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Kiosk Kiosks – All Things Kiosk! provides information, resources, and opinion on the self-service unattended industry. In March see us at the Digital Signage Show in Vegas and in May the National Restaurant Association in Chicago.  Here is a wrap on NRF 2022 (data, photos, videos). Thanks!

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Excerpt #1 — NRF Show

NRF Kiosk and NRF Digital Signage Solutions 2022

The Kiosk Manufacturer Association has been exhibiting at NRF in NY since 2017. It is the singular retail event of the year (despite the weather in NY). This year we are in booth 1606. That faces the entrance on the lower level.

Thanks to our readers PopID is a finalist for the NRF Award for Best Payment Innovation.  We thank all of our readers for voting. Saturday at the Gosham is the awards dinner.

We will be showcasing accessibility in counter and floor-standing models for the customer-operated POS space. See the same technology being used by McDonald’s. If you would like to arrange contact or meeting send an email to [email protected] or you can call me on my Pixel4 at 720-324-1837.

For demonstrations in the booth we have a total of 9 different companies represented. If you would like to arrange a demo at the show or contact a company prior you can email [email protected] or you call our mobile at 720-324-1837

Some relevant info for retail kiosk show:

  • Our main portal page on the NRF website is here
  • Here is our overall description — The KMA leads the efforts to improve self-service engagement and engagement outcomes with customers via technology like kiosks, digital signage, lockers, digital menus, drive-thru technology such as outdoor line-busting tablets and outdoor menu boards, facial payment, POS, Antibacterial, AI engines, robotic restaurant, thin clients, software and service. We educate and inform on regulatory compliance with ADA, Section 508, WCAG, PCI DSS, HIPAA and UL (indoor and outdoor). KMA is a Participating Organization with the PCI SSC involved in Cardholder Activated Terminals or CATs.  In ADA, we meet with U.S. Access Board twice a year and have been featured presenters at U.S. Access Board public webinars.  We are proposing issues for the next rulemaking session which has begun late 2021. Kiosk website is here & all our technology channels are listed at //  
  • Gold Sponsors : Olea Kiosks, Inc.KioWarePyramidNanonationVisperoKIOSKKioskGroup22 MilesZebraAUOPanasonic Restaurant SolutionsLG Electronics Business SolutionsIntel (Kiosk Technologies) FEC Kiosks, and Esper.IO .

Excerpt #1 — From Market Research 2022

Predicting 2022 trends begins with reviewing 2021 predictions. How many were right and how many were wrong?

The consensus from many respected organizations comes down to one word:  contactless.  We think 2022 will be a breakout year for QR codes and other contactless tokens (facial, biometric, SMS) ourselves.  Some new re-invigorated drivers include social networks like TikTok and their videos. How POS and CMS systems can communicate effectively with customers and generate loyalty. Gift cards, giveaways and incentives will abound.

Tech  Angles

  • IP Cameras now come with AI raising the intelligence and programmability of those cameras and mitigating the usual USB hooked to a PC solution
  • Livestreaming (the pandemic trained us on that).
  • Story on Chick-Fil-A and virtual order takers in the drive-thru (TikTok video) — link

This is the first iteration post and we will be adding more in the coming days.

Excerpt #3 mPOS

POS Market Research NRF Offer

We are offering a one-time discount on the 2021 North America Merchant POS/mPOS Software ISV List With Marketshare (Enterprise). This report is by IHL Research which we have used in the past.  POS is at the tipping point between oriented for customers more than oriented for employees.  The report purchase includes a 30-minute orientation session (with a real person by name of Jerry) to help you maximize your dollar.

To purchase your copy contact [email protected]


This product is a list of over 175 top POS ISVs (independent software vendors) in the North American POS and mPOS markets for merchants and retailers.  It is inclusive of those that make their own POS equipment like NCR, Oracle, Oracle/MICROS, Fujitsu and others, as well as pure software players like Aptos, OneView Commerce, and others. This list also includes the mPOS players such as Square, Toast, Clover, etc.

The format is in Excel and provides custom graphing opportunities.  This is offered in an Enterprise License for $3,995.  Kioskindustry has arranged a discounted license which is 20% off for KMA members. Non-members can get the report with 10% discount.

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