check-in and also check-out kiosks and self-service terminals.

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Verifone back online after outage on card machines

Shops, football stadiums and taxis were unable to take payments from frustrated customers on Tuesday


In UK shops that use the technology, including supermarkets such as Waitrose, there were reports of long queues, and several businesses took to social media to advise customers to bring cash with them.


Seems like the Cabbies really took the hit.

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