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We are the trusted, strategic partner of choice for merchants and payment industry players in the U.S. and worldwide. Our comprehensive and innovative range of fixed, wireless, and mobile point of sale solutions and services eliminate payment complexity and make purchasing quick, seamless and secure for both merchants and consumers. Leveraging our unmatched expertise in EMV, NFC, and security, our customers and partners have access to the future-proof solutions they need to meet evolving consumer demands, market requirements, and industry standards.

Global presence / multi-local solutions
Across 5 continents, 170 countries and 88 sites, our customers benefit from the depth and breadth of our network that combines global expertise with strong local tailored solutions across all channels. This multi-local approach enables us to understand local businesses and regulatory conditions as well as the needs of global brands and local merchants alike. Our ability to provide our clients with a geographically differentiated offer is a major strength, as we are able to position ourselves in each geographical region with the solutions that are best suited to local markets.

In the United States, our teams have sped up the deployment of our EMV and NFC/contactless payment solutions, not just to big chains but also to small stores through our network of distributors, generating growth of more than 70%. ingenico kiosk


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