Antibacterial Kiosk Touchscreen Wipes Coatings

Overview AntiBacterial Touch Screen Kiosk July 2020 Coronavirus Kiosk Update: By now we have all seen and read countless articles on how best to protect ourselves and others from bacterial infection. Before we begin we want to list some recommended resources right off the bat that can help educate your point of view on antibacterial, antimicrobial and of course, the coronavirus. You need to be aware that different touch technology has different needs.  A 17″ or 19″ SAW or resistive is different from a large format IR (Infrared) or Cap (Projected capacitive touch) which are anywhere from 22″ to 85″. Typically 32,42,46,55 and 65). Mitigation requires several tools in combination … Continue reading Antibacterial Kiosk Touchscreen Wipes Coatings