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NYC Payphones Continue Moving to WiFi (7500)

NYC’s Defunct Pay Phones Begin Transition Into Wi-Fi Kiosks

[Images via LinkNYC.]

The city is finally kicking into gear its plan to convert the abundant supply of defunct payphones into Wi-Fi hot spots. A Verge contributor spotted one of the helpful technology boxes being installed on the corner of West 15th Street and Third Avenue this morning, meaning the city is making good on its promise to begin delivering the 7,500 kiosks that will give users access to free Wi-Fi, charging stations, a touch-screen panel loaded with information like city services and directions, and allow them to make free domestic calls (albeit on speaker phone) before the end of 2015. According to The Verge, hundreds of other hubs will be installed throughout the city in the days to come, meaning free Wi-Fi for all!—or at least all of those standing within 150 feet of a hub.


The kiosk, formally known as LinkNYC, was born out of Bloomberg-era design competition Reinvent Payphones and has, unsurprisingly,garnered a lot of criticism, as most things affecting New York City do. The brunt of that was centered around the unequal distribution of kiosks throughout New York City, but the issue was laid to rest after more than 400 planned kiosks were moved out of Manhattan and into the outer boroughs.

The kiosks will also have two 55-inch advertising displays that the city estimates will help generate $500 million in revenue over the next 12 years.

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Absolute Worldwide Logistics Member

Absolute Worldwide Logistics joined as a charter member of the Kiosk kiosk logisticsIndustry Group.  Below is a profile of them and their services. Thank you John!

Absolute Worldwide Logistics is a hybrid domestic and international freight forwarder to the kiosk, store fixture, and digital signage community. AWL offer a full menu of flexible and tailored service options to deliver the right solution at the right time and at a competitive price. AWL utilizes the same technology and resources as larger 3PL’s while still providing a more hands-on personalized approach to customer service. Our team has over 150 years of combined domestic and international transportation expertise with a long history of verifiable success. If you are looking for a collaborative partner to handle your transportation needs, AWL is one partner you need to consider. For more information, you can call 419-873-6263 or go to our website

Contact: John Sayre, Director of Services and Special Projects

Office: 419-873-6262

Cell Phone: 419-466-0912

Fax: 419-873-6966

Email: [email protected]

Logistics is your single source destination for all your retail logistics and special project needs.

Read More


Our team is made up of logistics professionals from every mode of transportation.

Read More

Solutions designs and orchestrates the right retail solution every time.

Read More

Smart Safe Case Study

ArmorSafe and OptConnect Case Study


The idea most people begin within they think they need to get a safe is to protect against external theft. Increasingly the threat is actually also internal theft.

The hallmark of a smart safe is the inclusion of bill validators which count and validate that the currency is in fact good. The safe will sign a date timestamp to the transaction keeping track of which employee deposited the money and when they did

Basically eliminates the opportunity for internal cash theft.

Getting your data is as important as a safe itself working.

Using ArmorSafe with the OptConnect modem is just beautiful synergy.

Even over a wired network there’s still room for concern about running that cat5 cable from the safe and over to the router onsite.

The OptConnect plugs into the safe and then it creates its own cellular data network that is secure.

Physically owning a smart save tells somebody you are intelligently managing your cash.  You’re making it hard for the criminal to be a criminal.

So with Optconnect its more than just a supplier it is a partnership.

Contact OptConnect for more information.

Kiosk Software – New SiteKiosk for Windows

SiteKiosk is now available with Windows 10 and Chrome support.

Miami, December 23 — The latest release of SiteKiosk Windows PROVISIO-300x6001-150x300supports Windows 10 and features a Chrome-based browser with customizable browser toolbar, a content filter with top-level domain filtering, a new onscreen keyboards with size-adjustment option and more.  Free trial  available at

PROVISIO’s kiosk software, SiteKiosk, locks down your computers and devices in public locations like retail stores, hotels, banks and lobbies.

The software restricts user access to display only your allowed websites, applications or multi-media campaigns in a secured environment. It also protects user data.  SiteKiosk provides a large selection of customizable start page templates, browser skins, on-screen keyboards, Internet content filter, an intuitive configuration tool and many other features.  The out-of-the-box software can be easily installed and configured within minutes.

PROVISIO also provides a remote management and monitoring solution at which allows you to publish engaging multi-media campaigns to your remote SiteKiosk clients and maintain your machines.

Visit  to learn more about the new kiosk software release and PROVISIO’s  software solutions for self-service and digital signage devices. Free trial versions are available for all  software products.

Full Press Release

Quick Serve Restaurant Kiosks

From the Olea Blog


Olea QSR KioskThe next game-changing technology in the quick serve restaurant (QSR) industry is Quick Serve Restaurant Kiosks. These devices are capable of increasing sales by up to 15% and significantly reducing operating costs by eliminating the need for staffing a cashier at the drive-thru window. However, one of the most significant advantage of quick serve restaurant kiosks is their ability to attract younger demographics who prefer a digital experience.  An investment in quick serve restaurant kiosks is a strategic investment the future of your business by winning market share with the industry’s most prized and emerging demographic.

Winning Millennials with Customization and Digital Experiences

QSR restaurants that aim to stay relevant over the next 25 years need to commit to winning lifetime millennial customers now.

At 92 million in headcount, millennials are the largest living generation by number, and perhaps the most sought after segment for chain restaurants. Many millennials are already in their thirties, earning significant salaries, and boasting over 200 billion dollars in purchasing power, and a quick serve restaurant kiosk program is perfectly positioned to attract this demographic. According to countless studies, Millennials place great value on two things that QSR kiosks do well: customization and a digital experience.

Quick Service Kiosks Excel at Customization

Millennial appreciation for customization is highlighted by the success of Chipotle. In a recent study, 46% of Millennials surveyed said Chipotle was their favorite quick serve restaurant brand. In the same survey, Panera ranked #2 and Subway, #3. With Chipotle and Subway offering extensive customization in all of their menu items, it is clear that the ability to order customized food to meet individual preferences is a high priority for the millennial demographic.

Quick serve restaurant kiosks excel at customization for a few reasons. The first is that it makes it extremely easy for the customer to modify each item in an order.  The large touchscreen user interface of Olea’s QSR kiosk allows the user to easily navigate through an interactive menu to see the available options and select the specific customizations that meet their preferences.  The touchscreen can easily display a variety of options available for meat, toppings, buns/bread/tortillas, and more.

In addition, quick service restaurant kiosks can be programmed to include upsell options that the customer may not ordinarily be aware of when ordering through a standard drive-thru window with a human operator.  Studies have also shown that the built-in upsell feature of automated order-entry systems increases average check size, meaning that not only is the customer happier, but the business owner also sees their profits rise through the use of these kiosks.

Additionally, because the user is entering their order directly into the quick serve restaurant kiosk, the accuracy of the order is improved, which increases customer satisfaction and encourages the customer to customize their orders on future visits.  With a human order-taker, there is potential for something to be lost in translation between customer, order-taker, and line cooks, but with a quick serve restaurant kiosk, the customer’s order is communicated directly to the kitchen, thus increasing the likelihood that the order is filled with 100% accuracy.

Drive-thru Quick Serve Restaurant Kiosks Mean Quick, Accurate, Customized Orders

It is a common statistic that 75% percent of the average fast-food chain’s revenue comes through the drive-thru window. Olea’s revolutionary quick serve restaurant kiosks have already helped one national QSR restaurant chain win the drive-thru game with a 200 store deployment that boasted 15% higher per-check averages than standard drive-thru orders.

The QSR Kiosk Revolution has Begun

 Olea Kiosks is at the cutting-edge of design and functionality in the self-service industry.  Olea’s quick serve restaurant kiosks are specially constructed to operate outdoors with huge touch screens that are able to withstand high volumes of users without failure. Units come equipped with a 32-inch monitor that adjusts to the height of the customer’s vehicle and utilizes technology that adjusts brightness to adapt to the time of day, sunlight, or other weather conditions. These devices accept nearly every form of payment including cash, debit/credit, gift cards and even emerging technologies such as Apple Pay.

Contact Olea Kiosks Today

Elevate your brand and be the next big thing with the millennials and customers wanting a better QSR experience. Olea’s award-wining kiosks are designed and built in the United States using the latest technologies and the most durable materials. You cannot afford to wait. Start selling more today with Olea’s revolutionary quick serve restaurant kiosks.


Vending Kiosk – Goldstϋr Launches Jewelry Exchange Kiosks

Goldstϋr has deployed its automated kiosks for converting old or unwanted jewelry into cash or gift cards, in an agreement with Supervalu banner Cub Foods.  Goldstϋr kiosks are now in place at Cub stores in the Minnesota cities of Silver Lake, Stillwater, Midway, Coon Rapids and Apple Valley.


Consumers can exchange their gold or silver jewelry for cash or gift cards in a secure and accurate process. For the retailer, this approach represents a new form of revenue that Goldstϋr can capture in addition to generating additional store traffic. Moreover, it can be a hedge against declining revenues from other in-store services.

The process takes two minutes and a $2 appraisal fee, with offers based on commodities market prices that are updated every hour. Consumers can choose from a cash receipt or store gift card as payout. If the consumer decides not to accept the bid as shown on the kiosk screen, they can simply decline the offer.

Interesting links

Telemedicine kiosk by Olea


Infographic on the types and benefits of telemedicine and telehealth kiosks, Includes the types, benefits and treatments.


Healthcare Kiosks for Telemedicine

Telemedicine” is defined as a virtual health care visit that is conducted remotely over telephony and video conferencing. Healthcare kiosks are increasingly being outfitted with telemedicine capabilities to give patients easy access to treatment from remote locations.

The benefits of telemedicine healthcare kiosks are numerous as they reduce the need for in-person doctor visits, which can lower healthcare costs for patients, out office visit wait times, and allow doctors to be more efficient in the time spent diagnosing and treating patients.

1.  Store-and-Forward

Collect diagnostic data like x-rays and lab work at one location and forward to a specialist at another location. This allows a talented specialist to cover a much wider area and patients in remote areas to have access to specialists elsewhere.

2.  Remote Patient Monitoring

Track vital signs and other health data while the patient is at home. This is particularly beneficial to patients recovering from surgery.

3. Real-Time
Live one-on-one interaction with health care professionals.

Benefits of Telemedicine

1. Cost Savings

Average costs for telemedicine procedures are 19 percent lower and come with equal or better health outcomes than the equivalent in-person treatments.

Emergency room transfers could be reduced by 850,000 per year, resulting in $537 million per year in savings.

Telemedicine healthcare for inmates at correctional facilities can result in $218 million in savings due to reductions in transportation of inmates to off-site health care visits.

With telemedicine kiosks, nursing homes could reduce the number of transfers between their facilities to off-site medical facilities by 7.26 million for an annual cost savings of $806 million dollars.

2.  Provide Better Healthcare to Remote Areas

A study published in 2012 of diabetic patients in Cameroon, South Africa, Thailand, and Uganda showed improvements in symptom management for patients using Telemedicine.

3. Telemedicine Treatment ls Approved by Both Doctors and Patients

A 2001 study by the British Journal of General Practice showed that 97% of visits conducted via Telemedicine in the area of rheumatology were given positive reviews by both patients and doctors.

What Can Telemedicine Treat?

Telemedicine is a rapidly advancing field and the ailments that can be treated through interactive healthcare kiosks is constantly expanding. A few of the ailments which are commonly treated through telemedicine kiosks are:

– Allergies
– Arthritic Pain
– Asthma
– Bronchitis
– Colds and Flu
– Diarrhea
– Infections
– Insect Bites
– Pharyngitis
– Cellulitis
– Sore Throats
– Sprains & Strains
– Bladder Infections
– Conjunctivitis
– Rashes
– Respiratory Infections
– Sinusitis
– Skin lnflammations
– UTls
– Sports Injuries
– Vomiting

Olea Kiosks has been building award-winning interactive kiosks for 40 years. Contact Olea today to find out how our standard and custom healthcare kiosks can benefit your business.

Whitepaper – How Safe is your Smart Safe?

How Safe is your Smart Safe?

Optconnect Chris Baird
Chris Baird – Executive Vice President at OptConnect

OptConnect offers machine to machine wireless service for Smart Safes, ATMs, Kiosks, Digital Signage, Facility Management, and many other industry sectors. Rather than simply providing hardware or network service, OptConnect offers a completely managed service designed to make your data connection simple and reliable.

Anyone used to dealing with a large amount of cash knows hard currency can save a lot of money in purchase transaction fees and other expenditures. Having cash on hand can also create a number of additional problems. While credit card transactions are automatically authorized, processed and deposited, those handling paper payments must deal with counterfeit currency, and a stack of bills and change waiting to be taken to the bank.

Fortunately, technology has finally seen fit to help alleviate some of these cash difficulties through the introduction of the smart safe or intelligent safe.


Interesting Smart Safe Links

  • Smart Super Safe by Brinks maybe not so safe? Link
  • Tidel Introduces Smart Safe – link
  • American Banker – Smart safes equal new market – link
  • Dunbar Armored Safes – link

About OptConnect


OptConnect is North America’s leading provider of managed service wireless connectivity for ATMs, Kiosks, Digital Signage and other custom applications. OptConnect revolutionizes the way machines communicate, providing for fast and secure connectivity, cost savings, and greater reliability. OptConnect offers end-to-end managed service providing customers with the greatest level of service and uptime.

Outerwall Slashes Guidance on Weak Redbox DVD Rentals

Outerwall Inc. lowered its financial guidance Monday and said the head of its Redbox division was leaving as DVD rentals from its kiosks plummet.

Shares slid 22 percent in extended trading Monday. They have already dropped 23 percent this year, closing Monday at $58.06

At a time when more consumers are streaming video over the Internet, Outerwall said its Redbox DVD business had sunk to a four-year low in the September quarter.

Despite increased spending on promotion, Outerwall said Redbox has not met company expectations for the current quarter, based on results through the end of November.

CEO Erik Prusch will temporarily assume the duties of departing Redbox president Mark Horak.

Outerwall lowered its 2015 earnings projections to $7.65 to $8.15 per share, after adjusting for one-time items, down from a range of $8.82 to $9.52. That’s far below analysts’ estimate of $9.50 a share, according to FactSet.

It cut its revenue guidance to $2.17 billion to $2.19 billion, down from $2.21 billion to $2.24 billion. Wall Street had predicted $2.23 billion.

The Bellevue, Washington, company also said it’s shutting down a line of kiosks that sold beauty and cosmetics products, less than a year after launching that business.

Outerwall also operates Coinstar money kiosks and ecoATM kiosks for electronics recycling.


Virtual Concierge Kiosk – Ponzi scheme case

A Jupiter-based Virtual Concierge business was either a Ponzi scheme that defrauded 1,800 investors out of $81 million or it was a legitimate enterprise started by an innovator with a great idea.

Those were the two scenarios 14 jurors heard Tuesday in attorneys’ closing arguments in federal court in West Palm Beach.  Joseph Signore,…


The Signores’ company JCS Enterprises, and Schumack’s firm TBTI sold 22,547 kiosks to investors. The kiosks were to be placed at hotels and other venues to provide people information and coupons and allow them to access services such as remotely ordering food.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Steve Carlton told jurors, “I told you this was a case about lying to people in order to get their money. I told you it was all one big fat lie.”

Carlton said the two “big lies” investors were told was that electronic kiosks they purchased for about $3,000 each would be placed in various venues such as casinos and that investors would receive $300 a month for 36 months from advertising revenue.

In reality, Carlton said, testimony during the trial that lasted over a month showed that only 182 of the Virtual Concierge machines were manufactured and only 84 were ever in operation. The company started in 2011 had a mere $21,000 in advertising revenues.

More links and background

  • Defendant makes argument – Link
  • Investors being notified – link
  • Seven year prison term – link

ChargeItSpot Adds Loyalty Program Integration to Phone Charging Stations

New line of phone charging stations incorporates card scanner feature allowing retailers to offer complimentary phone charging exclusively for loyalty members
Philadelphia, PA (…


The charging stations feature a built-in card scanner that enables complimentary phone charging as an exclusive benefit for loyalty card members. The technology also enables clients to collect and append opt-in data – like email addresses and phone numbers – from loyalty members.

Retailers and mall operators aren’t the only ones able to benefit from this next generation of charging kiosk. Casinos, stadiums, and any brand with a loyalty or membership program are prime targets for this new technology. The kiosks can also help drive new loyalty sign-ups. If a customer is not an existing loyalty member, the touchscreen will direct them to the nearest on-site location where they can sign up to become a member, and then get a free phone charge.

Digital Signage Gallery Update

December 1, 2015

FWI Digital Signage Gallery


Gain access to our newest signs.
FWI’s gallery highlights visual communications solutions around the world. See client signage in action and how it’s being used to transform communications in 15+ industries.


Hamburg Gaming
Hamburg Gaming
Kalahari Poconos
Kalahari Resorts

Four Winds Interactive | 1221 Broadway Street | Denver, Colorado 80203

Predicting the future of kiosks – KMC & RedyRef

The first kiosk debuted at a university in the 1970s, before Windows was even created. Kiosks have had an interesting past, and with the onset of marijuana and telehealth kiosks, its future may prove equally interesting. Picture from Kiosk Industry website marijuana industry article.


Good short piece by KMC/Cooper with commentary from Ben Wheeler of RedyRef.  Calls out the marijuana Jane kiosk (not made by RedyRef).  Healthcare with its pharmacy vending and telemedicine. We are big fans of telehealth. Finally tablet kiosks (especially Windows tablets). Not sure that is going to happen but you never know.

Kiosk trade show at DSE March 2016 in Vegas

Kiosk Tradeshow

DSE introduces a new area of the show floor for 2016 – the Self-Service Pavilion. With the rising adoption of self-service kiosks, tablets and other freestanding interactive displays, it’s only natural for DSE to establish a pavilion devoted to this technology.

The Self-Service Pavilion offers a cost-effective, turnkey way for manufacturers of interactive or touch-screen kiosks to reach DSE attendees.


$3000 for Non-DSE Members
$2600 for DSE Members


  • 5’ x 8’ space with carpet
  • One zig-zag literature rack
  • One 500-Watt power drop
  • Ability to bring any self-service product that will fit in the 5’ x 8’ space
  • Recognition on signage within the pavilion
  • Recognition in the show directory

Book your space today!


Self Service Pavilion Sales Sheet


Andrea Varrone
Show Director
[email protected]

Craig Henderson
Business Development Manager
[email protected]


3D Printing Kiosk Best Buy

Nov 11, 2015 | By Kira  —  LINK TO ARTICLE

Though we’ve recently seen some major retail names including Staples and Lowe’s enter the 3D printing consumer market, it’s clear that they were just at the forefront of a massive global movement. Next in line to make the consumer 3D printing leap is electronics giant Best Buy, who today introduced specially-made kiosks showcasing ROBO 3D products at select retail locations.

Click to Expand Picture

The kiosks were designed as a partnership between kiosk manufacturer Frank Mayer and Associates Inc and ROBO 3D. They include a 3D printer, several 3D printed objects, as well as an interactive video that educates customers on the 3D printing process. The ROBO 3D printer and filaments on display will be available for consumers to purchase.

Makers of the R1 +Plus desktop 3D printer, ROBO 3D was apparently looking for an eye-catching way to break the retail barrier, one that would display their product options, introduce consumers to the still-burgeoning technology, and be achievable on a very short timeline. Luckily, they were able to gain premier endcap placement at select Best Buy stores to bring their vision to reality (in retail marketing, endcap displays are placed at the end of an aisle, and are generally perceived to give the brand a competitive advantage since they are visually appealing, high-traffic areas).

Click to Expand Picture
Click to Expand Picture

“We had to pull together this endcap display and experience in a short period of time and Frank Mayer and Associates, Inc. was able to work with us extensively to make it happen” said Braydon Moreno, CEO of ROBO 3D. “The vision of the endcap came to life based on our ideas and working with their team was truly seamless.”

Frank Mayer and Associates, based in Wisconsin, is an industry leader in creative design and manufacturing of branded in-store merchandising displays, interactive kiosks and store fixtures.

The presence of these eye-catching and shopper-friendly 3D printing displays at such a widely-known electronics retailer as Best Buy is particularly promising for companies such as ROBO 3D, as it gives them the ability to reach a much wider range of potential consumers who may not yet be familiar with the technology. Though it has not yet been revealed whether the kiosks will eventually expand into more Best Buy locations, they are nevertheless a great way to introduce shoppers to the power of personal 3D printing.

KioWare Classic Retail Kiosk Software Release – with EMV support – Retail Automation

New retail kiosk software release KioWare Classic for Windows including updated EMV support, faster touchscreen tablet response and device monitoring.Retail kiosk software with EMV


New updated retail kiosk software for Windows from KioWare with updated EMV support as well as improved tablet touchscreen response and device monitoring.

More information from KioWare

Retail Kiosk Software Solutions – Examples of Interactive Kiosks

Kiosks can be used by retail stores to serve the following customer facing functions and applications:
  1. Browse retail store websites for inventory available online, or in other store locations, allowing customers to order items that are not currently available in the retail location.
  2. Provide visitors with digital signage/kiosks for finding particular items, aisles, or departments.
  3. Enable customers to view videos to explain or educate on product usage.
  4. Communicate and display pricing or promotion information via easily updated kiosks.
  5. Access and print customized offers and coupons based on a customer’s profile, email, or reward number.
  6. Conduct customer surveys.
  7. Collect valuable customer data/profiles such as email, preferences, mailing address etc.
  8. Showcase examples of entire outfits (clothing), recipes (food), rooms (furniture) etc.
  9. Assist customers with “showrooming” (price shopping) against other, preselected retailers.
  10. Offer customers relevant add-on items based on the area of the store in which they are browsing.
  11. Allow customers to fill out an employment application.
  12. Play videos of commercials, customer generated content/submissions etc.
  13. Enable customers to customize, purchase, and dispense gift cards.
  14. Enable customers to enter a sweepstakes or contest for store products or rewards.
  15. Allow customers to lookup specific parts and sizes for a particular device or appliance.

Panera cashier kiosks dystopian?

Look from inside of Paneras. The tablet units look to be from Lillitab.

Panera plans to bring Panera 2.0 to all its locations nationwide — 400 locations, or roughly 50% of the chain, will be updated by the end of 2015. The rest will be rolled out in 2016. This Panera at 23rd and Park Avenue has already been brought up to speed.

Kiosk Software – The latest version of KioWare for Windows simplifies the kiosk set up process.

Newest KioWare for Windows Released

Highlights are:

  1. New KioWare Classic Importer Tool.  KioWare has added an importer tool that allows users of KioWare Classic for Windows to import their configuration settings easily for use with the new KioWare for Windows (nice feature for existing user base).
  2. Super easy/simple attract screen set up.  KioWare has added a new option to make it extremely easy for users to set up an attract screen with multiple images.  Good as Attractor and call to action but also to reduce burn-in on your screen.
  3. EMV support via Credit Call’s Chip DNA.  There are a number of new devices being added, one of which is an EMV ready magstripe device, making it easy for customers to create and configure EMV compliant and certified kiosks using KioWare.  This is the only EMV solution and the savings are substantial when you consider QSA and recertification costs.
  4. HTML keyboards available for more than 50 language locales.

Here is the full press release

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

New KioWare Kiosk Software for Chrome BrowserThe latest version of KioWare for Windows simplifies the kiosk set up process. 

With a new import tool to transition your KioWare Classic configuration file, an easy drag and drop attract screen tool, and other new features and customization options, KioWare for Windows makes it easy to display – and secure –browser-based applications using the Chromium browser engine. 

Analytical Design Solutions Inc. (ADSI) has released an update for the new KioWare for Windows (Version 8.2), focusing on simplifying the configuration process and providing more customization capabilities.  This update is available to existing KioWare for Windows and KioWare Classic for Windows license holders (with current support).

Key new features of KioWare for Windows Version 8.2 include:

A tool to import KioWare Classic for Windows xml files into a usable KioWare for Windows configuration file (JSON).  This feature is a valuable time saver for existing KioWare Classic for Windows users as they transition to the new KioWare for Windows. Import a current configuration file into the tool and out comes a new configuration file for use with KioWare for Windows 8.2.import KioWare Classic config to KioWare for Windows config

A simplified attract screen drop downallows users to drop attract screen assets into a specified folder in order to easily create a custom, auto playing, attract screen via simple drag and drop.

The Configuration Tool layout and design has been modified in order to improve user experience, particularly when used on a touch screen device.

Using the pop up color picker, you can now customize tab colors and background colors to create an end user experience that is fully integrated with your brand, website, or application styles.

New HTML keyboards are now available for more than 50 language locales.

Pop up dialogs can now be customized and styled to create a cohesive experience for end users.

New options have been added to the “open new window” scenario.  By default, KioWare automatically determines if a new url should be opened via new tab or pop up (based on size).  KioWare can be set to open new urls all in new tabs or (new feature) allin new pop up windows.

Users now have the ability to set a timeout warning dialog for users before session restarts due to inactivity.  Called “Show inactivity warning”, the custom text box appears, and can be modified, below the selection.

Newly added to KioWare for Windows, command line install options can be used for unattended/scripted installation.

Users can now import both settings files and package files to KioWare for Windows (previously only package files were supported).

KioWare Basic for Windows and KioWare Full for Windows also offer device support. 

The following new devices have been added.  ChipDNA, already supported in KioWare Classic for Windows, is now supported by new KioWare for Windows.  ChipDNA (1.7) supports a variety of different EMV PINpads and communication protocols for those PINpads.  This addition makes KioWare for Windows a great solution for EMV compliant credit card processing.

Also added is the Code Corp Code Reader™ 1000 (CR1000), a compact, cabled barcode reader that takes up limited workspace.

The Sankyo SHT1610-0730 Dispenser is also now supported. This dispenser handles a variety of card options, allowing for dispensing of cards to end users.

The new KioWare for Windows has one single installer for all models (Lite, Basic, & Full) of the product. Potential and current customers can download KioWare for Windows and determine which model is needed before purchasing the appropriate license.

KioWare for Windows Version 8.2 is available for download and purchase:  Licensing is perpetual and annual support is recommended in order to maintain access to the most recent version of the product.  If you would like to convert your licenses from KioWare Classic for Windows to the new KioWare for Windows, log into your customer account, select a transaction, and click the “transition license(s)” button.

All KioWare kiosk software products secure devices such as tablets, desktops, and smartphones running Android or Windows Operating Systems.  KioWare kiosk software products lock down your device into kiosk mode, which secures the overall operating system, home screen and usage of applications.  KioWare Kiosk Management tools (KioCloud, KioWare Server, & KioWare Server ASP) allow for remote kiosk management, usage statistics, reporting, monitoring kiosk health, content management and more.

Read this important article about Flash, Java and the changes to this function in KioWare 8.2.

All of these products are available as a free trial with nag screen.

About KioWare:

KioWare kiosk software secures your application or website on Windows or Android devices, restricting user access to approved behaviors and protecting user and network data.  KioWare is fully customizable and offers solutions ranging from browser lockdown to full server-based kiosk management.  From simple out of the box configurations to more complex integrations, KioWare is trusted by developers, IT professionals, marketers, Fortune 100 corporations, and small business owners. The KioWare team is based in York, Pennsylvania, with an office located in Reading, UK.  Choose the best KioWare product for your self-service project and download a fully functioning free trial at

Laura Miller
KioWare Kiosk Software
Analytical Design Solutions, Inc.
+1 717 843-4790 x220
[email protected]

Fourwinds Forward

Four Winds Forward Conference – pics and thoughts We spent a couple of days last week at the Four Winds Forward conference and it was a great time. It helped having known Four Winds from when they were $4M company out in Aurora to the Mansion to Huron and now to big brand new shiny offices right in middle of downtown Denver.  David Levin continues to hit all the right notes. Starting with the Four Winds App store.  Available to customers it basically leverages much of the customization, plugins,


China Kiosk Show

SHANGHAI, Oct. 13, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — The 12th China International Self-service, Kiosk & Vending Show, held concurrently with iFair 2015, ran from September 16-18, and drew over 22,000 attendees and 250 exhibitors. The show was organized by Shanghai

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UBM Sinoexpo International Exhibition Co., Ltd and the Shanghai Multi-media Industry Association, co-organized by Shanghai Tiansheng Exhibition Service Co., Ltd, and supported by the Shanghai Communication & Broadcasting Industry Association, Beijing All-view Technology Co., Ltd and the Shanghai Internet of Things Industry Association.

iFair is a comprehensive show that included the following shows:

  • The 12th China International Self-service, Kiosk & Vending Show;
  • Shanghai International Digital Signage, Audio Visual Integration and Equipment Show;
  • Intelligent Education & Online Class Show

Covering an area of 20,000 square meters, the iFair Show attracted more than 250 exhibitors and over 22,000 visitors. The conferences and trade exhibits with the latest trends and technologies, top-notcheducational programs and multiple interactive activities provided an extraordinary experience for all attendees.

The show attracted 22,077 visitors from 77 different countries and regions, including Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, India, Thailand, Singapore, the USA, the Philippines, Australia, Russia, UAE,Indonesia, Turkey, Brazil, the United Kingdom, France, Egypt, Canada, Israel, Italy, Spain, Germany,Belgium and Poland.

Among the attendees, 19,869 were from China and 2,208 from abroad. The number of visitors had increased by 91%, hitting a historical high together with the number of countries. This was the first session of the iFair Show organized by Shanghai UBM after acquisition. The success of iFair 2015 was also a demonstration of Shanghai UBM’s strong soft power, which includes professionalism, diverse experience and high-quality service.

Download the China-iFair-Post Show Report for the trade show including vendors and demographics. 250 exhibitors and 22,000 attendees.

Of all overseas visitors, 52.6% were from Asia (excluding Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan), 17.8% were from Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau, 14.3% were from Europe, 5.4% were from North America, 3.5% were from South America, 3.3% were from Africa, and 3% were from Oceania. The top 20 countries and regions were Taiwan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Russia, Japan, Korea, India, Thailand, Singapore, the USA, the Philippines, Australia, the UAE, Indonesia, Turkey, Brazil, the United Kingdom, France, Egypt andPakistan.

Nearly a hundred industrial leaders participated in the forums and summits held together with the show. These educational programs focused on the current hot issues of the respective industries and attracted more than 1,000 attendees.

2015 Worldwide Self-service Terminals Conference

During the Awards Ceremony, nine prizes were presented, including prizes for the Most Innovative Vending Machines, the Top Ten Professional Managers, Personalities of 2014 in the Chinese Vending Industry, and Lifetime Contribution Award in the Chinese Vending Industry.

Mr. Jeff Parks, the representative of NAMA, delivered a speech on the challenges and opportunities faced by the American vending and OCS industries.

Mr. Kiyoaki Takeda, the chairman of the Japanese Vending Machine Manufacturers Association, also shared his rich experience in the vending industry. The topic of his speech was, “The Current Situation of the Japanese Vending Industry and the Prospects of the Chinese Vending Industry.” The second round of the Sino-Japan exchange meeting in the vending industry was also warmly welcomed as experts fromChina and Japan explored the current hot issues and prospects of this industry together with their audiences.

Mr. Guo, Marketing Director of Sudiyi, talked on the topic of “How does Sudiyi promote the development of the Intelligent Cabinet Industry?”

Public Training, presented by the China Vending College, was still as popular as during the last several years.

2015 China Digital Signage Conference

Digital Signage can be used widely in many industries, including Display, Retail, Advertisement, Software, etc. The Digital Signage Conference gathered numerous well-known experts from Intel, Philips, 56iq, All View & Bus Online, etc. to explore the multiple development and revolution of the digital signage industry together. The conference not only promoted the communication of professionals, but also laid out the prospects of the industry.

2015 China Intelligence Industry and IOT Forum

Supported by the Shanghai IOT Chamber of Commerce, this forum focused on intelligent products and innovative services. Brilliant speeches were given by the executive chairmen of the Shanghai IOT Chamber of Commerce, the Intelligent Health Branch and the Intelligent Logistic Branch. The chairmen promoted the communication of elites in IOT enterprises and inspired the attendees with their unique and professional insights.

2015 China Online Education Forum

The 2015 China Online Education Forum was one of the most influential forums in East China. More than 20 famous speakers from online education and related industries came to deliver their speeches on four fields: Technical Support for online education, Digitalization of K-12 Online Education and Education, Operation of Online Educational Platform and The Current Situation and Prospects of Online Education. The forum focused on the healthy and sustainable development of the online education industry. Within two days, nearly 1,000 visitors had attended and shared their valuable experiences and viewpoints together with the industrial leaders.

The Stunning Debut of “Smart Day”

“Smart Day” was an interactive exhibition presenting life in the future as influenced by the newest technologies. The exhibition area was made up of five sections, which were the Smart Shopping Mall, Smart Hotel, Smart Restaurant, Smart Classroom and Smart Waiting Room, and decorated with displays of the latest technologies and innovative solutions. Thanks to the sponsorship of Super Brand Mall, LeTV, Huangtaiji, Richintech and Seeyoo, numerous visitors came to experience various high-tech products and solutions, such as digital windows, transparent LED walls, outdoor 3D projection, digital posters and self-service ordering machines. These products were expected to affect daily life in the future and left all the participants with a deep impression.

iFair+ Idea Mart

iFair+ Idea Mart is an incubation platform jointly built by Shanghai UBM Sinoexpo, InnoSource and IC Coffee for entrepreneurs from the intelligent hardware industry. Over 100 venture capitalists visited on site. Idea Mart provides an excellent networking platform for small to medium-sized entrepreneurs to showcase their innovations and ideas, and help venture capitalists to find projects really worth investing in.

See you in 2016

In order to meet the needs of visitors from different regions and different levels, iFair 2016 will be held in both Shanghai and Shenzhen.

  • iFair Shanghai 2016

Date: Mar. 9-11
Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC)

  • iFair Shenzhen 2016

Date: Oct. 12-14
Venue: Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Centre (SZCEC)

With a new appearance and rich experience, we are looking forward to seeing you at iFair 2016!

Please visit our website for more information:

Profile of Shanghai UBM Sinoexpo

Shanghai UBM Sinoexpo International Exhibition Co., Ltd is a professional O2O event company that operates trade shows/events/online B2B platforms formed from a joint venture between Shanghai Sinoexpo International Exhibition Ltd and UBM Asia Ltd, a division of UBM plc listed on the London Stock Exchange.

With over 20 years of professional experience, Shanghai UBM organizes 62 international trade shows covering an exhibition area of 900,000 square meters. Shanghai UBM also boasts eight online B2B platforms and four industrial publications. We provide one-stop solutions for eight main market sectors, namely Furniture (Furniture/Manufacturing & Supply), Hospitality (Hotel, Shop, Hotel Furniture, Food & Beverages), Design & Deco (Construction materials, toilet facilities, design & decoration), Ingredients (Pharmaceutical, Food, Machinery, Nutraceutical, Starch), iFair (digital signage, self-service terminals, intelligent education) and lighting. Our platform attracts more than 350,000 professional buyers from around the globe. Headquartered in Shanghai, UBM Sinoexpo operates three regional offices in Beijing,Guangzhou and Zhongshan in China with a total headcount of more than 350.

Contact Us:

Ms. Kim Chen
Shanghai UBM Sinoexpo International Exhibition Co., Ltd
Tel: +86-21-3339 2569
Email: [email protected]
We-chat: ifairchina

ATM Market Growth Positive

A million new ATMs installed in the last five years





The worldwide ATM installed base grew 7% in 2014, to reach three million units, according to RBR’s newly published Global ATM Market and Forecasts to 2020 report. This comes just five years after the two million mark was passed, and RBR forecasts that the four million mark will be passed by 2020.

China and India are leading the charge

Driven by strong economic growth, increasing disposable income and huge numbers of people entering the banking system, China’s ATM installed base has almost tripled in size since 2009. Having surpassed the USA in 2013, China is forecast to pull further ahead of the rest of the world over the next few years, as banks deploy ATMs to meet customer demand in branches.

The new study shows that India has also seen rapid growth over the last decade, and by the end of 2014 it was the fourth largest ATM market worldwide, behind only China, the USA and Japan. By 2020, growth from both banks and IADs is expected to have pushed India’s installed base to roughly the same size as that of the USA, with only China forecast to be larger. There are currently a huge number of rural communities in India without access to electronic banking facilities, but this is slowly changing, and continued growth in the banked population will be a major driver of further ATM deployment.

The Middle East and Africa (MEA) will grow almost as rapidly as Asia-Pacific – Iran and Nigeria will add the largest numbers of new ATMs outside Asia-Pacific, with increased levels of cardholding and ATM usage encouraging banks to expand into rural areas in both of these markets.

ATM numbers in central and eastern Europe decline

2014 marked only the second time the installed base of an entire region has contracted, as regional powerhouse Russia and several other countries in central and eastern Europe (CEE) saw their ATM numbers decline.

The Russian economy has taken a hit from falling oil prices, and has been impacted by western sanctions imposed after the annexation of Crimea from Ukraine in March 2014. Ongoing unrest has also had economic consequences for Ukraine, home to CEE’s second largest ATM installed base, which has seen an 18% decline in its number of ATMs over the past year.

Installed base in several mature ATM markets expected to contract

10 of the 17 major markets in western Europe witnessed falls in ATM numbers in 2014, with the biggest drop seen in Spain, where many banks continue to streamline their branch networks and ATM fleets in the wake of recent mergers in the financial sector. While in some markets these falls are temporary, RBR’s research suggests that the number of ATMs in six of these markets will continue to fall, for at least the next five years.

In other regions too, mature markets will see little, if any, growth. In Asia-Pacific, five countries will experience annual ATM growth of just 1% over the next few years, while Australia – the region’s second oldest ATM market after Japan – will see its installed base contract, as cash usage is challenged by contactless payments and non-cash ATM facilities face stiff competition from other delivery channels.

Growth in ATM numbers nevertheless expected in all regions

Despite the fall in ATM numbers in several mature markets, RBR forecasts that the overall number of ATMs will increase in all six world regions between now and 2020. Asia-Pacific and MEA will be the main engines of growth, while the other regions will witness more modest rates of expansion.

From young markets with large unbanked populations, to the most sophisticated where consumers can choose from an increasingly wide array of banking channels, the ATM remains a vital touchpoint between banks and their customers. Banks continue to rely on ATMs to expand their reach while managing infrastructure costs, and this, combined with a growing requirement for banking services, ensures demand for ATMs will remain strong for the foreseeable future.

Marijuana kiosks – Wrap on CWCBE

Click to Enlarge Image

Recently the Cannabis World Congress and Business Expo was held in Los Angeles. We have some pictures of the show but also a quick interview with David Ellerstein, CEO of Jane, one of the leading cannabis compliance companies today.

Here is his feedback on the show.

  •   What was your overall impression of the show?

To date, the Cannabis World Congress and Business Expo in Los Angeles was the best show we have attended. It was a well-planned show by the folks at CWCBE, with constant Exhibit Hall flow and very informative speakers. The attendees were comprised of a diverse group across all business segments and demonstrated real business acumen and sophistication, which to me further signals the maturing of the industry.

  •   What was the biggest trend or hot topic being discussed?

The hottest topic being discussed was the just announced wide-ranging proposals for the regulating of the California medical marijuana industry. This will pave the way for California voters to legalize the recreational use of marijuana during the 2016 elections. California has long been characterized as the “Wild West” of cannabis, so this legalization and legitimization of the business and industry was needed and will generate hundreds of millions or more in tax revenues for the state.

Regulation Issues For Marijuana Cannabis

  • Legal alternative to “organic”.  Organic Cannabis Association of Denver could begin certifying cannabis as pesticide-free this fall in 2015. One standards group is Clean Green.  Based in Crescent City, Calif., Clean Green has certified more than 100 cannabis grow operations, processors and collectives in the western U.S. All active certifications are listed online. Denver Post article 9/2715

For More Information

  • Vinnie Fiordelisi, Sr. Director, Corporate Communications and Public Relations, (954) 873-4954, [email protected]
  • CWCB Expo – link – Cannabis World Congress and Business Expo
  • Jane – Compliance You Can Bank One

Interesting products

  • Sleep aids which do not contain any THC include Mary’s Medicinals which utilize Cannabidiol. The 2×2 transdermal patches are precisely dosed to 10mg or 20mg.  Eliminating more dangerous alternatives like Ambien.  More information.

Fourwinds Forward Conference in Denver

We can’t wait to see you next week! Below are some important things to know before you pack up and head to Denver for the inaugural Forward, The Digital Experience Conference!



First and foremost, if you have any questions at all, please contact Leah Saugen at 507.273.8150 or [email protected]com.

Denver accommodation options are near capacity so make sure to book a room today!


The Forward Welcome Reception
Wednesday, October 21
6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
The Workplace of the Future (also FWI’s new HQ)
1221 Broadway St. Denver, CO 80203
Please join us for the Forward Welcome Reception, sponsored by Peerless-AV. We’ve set up free transportation for all Welcome Reception attendees through Uber. The week before the conference, you will receive an email from Uber inviting you to join Four Winds Interactive’s account. When it comes time to travel to and from the Welcome Reception you can use FWI’s Uber account to pay for your ride through the Uber app! If you have any questions, please email [email protected]
The Forward After-Party
Thursday, October 22
6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
Peaks Lounge at the Hyatt Regency
1221 Broadway St. Denver, CO 80203

After the first day of the conference we figured a little celebration would be in order. Please join us in Peaks Lounge at the Hyatt Regency from 6-9pm for the Forward After Party, sponsored by Peerless-AV and LG.


We’ve updated and enhanced the afternoon breakout sessions.

If you still need to select your sessions, please log into www.theforwardconference.comand use your confirmation number to access your registration.

If you have selected your sessions, please log back into the site with your confirmation number and make sure you’re attending the sessions that are most applicable to you – we’ve added some great new sessions in the past couple of weeks!

Please email [email protected]com if you need a copy of your confirmation number.


Attire at the conference is business casual. Weather in Denver next week appears to be highs in the 60’s and lows in the 40’s. We’re lucky to have over 300 sunny days a year so hopefully that holds true. It cools down in the evening, so don’t forget a sweater or jacket.


Again, the city will be busy! If you haven’t done so and need accommodation, book it as soon as possible!

Approximate one-way Uber fare to/from Denver International Airport: $50
Approximate one-way taxi fare to/from Denver International Airport: $60

Parking at the Colorado Convention Center:

Parking at the Hyatt: The hotel parking garage is located on Welton Street between 14th and 15th. The rate is $29/day for self-parking and $39/day for valet.

Hotel Check-in at The Hyatt Regency is 3pm with a checkout at 11am.


All badge materials will be printed onsite and ready for you when you arrive. You can collect your badge at any of the following locations at the designated Forward desk:

  • The Hyatt Regency – October 21
  • Basic and Advanced Sign Builder Sessions – October 20 & 21
  • The Welcome Reception – October 21
  • The Forward Conference – October 22

Should be quite an event. Sponsors include Peerless-AV, LG, Boyd Enclosures, NowMicro, Philips, TSI Touch, Samsung and NEC.