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Wifi Kiosk – Inside LinkNYC Alphabet’s gigabit outdoor units

Wifi KioskWifi Kiosk


See for writeup on Alphabet endeavour.


Around 200 kiosks, without sensors, have been installed in New York City by LinkNYC. LinkNYC is a consortium comprised of Intersection and Sidewalk Labs.


Each 9.5-foot-high Link kiosk offers a range of free services, including U.S. phone calls, gigabit Wi-Fi access, USB charging ports and transport directions. The kiosks have a keypad, a touchscreen tablet for browsing, a dedicated 911 button for emergencies and are ADA compliant. Sidewalk’s documents quote market research that found 90 percent of New Yorkers believe the kiosks are a “positive initiative for the city.”

But this is only the start of what Sidewalk Labs has planned. Sidewalk offered the Columbus, Ohio, winner of the Smart City Challenge up to 100 kiosks in four of its neighborhoods. “Each Kiosk,” promises Sidewalk, “includes data analytics [that would allow Columbus to] better understand the urban environment via environmental sensors and machine learning algorithms that integrate numerous data sources.”

NYC Payphones Continue Moving to WiFi (7500)

NYC’s Defunct Pay Phones Begin Transition Into Wi-Fi Kiosks

[Images via LinkNYC.]

The city is finally kicking into gear its plan to convert the abundant supply of defunct payphones into Wi-Fi hot spots. A Verge contributor spotted one of the helpful technology boxes being installed on the corner of West 15th Street and Third Avenue this morning, meaning the city is making good on its promise to begin delivering the 7,500 kiosks that will give users access to free Wi-Fi, charging stations, a touch-screen panel loaded with information like city services and directions, and allow them to make free domestic calls (albeit on speaker phone) before the end of 2015. According to The Verge, hundreds of other hubs will be installed throughout the city in the days to come, meaning free Wi-Fi for all!—or at least all of those standing within 150 feet of a hub.


The kiosk, formally known as LinkNYC, was born out of Bloomberg-era design competition Reinvent Payphones and has, unsurprisingly,garnered a lot of criticism, as most things affecting New York City do. The brunt of that was centered around the unequal distribution of kiosks throughout New York City, but the issue was laid to rest after more than 400 planned kiosks were moved out of Manhattan and into the outer boroughs.

The kiosks will also have two 55-inch advertising displays that the city estimates will help generate $500 million in revenue over the next 12 years.

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