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Retail Whitepaper – Floor Sensor Analytics for Traffic Footfall Analysis

Nice whitepaper by Scanalytics on traffic floor sensors.

Scanalytics SoleSensors

The Scanalytics intelligent floor sensors effectively transform

Floor Sensor
Click to see full image

existing spaces into smart environments that track and analyze individual patterns. From boutique shops to international department store chains, Scanalytics provides anyone with a physical footprint the tools to discover actionable insights about their customers/visitors.

Floor Sensor Stats

  • 27 million counts to date
  • +99% Representation
  • Flexible durations
  • 4 hours to several years
  • Sensor lasts +7 years
  • Daisy-chain to cover any space

Description of Retail White Paper

38 pages complete with sample graphs and pictures of installations.

  • To quick download the whitepaper we do ask for some contact information to discourage autobots and also in case our sponsors would like to contact you.

For more information

Visit Scanalytics site

In Kiosk News – SlabbKiosks welcomes Rick Kobal to their sales team

SlabbKiosksLas Vegas, July 11, 2016 – Kiosk News – Rick Kobal has joined the SlabbKiosks’ sales team. The announcement was made today by the  company’s President, Peter te Lintel Hekkert. He indicated the move was necessary as the company continues to expand its customer base and increase production.

“We are very pleased to welcome Rick to our team,” said te Lintel Hekkert. “Having worked within the industry for many years, he brings a wealth of experience and knowledge and is a perfect fit in a formula that has worked for us for years – a lean, highly specialized and responsive staff with over 40 years of combined experience in the self-service industry.”

Rick has worked with one of the largest component suppliers for

Rick Kobal at recent kiosk trade show
Rick Kobal at recent kiosk trade show. Click for full size image.

the industry for the past five years and has acquired an in-depth understanding of the industry’s dynamics including changes in end user requirements that have inevitably propelled hardware development. He’s ideally positioned to meet the needs of SlabbKiosks’ clients in an industry that continues to evolve and will be a welcome addition to the company’s sales team.

“Having worked closely with Peter and his growing team over the last five years, I am excited to join SlabbKiosks,” commented Rick. “Exciting innovations continue in the kiosk industry – innovations that the company is positioned to deliver. We see new sectors adopting kiosks.  Diverse payment options are increasing kiosk functionality. I am eager to now be part of the overall solution design and supply.”

Rick has over 25 years of value selling and program management experience within the automotive, industrial OEM and distribution markets and has a proven record of significant sales growth in his previous managerial positions. He graduated Summa Cum Laude from Grove City College, Pennsylvania and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering.


SlabbKiosks is a leading international manufacturer and distributor of cost-effective, interactive kiosks. The company has installed and customized interactive kiosks for thousands of clients in over 150 countries and distinguishes itself from the competition by offering the latest in technological advancements including the wireless kiosk, while utilizing high-quality components with designs that facilitate quick and efficient maintenance of their units.

Additional information can be found at:

For further press information about this release, please contact:

Kisha Wilson (Marketing Manager)
Tel: 702-605-4845

– END –

Interactive Kiosk – Dave & Busters “ticket-less” kiosk for Gaming

interactive kiosk
Click to see full size image.. Cool!

Frank Mayer and Associates, Inc. has a new interactive kiosk program within the family entertainment gaming industry.

Dave & Buster’s is building on their ability to offer “ticket-less” rewards points directly to the gamer’s card by re-designing their loyalty kiosks. Frank Mayer and Associates, Inc. designed and produced both the Loyalty Reward Kiosk and POWER CARD® Kiosk for use in Dave & Buster’s locations nationwide.

The press release is linked below, titled “Dave & Buster’s powers up their family entertainment loyalty program with re-designed interactive kiosks”.  Click on the image to get a better view. Cool kiosk design!

The Dave & Buster’s Loyalty Rewards Gaming Kiosks program page can be found:  The press release can also be found:

Download now the FMA_Dave&Busters press release

The Dave & Buster’s multi-kiosk program is responsive to customers’ changing needs, along with Frank Mayer and Associates, Inc.’s ability to design successful interactive kiosk programs thoroughly and efficiently.

Frank Mayer and Associates, Inc. is an industry leader in the creative design and manufacturing of branded in-store merchandising displays, interactive kiosks and store fixtures for leading consumer product companies and retailers. Frank Mayer and Associates, Inc.’s headquarters are based in Grafton, Wisconsin with offices nationwide.


Cheryl Lesniak
Digital Media Marketing Manager
Frank Mayer and Associates, Inc.
P: 262-377-4700

Self-Order Kiosk – McDonald’s invests over $550 million to revamp German sites

Fast-food chain McDonald’s spending $557 million to add self-order kiosk for self-service to restaurants in Germany.self-order kiosk mcdonalds Source:

72 “restaurants of the future” to launch.  By end of 2019 McDonalds figures on having most of its 1400+ sites done. New gourmet burgers are making inroads and McDonalds is losing customers and share.

In the US it is estimated self-ordering kiosks in the U.S. number 600 which plans to expand that to 1,000 by years end.

Kiosk Industry Opinion – What about healthcare?

This is Craig Keefner and I think it is fair to say I’ve had (and are currently on) a fairly interesting career path.  But looking back at it critically, the one big takeaway for me has been the people I have gotten to work for (good and bad),  what “stuff” I got to learn, and what I got to learn from them.

Currently I work for Sandy Nix of CTS. Sandy began with Frank Mayer originally “way back” and after going out and starting her own business she has developed a very strong offering in

Sandy Nix Craig Keefner
Click to see full size image

the healthcare space for patient check-in.  Hospitals like Johns Hopkins are clients.  I came to work for Sandy partly because I was ready to do something different (at age 56) and while I had always poked and pulled at the healthcare segment, I had never had the opportunity to fully immerse myself in it.  Along with the kiosk site, retail and thinclient,

It’s the first time I have worked for a woman though I have never considered that element before.  Sandy is passionate about her business and my job is to help the company execute her vision. Occasionally I might disagree and I let her know, but I support her 100%.   I think it is probably her passion that I have learned the most from.

Back in the late 90s the first big notable I worked for was Irwin
irwin jacobs L. Jacobs.  I had just finished working my biggest kiosk project ever at Gift Certificate Center and Bill Veeneman (another entrepreneur in Minnesota.  Jacobs envisioned a liquidation auction site (before ebay) for close out goods and the website provided real time auction.

Bill now doing “Go Buy Local”

The biggest kiosk project (Target Club Wedd) was headed up by Ben Kilgore in programming who is now the CTO for Blizzard.  Minnesota is an interesting place and when I first moved there I worked for Art Lazere over at Northgate (competitor to Dell and Gateway). Nice article from 1997 on Apple and Northgate.

Those experiences were invaluable and shaped my life.  I worked for some big companies too like Northwest Airlines and IBM. I learned I didn’t want to be employed by a large company I think.

Rick Malone KIS
Rick Malone

One of my longest tenures was working with Rick Malone in Denver.  A very focused individual. I  remember just prior to coming to work for him I was “tasked” at a major retail tradeshow for giving Jeff Bezos of Amazon a tour of the show floor on self service. Mr. Bezos was on a Segway trailing me while I led him around. Jeff wanted to see everything and he was very excited to see all the technology.

jeff bezos
Jeff Bezos

I was about start working for Rick so I figured a little early wouldn’t hurt and made our way over to Rick’s booth to introduce him to the up and coming Amazon man.  Rick was talking to another prospect though and I was unable to interrupt him so he could meet Bezos.  Ten years later Rick was hoping to build those lockers that Amazon uses now.  I learned more about kiosks at KIS than even I wanted to know. Thanks!

Sometimes you can be too focused and you can miss the opportunities which are right there in front of you ready to meet you.

I’ve been extremely fortunate and dare I say a bit lucky.  I have worked for people that I learned things “not to do” but fortunately they have been the exception.

When you get the opportunity to work with exceptional people, take the time to study them. Forget your ego for a minute and concentrate on learning.

Unattended Retail Tracker Has UCP #2 Behind Ingenico

We try and highlight members and UCP has been scored as #2 in the PYMNTS Unattended Retail Tracker, only exceeded by Ingenico who is #1.  Pretty good company to be in.. Unattended Retail Tracker™, powered by USA Technologies, serves as a bimonthly framework for

The Unattended Retail Tracker™, powered by

unattended retail self service
click to see full image

USA Technologies, serves as a bimonthly framework for the space, providing coverage of the most recent news and trends, as well as a provider directory to highlight the key players contributing across the segments that comprise the expansive unattended retail ecosystem.

The Unattended Retail Tracker™, powered by USA Technologies, serves as a bimonthly framework for the space, providing coverage of the most recent news and trends, as well as a provider directory to highlight the key players contributing across the segments that comprise the expansive unattended retail ecosystem.

Unattended Retail Tracker TM

The Unattended Retail TrackerTM is a bimonthly report designed to give an overview of the trends and activities across the unattended retail/vending market and the players who are delivering on those services.

The tracker will also include the latest news and highlights and will be organized into a framework that showcases a directory of the key players and information about their capabilities and unattended retail solution offerings.


We evaluate companies based on the markets they serve, the technologies they offer, the type of payments accepted and the security standards they have accomplished.

The companies included in the scoring support unattended retail and payments for the following segments within the self-service industries: Food & Beverage, Service Vending, Remote Retail, Parking and Restaurant & Hospitality.

Regarding technologies evaluated, we assess the depth of solutions supported. For example:

NFC (Near Field Communication)
Magnetic Stripe
QR Code
BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy)
Smart Cards

Payments accepted include a depth and breadth of payment types. For example:

Credit/Debit Cards
Private Label or Closed Loop Solutions
Digital Wallets (Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay, PayPal, and more)
We also give credit to solutions for security compliance such as PCI.


Unattended retail self service

Kiosk Association Announces Advisory Board Members

DENVER, CO – 6/29/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) —Kiosk Industry Group, the Kiosk association and vendor trade

Kiosk Association

association, officially announces appointment of five new members to the Strategic Advisory Board.  The new members include Olea Kiosks, KioWare, Kiosk Information Systems, PROVISIO, and Turnkey Kiosks. They join Crane Payment Innovations, OptConnect, CTS (Connected Technology Solutions) and ARCA. Honorary members include Peter B. Snyder.  Together they provide strategic guidance to the Group in direction and focus in all types of transactional and informational self service solutions.

“These new board members represent the growing excitement and momentum that self-service automation is delivering to customers and employees.” said Craig Keefner, manager for the Kiosk Industry Group.  “Whether for customers or employees, automation is becoming a crucial differentiator for companies looking to expand their customer channels”.

The new advisory board members are:

Olea Kiosks, represented by Traci Martin, Director of Sales and Marketing.   Traci has over 20 years in the industry. Frank Olea is CEO. Olea Kiosks is one of North America’s largest kiosk manufacturers providing custom kiosks and standard kiosks. Olea has been in the kiosk business for over 20 years and is known for unparalleled design. Olea has been in business over 40 years.

KioWare is represented by James Kruper, president and CEO, and Laura Miller Director of Marketing. Jim has over 20 years of experience with kiosk software, remote monitoring and content management/display systems. KioWare is one of largest kiosk software companies in the world and offers a free fully functioning demo of all of their kiosk software products (Windows & Android).

Kiosk Information Systems, represented by Cheryl Madeson, Director of Marketing. Tom Weaver is CEO and President. KIOSK Information Systems began as KIS over 20 years ago and is the largest kiosk manufacturing company in the world.  Along with custom and standard kiosks, KIOSK designs and manufacturers Locker and Vending systems and has a full software development team with a complete software portfolio suite which includes remote monitoring.  KIS and Rick Malone were aa charter sponsor of the original Kiosk Association in 2001 (aka Bay Hill Bunch which included IBM, Compaq, Crane, Elotouch and Kodak).

PROVISIO is represented by Heinz Horstmann. The Chief Manager is Christoph Niehus at their headquarters in Germany. Heinz has over 20 years in the internet terminal kiosk software industry.  The industry leading interactive kiosk software product Sitekiosk has more installed terminals than anyone in the world. SK provides lockdown as well as Content Management for Digital Signs (Windows and Android).

Turnkey Kiosks is represented by Gary Strachan. Gary has 35+ years in the industry having spent many with IBM. Turnkey Kiosks largest focus is cost-effective transactional bill payment kiosk systems along with custom kiosks for a variety of functions. TurnKey offers a complete one-stop shop that has in-house consulting, CAD design and engineering, Custom Sheet Metal, Custom Cables for a variety of functions. TurnKey prides itself in taking a very hands-on approach with our customers to make sure our solutions exceed customer expectations.

Bitcoin ATM’s, custom POS, Retail and Utility Payments. TurnKey Kiosks is a one-stop shop for consulting, software, hardware, installation, service and maintenance.

About the Kiosk Industry Group

The Kiosk Industry Group is based in Denver Colorado and serves as the kiosk association and qualified marketing network for the kiosk industry.  With over 300 participating listed companies Kiosk Industry Group is the largest kiosk-focused association in the world. For more information on these companies and the kiosk association please log onto  For more information contact Craig Keefner at

Full News Story:

Distributed by Press Release Jet

Media Contact
Company Name: CAKCEK
Contact Person: Craig A Keefner
Phone: (303) 261-8836
Country: United States

Marijuana kiosk – York software company joins team creating a cash-accepting marijuana kiosk for cannabis industry

Marijuana Kiosk – KioWare, Crane Payment and Olea team up in cannabis market


KioWare is writing the software for the marijuana kiosk while California-based Olea Kiosks Inc. is designing and marijuana kioskmanufacturing the actual kiosk. Malvern-based Crane Payment Innovations is designing equipment for handling money inside the kiosk.

“I look at it like the kiosks that are coming into the fast food industry now,” said Frank Olea, CEO at Olea. “You place your order yourself on an electric board, and you take the receipt to the front counter where they hand you your food. That’s how it works.”

Read full article. It’s very good.


Good comments within the article as well:

Dave M June 27, 2016 11:46 am

The problem is that most companies trying to do this don’t quite understand all of the implications of handling these types of transactions. While Jane built a bunch of kiosks 2 years ago to go after this market, they’re all sitting in a warehouse because the way they tried doing transactions still doesn’t pass muster with the banks. This latest approach of taking cash via a kiosk doesn’t address all of the issues either. One company that I am aware of,, has a much different process which is meeting approval of the banks and regulators. While this article makes the problem and solution seem oh so simple, it is far from that.

Editor Picks


New Kiosk Software for Android Adds Knox Support & MDM

Android Kiosk Software Adds Knox Support and advanced MDM functions

KioWare has released a new version of KioWare for Android (Version 3.9) which moves KioWare significantly into the realm of MDM and adds new interactive digital signage features.   The full press release is found here:

Highlighting the relevant points

  • Adds some features specific to Samsung devices (via the KNOX Standard  SDK).
  • These features include more extensive physical lockdown (volume button, power button, usb/sd card restrictions etc)
  • Includes robust device management tools (remote reboot and application installation/content updating).

An additional feature for all Android devices (not just Samsung)android kiosk software – and this one is big for MDM purposes – is the ability to remotely reset and wipe a device.  

From Laura Miller of Kioware, “the ability to remotely reset a device is a key feature for mobile device management. Combine remote wipe with some of the latest Samsung specific device features and the message is clear, ‘KioWare for Android is a strong option for mobile device management.’”     

KioWare also added some interactive digital signage features that will allow users to click an individual attract screen page and either stay on that page OR navigate to a specific URL.  This will allow attract screens to navigate directly to multiple advertiser websites, if configured to do so.

kiosk software samsung



Features Gained Through Samsung KNOX

Version 3.9 of KioWare for Android (Lite, Basic, & Full with Kiosk Management) has added or improved a number of features which apply specifically to Samsung devices using KNOX Standard 5.1 and above. Download the KioWare Samsung Support application from Google Play in order to take advantage of these features.

Features specific to Samsung include the following:

  • Option to hide the navigation bar, completely eliminating ability to access any standard device navigation (improved feature)
  • Ability to disable the power off/airplane mode/restart option standard on any Samsung tablet
  • Restricts/allows use of the USB drive and SD card access
  • Disable physical power button (improved feature)
  • Disable access to the home icon/menu (improved feature)
  • Disable volume button & ability to physically change device volume

Kiosk Best Practice – Picking a Provider

Picking a Self Service Provider

To assist the industry Kiosk Industry Group publishes vendor kiosk best practiceneutral kiosk best practice studies. Thanks to our sponsors for making this possible. Olea Kiosk for custom and standard kiosks, KioWare with software for kiosks, KIOSK Information Systems, ARCA payment automation, PROVISIO kiosk software, Crane currency management, OptConnect with 3G/4G connectivity for kiosks & ATMs. and TurnKey Kiosks with turnkey bill pay kiosks.

  • To quick download the whitepaper we do ask for some contact information to discourage autobots and also in case our sponsors would like to contact you.

The following is an excerpt.


• Reputation learn about the market and your candidates. How many years of experience and which clients. Get referrals. Remember you are hiring a VP.
• Strengths maybe you are looking fabrication partner, maybe a custom design. Could be an outdoor. Companies have core competencies. Identify them and match with what you need.
• Quality hardware and software. Think of your project as a crucial surprise attack. Would you really want to use cheap bullets? Excusing the metaphor spend on the proof of concept and then frugalize/streamline the production…
• Managing Change is important things can and will change. It needs to be managed. Plan B has had more
successes than Plan A…



Is it a consumer, business or industrial class unit? Business class is cheaper but they break down more often and their lifecycle is short. Solid state storage is affordable, more reliable, greener and by far the better option now. Cheaper business class PCs sound nice but for extended project they will go End Of Life. Managing images of a long project becomes a massive project unto itself.

Are the components industry approved stock components with certification labels and marks or are they piecemeal assembled and/or modified prior to integration? Does it have a UL sticker? Is the remote monitoring working, or are the devices just capable? Paper low and paper out are killers.


We are association of companies from all over the world which provide kiosk technology, hardware & software, enabling unattended access for customers & employees.

Making self-service easier, faster, safer, more reliable and more beneficial. For more information visit:

Fitness Wellness Kiosk Get a Workout at BFit Gyms

BFit Kiosk
Click to see the full size image!

June 15, 2016 – YORK, PA.   BFit Gyms isn’t your everyday run-of- the-mill fitness center. Their members ‘refuse to be ordinary’, and enjoy the unique and innovative Fit Pass that allows family and friends to share the same pass. Stressing its ‘cool factor’, BFit has implemented easy-to- use kiosks that provide its tech-savvy self-service- minded members with access to membership purchase and management features at all hours of the day, any day of the week.

BFit saw an opportunity to be a more neighborhood friendly boutique type of gym and to capitalize on the personal experience, as opposed to the large institutionalized competition. BFit offers members a wide array of options when it comes to fitness, from Group Cycling and Group Fitness sessions with virtual, live or on-demand classes. One of BFit’s operational goals is to maintain low overhead of its gyms by reducing the number of personal attendants and improve the member’s journey. To accomplish this goal, BFit called on Livewire Digital, and its wealth of experience in transactional self-service, to provide self-service kiosks. From the point of sign up, to entering the gym and to registering for classes, BFit has allowed the user to get straight to the business of using the gym.

The self-service kiosks allowed BFit to map out the member’s journey in an interactive and intuitive way, from membership sign up at the gym or online to registering for classes or paying account balance. Prospective members have the ability to purchase memberships on-line at, a web site developed by Livewire and integrated with BFit’s membership database hosted by Motionsoft, a leading provider of fitness club management services. New members continue their journey at the club by picking up their RFID membership card via one of the new kiosks located at the club’s entrance.

“It’s great to see the use of omni-channel self-service technology and contactless access in the fitness environment” said David McCracken, Livewire Digital’s President and CEO. “This particular solution allows BFit to enrich the fitness experience while reducing operational costs that get passed on to members as savings. Wow, that’s cool.”

About Livewire Digital

Livewire is the Power to Connect, creating software solutions for kiosks, digital signage, and online and mobile applications, all managed from its eConcierge® Content Management System.

Livewire’s many turnkey solutions increase revenue and productivity for its customers, while lowering overhead and providing seamless integration. Livewire provides cutting-edge software, hardware consulting, and system integration, bringing the necessary puzzle pieces together to increase customer engagement and create a better end-user experience.



Contact: Shannon McCracken

Phone: 717-718- 1241


Frank Mayer and Associates, Inc. announces promotion

Frank Mayer and Associates, Inc. announces the promotion of Danielle Nelson to Account Executive.

Frank Mayer kiosk
Click to expand image

Grafton, WI, June 27, 2016 – We are pleased to announce the appointment of Danielle Nelson as an Account Executive with Frank Mayer and Associates, Inc.

Danielle’s background as a Sales Associates has given her experience working with brands and retailers to develop cohesive in-store marketing strategies for today’s ever fluid retail environments. Danielle will use her knowledge of the point-of-purchase retail industry to work with Fortune 500 retail and brand marketing clients out of the Wisconsin office.

Frank Mayer and Associates, Inc. ( is an in-store merchandising display and interactive kiosk company. Founded in 1931, Frank Mayer and Associates, Inc.’s headquarters are located in the Milwaukee area with additional sales offices throughout the U.S.

Press Release Danielle Nelson AE announcement

Wireless kiosk – OptConnect Adds Month to Month Option for 3G/4G

Wireless Service

OptConnect adds new month to month option announced in latest email. Now you can get 3G/4G connectivity for your kiosk or ATM or self service terminal for a very small investment.

See OptiConnect member page for more info about OptiConnect.

OptConnect Now Offering Month to Month
View this email in your browser

TECA kiosk cooling is latest member of Kiosk Industry Group

kiosk cooling

TECA Kiosk Cooling & Heating makes a wide range of solid state thermoelectric cooling products, including air-conditioners, cold plates and liquid chillers.


New member TECA which makes thermoelectric cooling units.  TECA split off from Borg a few years ago and makes a terrific kiosk cooling partner.  When space is at a premium the normal condensing HVAC is not going to work and you have to go thermo. Their sizing calculator is outstanding.

Metrofloor Selection Center In-Store Merchandising

Frank Mayer and Associates, Inc. has a new in-store

In-Store Merchandising
Click to see full image

merchandising program for the flooring and home products market at-retail.

Metroflor Corporation, a leader in luxury vinyl tile flooring solutions and one of the first flooring manufacturers to bring the LVT product to retail, has stepped into the retail marketplace with an innovative new flooring product. The Metroflor Selection Center combines their major product lines on one display, presenting a cohesive brand statement.

The press release is attached. The Metroflor Selection Center program page can be found: .  The press release can also be found:

Press Release PDF

iPad, Software & Hardware – Why You Need All Three

We’re living in a connected society. From point of sale machines to personal computers and mobile devices, tech is everywhere. One benefit of this ever-growing technological world has been the widespread adoption of tablets & the iPad Kiosk. They exist to inform, to sell, to reduce overhead costs and to allow customers more control and empowerment.

The standard in the kiosk world is becoming a product that not only integrates tablets into a secure enclosure, but it’s also about having proper software installed and the correct mounting system as soon as you install a kiosk into your business. Incorporating all these items can’t be an afterthought anymore. Here are a few good examples of why.

Scenario Number One – Sluggish Software
You are the owner of a small chain of grocery stores. For quite some time, you have had the idea to install a tablet kiosk checkout solution. You place an order for new tablets, source enclosures for each one and add counter mounts to your checkout area. After hiring a local developer to write your software you begin to test your tablet kiosk solution. Throughout the testing phase everything is performing well, items are scanning correctly and the payment system seems to be working just fine. On launch day your kiosks are set up and ready to go and your customers are loving the new self-service checkout system! More people are using the system than anticipated and because of this, the system is overloaded and crashes. This leaves your customers with a negative in-store experience. Getting software that will stand the high usage demand is crucial!

Scenario Number Two – Unsecure Tablet Enclosures
You operate a coffee shop and are trying to install a tablet kiosk payment system. You buy a couple iPad tablets because of their reputation and excellent software. Launch day rolls around and you couldn’t be more pleased with your mount set up and the functionality your tablets are providing. But at the end of the day, your tablets are missing! Upon reviewing the security tapes, it seems that your tablet enclosures are to blame. The locks didn’t quite do their job. If only you had known about this issue before going live you could have saved your business thousands of dollars.

Scenario Number Three – Out of Date Hardware
You manage a museum with many complicated exhibits. One day you place an order for several tablets to enhance each experience in your museum. You hire a developer to code software and on the test setup it runs great. Problems arise when you notice that the tablets aren’t able to keep up with your new implementation. They are sluggish and unresponsive to most commands. You have the right software,perfect enclosures and you’ve invested in floor mounts to sit at your key exhibits. The dated tablet hardware has unfortunately made the final product useless.

These three examples show us that the most important factor in adding a successful tablet kiosk solution to any business, isn’t about having just the hardware. It’s not even about having the most user-friendly software. The key to success in this industry is having the whole package. Combine a well-built enclosure and mount, with a modern tablet and reliable software and you hold the key to the best interactive experience for you and your customer.

Does your business have a tablet kiosk? Haven’t installed one yet but thinking about it? Contact us today for more info.

EMV Kiosk – Creditcall KioskSimple EMV Case Study

EMV Kiosk Case Study

Great EMV kiosk case study by Creditcall on our KioskSimple integration with their EMV Payment Gateway. RedSwimmer was looking for a way to provide EMV compliance to users of their kiosk software, KioskSimple. The Challenge RedSwimmer was looking for a way to provide EMV compliance to users of their kiosk software, KioskSimple. Many of RedSwimmer customers are … Continue reading “Creditcall KioskSimple EMV Case Study”


Their kiosk or POS applications were developed as a web app and used the KioskSimple software which acts as middleware, providing a JavaScript API which can easily be called by a web application and thereby add support for accepting EMV payments via Creditcall’s payment gateway solution ChipDNA using the Windows SDK.

How the EMV Kiosk Works

Both developers and business owners realized the need for an outside party in activating EMV compliance and this is where ChipDNA supported RedSwimmer’s client initiatives.

ChipDNA provided the interface to Ingenico’s iPP350PINpad and handled all the complicated behind-the-scenes magic of EMV compliance. This process allowed RedSwimmer to focus on the JavaScript front end which is their expertise. The larger challenge with RedSwimmer was to find a way to make ChipDNA accessible from a web app.ChipDNA works well with native applications but lacked a JavaScript API.  Thanks to Creditcall’s expertise, RedSwimmer was able to use developer-friendly JavaScript front-end language with ChipDNA through the use of KioskSimple.

Connected Technology Solutions Takes Innovation Award for UV-C Disinfecting Light for Kiosks

Antibacterial Kiosk


MENOMONEE FALLS, WI – 11 May, 2016 – Connected Technology Solutions, a Menomonee Falls, Wis., based manufacturer of kiosks and related self-service technology, has been named a winner of the 2016 I.Q. Innovation Awards for CleanTouch™, its ultra-effective UV-C light surface sanitizing solution.

CleanTouch™ is available on the company’s Patient Passport Express®, which is marketed as part of the CTS Healthcare Services® division. The PPE is a robust kiosk that provides check-in, bill-pay and other patient-facing functions at many of the country’s leading healthcare facilities, such as Cleveland

Antibacterial kiosk
Click for full image

Clinic, Ohio State University Health Systems and Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

By employing a continuous bath of UV-C light across the kiosk’s touch surfaces, CleanTouch™ rapidly kills up to 99.9-percent of bacteria and viruses, leaving the screen clean for subsequent users. After each transaction, when the user steps away, a quick 30-second wash of light disinfects the screen, making it clean and ready for the next patient.IQ Award 01

The award ceremony was held in Milwaukee the week of May 17th.  Sharing the stage with CTS were such nationally known companies as Astronautics Corp. of America, Briggs & Stratton and Fiserv Inc.  Accepting the award for CTS & Sandra Nix CEO were Jared Timm and Craig Keefner.

Note –  Another very cool company there in speaking role was Scanalytics which does floor sensors for measuring footfall.  Impressive stuff.

McDonalds kiosk – The evolution of fast-food. More people + automation equation. 

McDonalds kiosk – The evolution of fast-food. More people + automation equation.
mcdonalds kiosk

McDonalds kiosk is simply responding to competition from other chains that have offered “enhanced burgers,” said Hilda Fahey, a company representative who was in Simcoe to help with the changeover to the new services at the Queensway East restaurant.


“We have 35 different people we didn’t have before,” Maskell said on a Wednesday afternoon while preparing for an opening that night for the new services.

More people are needed in the kitchen, he explained, to service the customers out front.

McDonald’s also has added what it calls “guest experience leaders” – women and men in uniform who are in front of the counter helping people to their seats, delivering them food, or assisting them at the kiosk.

Mary Tout, who started doing the job last February, said part of her role includes letting customers about what’s going on in the area.

“People love the socialization,” she said. “They think because there’s a kiosk, they’re not going to be speaking to a person.”

Wendy’s Serves Up Big Kiosk Expansion As Wage Hikes Hit Fast Food

mcdonalds kiosk

Wendy’s will make self-service ordering kiosks available to all of its franchises later this year as minimum wage hikes help market push labor costs.


6,000 plus restaurants getting selfservice kiosks. Adoption rests with the franchisees. Most have been raising prices. Most of minimum wage is phased in years from now and virtually unchanged in California.

  • New York went from 9.00 to 10.50 (on way to 15)
  • CA went to $10 this from $9.00
  • Company owned Wendy stores number is 5% of total stores.
  • Wage inflation seen at company stores is 5%
  • More customers hit bottom line at 3.6% same store sales increase for last quarter

Wendy’s President Todd Penegor said, “wage pressures have been manageable both because of falling commodity prices and better operating leverage due to an increase in customer counts. Still, the company is wary about both wage hikes and a possible recovery in commodity prices and is “working so hard to find efficiencies” so it can deliver “a new QSR experience but at traditional QSR prices.”

In addition to self-order kiosks, the company is also getting ready to move beyond the testing phase with labor-saving mobile ordering and mobile payment available systemwide by the end of the year. Yum Brands and McDonald’s already have mobile ordering apps.  See other stories on McDonalds Kiosks here on Kiosk Industry.


Kiosk Software – KioWare for Windows – new version

New KioWare kiosk software for Windows

KioWare released version 8.5 of KioWare kiosk software for Windows with a KioWare Kiosk Softwareton of new features and enhancements.  See press release online at KioWare site.

James Kruper, President of KioWare notes, “system security should be reliable and easy to configure with a strong feature set for kiosk customization. This update of KioWare for Windows adds RFID scanners & Flatbed scanners, along with system monitoring tools and even more options for customization.”

The latest release adds support for

  • RFID Scanners,
  • Flatbed Scanners,
  • Watchport Devices,
  • System Battery Monitors
  • now supports Chrome 49.
  • The latest version adds support for switching between virtual keyboard languages.
  • There is also a new User Interface for File Upload Controls and choosing a file download destination.
  • This provides kiosk deployers with the ability to manage file uploads and downloads without opening the entire file system to kiosk users.
kiosk software security
Click to expand for complete view

Monitored devices such as the Watchport/H and Watchport/T (for Humidity & Temperature monitoring) are also now supported.  System Battery Monitoring is also now available. For a full device list, visit our supported devices tool.


Link to press release:

Case Study – Leading Restaurant Chain Integrates Mobile Apps, Point-of-Sale Kiosks and Integrated Infrastructure to Boost Sales and Increase Customer Loyalty

Kiosk Case Study Paneras

Kiosk Case Study Paneras

Kiosk Case Study Paneras – A leading national restaurant chain facing growing competition and an increasingly mobile-first customer base enlisted WWT to bring their holistic customer experience solution to life.


Excerpt from kiosk case study Paneras – Same store sales where the new technology has rolled out has increased at almost double the rate of stores not yet converted. Digital sales now make up more than 20 percent of overall business, with projected e-commerce sales of $1 billion by 2017. Mobile sales and in-store, self-service kiosks have reduced bottlenecks to provide all customers with faster service and an improved customer experience. As the company moves to increase their home delivery and catering business, we are continuing to collaborate with them to provide their customers with a personalized and seamless user experience.

Healthcare Opinion – HIMSS Review Part 2 – Efficiency Patient Check-In

HIMSS Review Part 2 – Efficiency – Patient Check-In


In the last post I covered some of the issues and advances in money and payments in healthcare.  This article explores efficiencies in regard to Patient Check-In.

Cost is perspective dependent– Your opinion or benefit from a healthcare spend is relative to your position in the healthcare system and society as a whole.  His expenses are my income which is paid for by your taxes adding to ‘our’ economy that politicians and talking heads love to scream at everyone about.   Whether you consider yourself a winner or loser depends on your perspective.

Efficiency is not perspective dependent– Either process is efficient or it is not.  Building tools to make individual processes more efficient is at the core of what we do.  More is done with less.

Efficiency benefits appear perspective-dependent- Everyone cheers efficiency when improving a process saves time and space, nobody likes to waste those and there are only winners when they are saved.  When it comes to anything else, there will be positional losers.  Some tasks are  repetitive enough to be quantified and automated.  Responsibility for that task is transferred to other participants in that process.  Exceptions are still dealt with by experts, but by and large the exception to the process must be paid for or ‘earned’ by condition.

Efficiency eliminates positions not Individuals – Personal Computing eliminated the need for a dedicated secretarial pool.  The 5XB eliminated the need for switchboard operators.  Everyone reading this has benefited greatly from the elimination of those positions.  However, survivor’s guilt is not necessary.  The individuals leaving those highly skilled positions went on with their lives in most cases using the tools the rendered their old positions obsolete.

Efficiency at HIMSS – A small number exhibitors at HIMSS did showcase some efficiency – increasing, position-eliminating  technology that fit the model above.   Incremental improvements to inefficient processes were all over the place.  Being a seller not a buyer I took a look and got on my way.  I didn’t need to hear another pitch or see another show.   I already had a front row seat to the best show at HIMSS.  Over and over again I had the pleasure of  seeing the look of slack-jawed awe as PatientWay’s VP of Sales Shawn Grisim told real stories about paying customers and their experiences in implementing the PatientWay check-in solution.  These conversations were all in the present tense referring to past and present installations.  Not demo-ware, projections, or BS.  Real stories from real implementations.  Even to a casual observer the numbers are staggering:

  • 90% of all patients walking through the door are checking themselves in.
  • (250K visits) x (90% usage) x (5 minutes per check in*) => 18750 hours
  • Patients 65 and over represent the majority of users of this system.

Most visitors asked the obvious, “what about the people.”  Shawn was able to slay the boogeyman right then and there.  The individuals who had been performing these repetitive tasks have been moved to more dynamic roles within their organizations and were happier for it.  The relief washing over the faces of these people was clear.  There would be no HR nightmare, strike, or other such reaction in their future.  Just a better way to serve their customers while keeping their operation efficient enough to remain open and profitable.

Efficient CheckIn benefits the Individual, Provider, and the System –  The check-in process is not billable.  The perverse incentives that stifle much of the innovation in healthcare are not a factor when moving patients from their world into yours.   Adding efficiency to this moving process benefits every participant in this system.   PatientWay is the leader.  When people ask me why I love what I do, this is the story that I tell them.

*National all-in average is 5 employee minutes per check-in.

Blast From Past – NCR Room 504

With the recent news of the Walmart Innovation Lab 415-C soliciting new tech ideas, I thought it would be useful to look back at one of the original Star Labs.

From March 22, 2002

Technology Spotlight — NCR Room 504

In these days of busted budgets and deferred deployments, it was a real treat while at the ATMIA show in Florida, to be invited to the rumored-to-exist-to-date “Room 504”. This is name NCR gives to the private display of futuristic technology concepts. I personally applaud NCR for this fantastic commitment to the future in this time of budget scrutiny. I know other companies such as Intel and others have their own scenario labs and I count myself very fortunate to have been given a peek into NCRs.

What is Room 504?

It is the brand name for NCR’s Future Concepts. It is NOT the location or room number (tell that to the elevator operator in NCRs Dundee Scotland Headquarters!).

The idea was introduced to customers back in 1998 by NCR’s “Self Service Strategic Solutions” team, who have been instrumental in the develoment and introduction of many future concepts and ideas.

SSSS monitors the key indicators which highlight potential changes which will impact business; they then build concepts which demonstrate possible future senarios. Keeping a close eye on “disruptive technologies” and how they influence new business models is key to a company being a core participant.

The feedback and knowledge gained from these concepts influence the design and development of NCR’s new solutions.

Back to the Show!

Mark Grossi, Chief Technology Officer from the NCR Financial Solutions Division (out of Dundee, Scotland) and Neal Schwartz, Vice President Convenience TouchPoints, NCR Financial Solutions Division (USA) were the hosts in Florida.

I actually have had some dealings with Mark and the Dundee group prior to this when I was gathering reseach, comments and perspective from various Association members regarding Biometrics and specifically Facial Recognition. I had a presentation at a conference in London in February where I presented on this subject. Mark and Group were very helpful and encouraging towards my presentation and I consider myself very fortunate for the opportunity to work with them on this subject. I would be remiss if I didn’t also thank Tim Peterson and Dan Palczynski of NCR as well. The presentation is accessible at

In the photo is Morrison Reyner, Mark Grossi and Bob Sutherland by the way.
In the photo is Morrison Reyner, Mark Grossi and Bob Sutherland by the way.

Before we started there was the inevitable NDA to sign. Once that was out of the way my NCR Room 504 tour was led by Mike McNamara with Mark and Bob Sutherland (all from Dundee). In the photo is Morrison Reyner, Mark Grossi and Bob Sutherland by the way.

The most interesting concept that I took home just happened to be the very first one and that was the idea of “prestaging transactions”. I like that concept!

(Note: I cannot describe precisely what I saw as that would be in violation of my agreement and the consequences at the very least would be that Mark and company could not buy me beer! It’s actually much more serious than that of course).

Somewhat younger Keefner and Grossi

Anyway back to the tour — they took my picture at the first “point”, which always makes anyone nervous. I decided to even the match a bit and whipped out my Palm Pilot with my hand carefully obscuring what could be 802.11x transceiver. Mark smiled and squinted a bit trying to eyeball my palm. Mission accomplished I revealed I didn’t have a transceiver. Tech war in Florida! Count me in…

Seriously though, other concepts which got lodged in my brain were “object computing and communcation”. All types of objects. My own longtime favorite of personalization was not lost on this crowd as they had pushed the envelope in that regard. One bit of very good advice from Mark is to learn to leave preconceptions at the door. Harder to do than it sounds take it from me.

All of which also communicates some very basic concepts that all of us are aware of. One, is never put all of your eggs in one basket. Another is that Consumer Trends and Consumer Behavior is something that must be constantly evaluated and tracked. Don’t make people wait. Handle all types of media.

Some people will wonder if looking ahead to the future makes perfect sense. I used to work geophysics for Litton Resources back in the 70s and we had our own specially funded “Star Wars Group” in the UK that looked ahead. Exxon, Shell and Chevron were our big clients (and that’s pretty big…). Back then experts were predicting that the world’s oil reserves would be completely depleted by 1995. That didn’t happen because we found new ways to find oil. I noticed BP Chairman Sir John Browne talking about the tremendous new reserves in deepwater Gulf of Mexico just the other day. Like it or not, technology advances occur and make tremendous economic impact. If Exxon and Shell had restricted themselves to West Texas, yes we would’ve run out. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

I really want to thank the guys (and gals) from Dundee and NCR Financial Division in general for the opportunity that they extended to me.

Note: The concepts on display at Florida were a very small segment of the concepts that SSSS has developed (I will guess I was exposed to at best one of ten).

And to close, just to introduce the SSSS team I do have one picture of the main team in Florida cutting up for the camera. “Freedom” for customers to conduct transactions and to manage their information safely and more effectively is a concept which any company serving customers can appreciate….



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