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Automate Transactions with Self-Service Solutions

Self Service

For years, self-service solutions have been helping businesses automate routine transactions and free their staff to focus on sales and service. We understand what it takes to produce self-service kiosks that operate in the most demanding environments. We’ve shipped thousands of kiosks for self-service applications in retail, utilities, telco, banking, government and financial services. We offer comprehensive technology, including fully configurable self-service kiosks and software applications built specifically for a secure self-service solution.

A self-service kiosk solution empowers the customer to complete their own transactions, without assistance, along with many additional benefits:

  1. Smaller in-store footprint – Both the 6 and 8 Series Kiosks are just over one square foot, less than 250 pounds, and ship easily for a relatively quick installation without construction or retrofitting.
  2. Greater transactional functionality – Our self-service solutions accept cash, check, debit, credit and NFC. Cash handling options include cash acceptor, cash recycler and/or cash dispenser.
  3. Easy and flexible customization – The self-service kiosk software allows your technical team to make changes to the screen, button, logos, etc. directly which eliminates the need to wait for our team to make the changes for you.
  4. Save money – Choosing a self-service solution from Source Technologies helps your company save money on handling transactions while mitigating your fraud risk.

For customers who do not require a fully integrated solution, our self-service kiosks and software are available for individual purchase. 

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