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Patent Watch – Using a Mobile Phone to Read Codes – Kiosk Scanner

Kiosk Scanner & Mobile Phones Reading Codes

Be glad you are not one of the 67 companies being litigated against for violation of this patent.  The patent number is US 8,424,752 B2 and the list of defendants is impressive.

Patent Abstract

scanner A method comprising: capturing a digital image using a digital image capturing device that is part of a portable electronic device; detecting symbology associated with an object within the digital image using a portable electronic device; decoding the symbology to obtain a decode string using one or more visual detection applications residing on the portable electronic device; sending the decode string to a remote server for processing; receiving information about the object from the remote server wherein the information is based on the decode string of the object; displaying the information on a display device associated with the portable electronic device.

Hilton Worldwide Incorporated Hilton Worldwide Incorporated 6:16-cv-02200 12/22/2016
Circle K Stores Incorporated Circle K Stores Incorporated 6:16-cv-02198 12/22/2016
Hyatt Hotels Corporation Hyatt Corporation 6:16-cv-02201 12/22/2016
Darden Restaurants Incorporated Darden Corporation 6:16-cv-02199 12/22/2016
The Walt Disney Company The Walt Disney Company 6:16-cv-02205 12/22/2016
The Mall at Millenia Promotional… The Mall at Millenia Promotional… 6:16-cv-02204 12/22/2016
Home Depot Home Depot 1:16-cv-10750 11/18/2016
First National Of Nebraska Incor… First National Bank (Omaha) 1:16-cv-10743 11/18/2016
Twentieth Century Fox Film Corpo… Twentieth Century Fox Home Enter… 1:16-cv-10751 11/18/2016
Johnson & Johnson Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc. 1:16-cv-10752 11/18/2016
Best Buy Co., Inc. Best Buy Co., Inc. LLC
Best Buy Stores
0:16-cv-61728 07/20/2016 08/29/2016
Brother Industries Limited Brother International Corporation 0:16-cv-61729 07/20/2016 11/16/2016
PGA Tour Holdings Inc. PGA Tour, Inc. 0:16-cv-61734 07/20/2016 10/31/2016
NextEra Energy, Inc. Florida Power & Light Company
NextEra Energy, Inc.
0:16-cv-61733 07/20/2016 11/21/2016
Sysco Corporation Freshpoint Incorporated 0:16-cv-61732 07/20/2016 11/08/2016
Actiontec Electronics Incorporated Actiontec Electronics Incorporated 2:16-cv-00450
( and 1 other )
06/07/2016 09/20/2016
Pioneer Corporation Pioneer Electronics (USA) Incorp… 2:16-cv-00450
( and 1 other )
06/07/2016 09/02/2016
Spectrum Brands Holdings, Inc. Kwikset Corporation 2:16-cv-00450
( and 1 other )
NETGEAR, Inc. NETGEAR, Inc. 2:16-cv-00450
( and 1 other )
06/07/2016 11/30/2016
AT&T, Inc. AT&T Mobility LLC
AT&T Services Incorporated
( and 1 other )
06/07/2016 10/07/2016
Waterpik Inc. Waterpik Inc. 2:16-cv-00602 06/07/2016
Falcon Safety Products, Inc. Falcon Safety Products, Inc. 2:16-cv-00450
( and 1 other )
06/07/2016 08/25/2016
Auntie Anne’s, LLC Auntie Anne’s, LLC 2:16-cv-00450
( and 1 other )
06/07/2016 12/06/2016
LifeLock, Inc. LifeLock, Inc. 2:16-cv-00450
( and 1 other )
04/28/2016 06/09/2016
HSBC Holdings HSBC Bank USA National Association 2:16-cv-00450
( and 1 other )
04/26/2016 12/16/2016
Bank of America Corp. Bank of America Corp.
Bank Of America NA
( and 1 other )
04/26/2016 11/02/2016
Texas Bank and Trust Company Texas Bank and Trust Company 2:16-cv-00450
( and 1 other )
04/26/2016 09/09/2016
SunTrust Banks, Inc. SunTrust Bank 2:16-cv-00450
( and 1 other )
04/26/2016 08/26/2016
Citigroup Incorporated Citibank NA 2:16-cv-00450 04/26/2016 08/22/2016
Landmark Bank Landmark Bank 2:16-cv-00450
( and 1 other )
04/26/2016 11/03/2016
JP Morgan Chase & Co JP Morgan Chase Bank, N.A. 2:16-cv-00450
( and 1 other )
04/26/2016 10/03/2016
Beacon Payments LLC Beacon Payments LLC 2:16-cv-00450
( and 1 other )
04/26/2016 07/06/2016
KaiJet Technology International … KaiJet Technology International … 2:15-cv-01169 01/23/2016 03/09/2016
The Procter & Gamble Company The Procter & Gamble Company 2:15-cv-01169
( and 1 other )
11/25/2015 04/06/2016
TATA Motors Limited Jaguar Land Rover North America LLC 2:15-cv-01169
( and 1 other )
11/25/2015 03/16/2016
Mattel Incorporated Mattel Incorporated
Fuhu, Inc.
( and 2 others )
General Mills Incorporated General Mills Incorporated 2:15-cv-01169
( and 1 other )
11/24/2015 04/11/2016
PNY Technologies Incorporated PNY Technologies Incorporated 2:15-cv-01169
( and 1 other )
11/24/2015 04/21/2016
The Hain Celestial Group Incorpo… The Hain Celestial Group Incorpo… 2:15-cv-01865 11/24/2015 06/14/2016
NeilMed Products Incorporated NeilMed Products Incorporated 2:15-cv-01169
( and 1 other )
11/24/2015 08/24/2016
Pernod Ricard SA Pernod Ricard USA 2:15-cv-01169
( and 1 other )
11/24/2015 07/12/2016
JD Power and Associates JD Power and Associates 2:15-cv-01169
( and 1 other )
11/24/2015 04/06/2016
J5Create J5Create 2:15-cv-01866 11/24/2015 03/09/2016
LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton SA LVMH Watch & Jewelry USA Inc. 2:15-cv-01169
( and 1 other )
09/10/2015 07/12/2016
Bally Total Fitness Holding Corp… Bally Total Fitness Corporation 2:15-cv-01169
( and 1 other )
07/06/2015 11/17/2015
RE/MAX International Incorporated RE/MAX International Incorporated 2:15-cv-01169
( and 1 other )
06/30/2015 12/30/2015
Massachusetts Mutual Life Insura… OppenheimerFunds Incorporated 2:15-cv-01169
( and 1 other )
06/30/2015 07/12/2016
Toronto-Dominion Bank TD Bank, N.A.
Toronto-Dominion Bank
TD Bank US Holding Company
( and 1 other )
06/30/2015 07/12/2016
Liberty Mutual Holding Company Liberty Mutual Group Incorporated
Liberty Life Assurance Company o…
( and 1 other )
06/30/2015 07/12/2016
CIGNA Corporation CIGNA Corporation
CIGNA Dental Health, Inc.
Cigna Health and Life Insurance …
( and 1 other )
06/30/2015 07/12/2016
American Express American Express 2:15-cv-01169
( and 1 other )
06/30/2015 12/14/2015
GEICO Corporation Government Employees Insurance C… 2:15-cv-01169
( and 1 other )
06/30/2015 04/06/2016
Unilever PLC Unilever US Incorporated 2:15-cv-01169
( and 1 other )
06/30/2015 11/17/2015
State Farm State Farm Mutual Automobile Ins… 2:15-cv-01169
( and 1 other )
06/30/2015 07/12/2016
Allstate Corporation Allstate Insurance Company
Allstate Corporation
( and 1 other )
06/30/2015 04/06/2016
JetBlue Airways Corporation JetBlue Airways Corporation 2:15-cv-01169
( and 1 other )
06/30/2015 02/17/2016
Health Care Service Corporation Health Care Service Corporation
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Te…
( and 2 others )
06/30/2015 07/12/2016
Ralph Lauren Corporation Ralph Lauren Corporation 2:15-cv-01169
( and 1 other )
06/30/2015 07/12/2016
Wellmark, Inc. Wellmark, Inc.
Wellmark of South Dakota, Inc.
( and 1 other )
06/30/2015 07/08/2016
Tag Heuer USA Tag Heuer USA 2:15-cv-01183 06/30/2015 09/10/2015
Pinnacle Foods Inc. Pinnacle Foods Inc. 2:15-cv-01169
( and 1 other )
06/30/2015 07/12/2016
Aetna Incorporated Aetna Incorporated 2:15-cv-01169
( and 1 other )
06/29/2015 10/17/2016
Adams Extract Co., Inc. Adams Extract Co., Inc. 2:15-cv-01169 06/29/2015 06/22/2016
Exxon Mobil Corporation Exxon Mobil Corporation 2:15-cv-00413 03/23/2015 11/17/2015
Kimberly-Clark Corporation Kimberly-Clark Corporation 2:15-cv-00198 02/11/2015 06/18/2015
J.C. Penney Company, Inc. J.C. Penney Company, Inc. 2:15-cv-00197 02/11/2015 02/26/2015
PepsiCo Incorporated Frito-Lay Incorporated 2:15-cv-00196 02/11/2015 04/16/2015

Kiosk Patent RTC Litigation

Kiosk Patent  “449” & RTC

The information here is regarding legal actions related to patent “449” for equipping a kiosk with WiFi basically. Actions began in July of 2014 and still in progress. A total of 14 actions.



For reference as of today here are the closed cases: Catalina, Zivelo, Phoenix, Flex, StoreKraft, Slabb & Digiboo.

The “still Open” suits are: KIS, Olea, Meridian and Dustshield (parent for Phoenix).


1/6/2015:  several more litigants have settled including Slabb and Phoenix Kiosk and Zivelo. They join Catalina, Flextronics and Store Kraft in the “closed” category.  Opens are:  Kodak, KIS, Fab Concepts, Olea, Digiboo, Acosta, Advantage Sales and Dustshield.

12/5:  Advantage Sales and Marketing of California added as 449 litigant. Open in Initial Pleadings

From the complaint:  On information and belief, Defendant Advantage Sales & Marketing LLC is a California corporation with a principal place of business at 18100 Von Karman Avenue, Irvine, California 92612. Defendant makes, uses and sells wireless interactive consumer video systems, including, but not limited to, systems and applications utilizing its “Advantage Retail Technology Services” platform, described at services# and in the video located at the same website address. These interactive systems and applications allow users to interact wirelessly through a tablet or other media with back end or back office computers, point-of-sale data, and other data, including interacting with software or applications that provide presentations with graphics or video content. Defendant does business on a regular basis in Illinois and in this District, including making, using, selling and/or offering

New litigant 12/04: Acosta Sales and Marketing. Open in Initial Pleadings.

RTC Litigation

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Abstract:   On March 4, 1997, the UUSPO issued Patent No. 5,608,449 (“the ‘449 patent”) entitled “Wireless  Interactive Consumer Video System.” RTC is the owner of the ‘449 patent.

Defendant has been and still is infringing and inducing infringement of the ‘449 patent by making, using, offering to sell, selling, and/or importing wireless interactive consumer video systems, including, list of systems, in Illinois.

Update on litigation(s)

10/31/2014 —  Digiboo added

10/30/2014 — Meridian, Slabb & Phoenix added to list

10/29/2014 —   Olea Kiosks added to list

Also appears the Kraft and Flextronix suits status has changed to “Closed”

Reference link for patent


patent text

  • Catalina Marketing  (multiple)
  • Zivelo
  • Kodak Alaris Inc.  (mobile to picture kiosk)
  • Store Kraft  (Kohl’s department store)
  • KIS (Kiosk Information Systems)
  • Flextronics  (Redbox)

Products “accused” include:


  • Redbox


  • C-Store Network
  • Buyer Vision
  • Mobile
  • Digital Rewards

Store Kraft

  • Kohl’s


  • C2 Desktop Public Terminals, C3 Wallmount Public Terminals, C6 Thin,  Floorstanding Public Terminals, C7 Floorstanding Public Terminals, C10

KIS (KIOSK Information Systems)

Defendant makes, uses and sells wireless interactive consumer video systems, including kiosk systems which Defendant refers to as Caddie, Fairway, Portal, Thinman, Stealth,  Edge H.D., Edge, Contour Financial Series, Arch, and Wedge, which are installed in numerous  Case: 1:14-cv-06683 Document #: 1 Filed:

08/29/14 Page 1 of 5 PageID #:1 2 locations, and are depicted at On information and belief,  Defendant does business on a regular basis in Illinois and in this District, including making,  using, selling and/or offering for sale its wireless interactive consumer video systems in Illinois and this District which infringe RTC’s rights under the patent asserted herein.

Links for RTC

Related Articles

Verizon and Kiosk Patents

Interesting article on Verizon from IP Watchdog as Verizon joins verizon-logo their list “Companies We Watch”.  Verizon has been very active in the patent and self-service area.  Their patent for tele-diagnosis and analysis of dermatological skin conditions is fascinating one for me.

Excerpts from IP Watchdog

Verizon’s inaugural appearance in the Companies We Follow series revealed plenty of patent applications in the realm of retail kiosk services, including one that discusses a kiosk which allows users to purchase mobile devices and activate subscriber services. Other recent patent applications published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office referenced some useful technologies involving vehicles, including one designed to restrict the use of mobile devices when an owner is driving a vehicle.

A few of the patent applications that we ended up exploring in detail discuss a few innovations in retail technologies designed to improve Verizon’s ability to get its products into the hands of consumers. U.S. Patent Application No. 20140351075, which is titledKiosk for Dispensing and Activating User Devices, discusses technological innovations that allow customers to purchase wireless devices and activate data subscription plans without having to visit an actual store. The patent application would protect a device with one or more processors that determines device information associated with a user device housed within a kiosk, dispenses the user device, receives subscription information associated with the device’s purchaser and provide activation information permitting a user device to be activated on a network. Through this system, a purchaser could visit a website to begin the purchase of a device, including selection of subscription package, and then purchase and activate the device from a kiosk instead of an actual store. Tools for providing more personalized customer service in retail establishments are described within U.S. Patent Application No. 20140324638, titled Near-Field Communication (NFC)-Based Retail Experience Using a Retail Kiosk or Mobile Device. The retail kiosk claimed by this patent application includes a display unit, a user-input interface and an NFC reader that establishes an NFC-based communication link with a compatible user device to authenticate the user and provide a personalized retail experience through the user-input interface and display unit. The resulting invention provides customers with a kiosk through which they can access information for a meaningful comparison of mobile wireless devices; the kiosk is capable of detecting what device the customer may be interested in purchasing through the use of the NFC link.

Finally, we wanted to share one novel patent developed by Verizon which allows a mobile device owner to utilize his or her smartphone as a health diagnostic tool. U.S. Patent No. 8891841, entitled Mobile Dermatology Collection and Analysis System, protects a system enabling a device user to get professional medical advice for a developing skin condition, such as a rash, without having to visit a physician. The patent protects a mobile communications device method of obtaining one or more images, extracting features from those images to create feature vectors and determining a dermatological classification of the images based on a dermatological analysis model.

Full article is at
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Legal Patent News – RTC files civil action against Kiosk Information Systems “449”

RTC suit against KIOSK Information Systems is filed August 29th.  Also attached is proceedings of RTC against Zivelo.

The patent in question is “the 449 patent”.

RTC Industries, Inc. v. KIOSK Information Systems, Inc.
Civil Action No. 1:14-cv-06683; no judge yet assigned.
Filed on Aug. 29, 2014 in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois;

Lawsuit Details

RFC Case Number: P-R14-6683K
Court Case Number: 1:14-cv-06683
File Date: Friday, August 29, 2014
Plaintiff: RTC Industries, Inc.
Plaintiff Counsel:
Defendant: KIOSK Information Systems, Inc.
Cause: 35:271 Patent Infringement
Court: Illinois Northern District Court
Judge: Unassigned
Notes: Proceedings unavailable at the time of filing.
Patent Details:
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CM 1 14-cv-05708_ilnd  (Zivelo brief)