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Self-Service Transaction Machines (SSTM)

kiosk manufacturerWhether it is a cash payment kiosk or an  informational kiosk (such as a tablet kiosk), you will likely need a kiosk manufacturer of kiosk software company which provide software, hardware, wireless, management, consulting, sourcing, application, kiosk installation, kiosk servicing, site surveys, logistics, training, remote monitoring and/or reporting plus a host of other capabilities.

Our kiosk manufacturer sponsors,  members along with our industry lists bring over 300 companies from which to source and select.

Kiosk Company Sponsors

    • GOLD
    • Olea Kiosks – custom kiosks and standard kiosks
    • KioWare – kiosk lockdown & secure browser with monitoring
    • Nanonation – custom kiosk software & digital signage
    • Pyramid – custom self-service solutions for QSR and more
    • Frank Mayer and Associates, Inc. –  custom & standard kiosks for retail and more.
    • Vispero –  world’s largest assistive technology provider for the visually impaired
    • ZIVELO – self-service kiosks and digital signage

    • SILVER
    • KIOSK Information Systems – custom kiosks, standard kiosks, software, monitoring and managed services.
    • DynaTouch – complete kiosk solutions, specializing in government self-service since 1988
    • TurnKey Kiosks – turnkey financial kiosk & outdoor kiosk solutions
    • 22 Miles – Digital Signage and Wayfinding
    • Peerless AV – large format indoor and outdoor digital signage kiosks
    • Parabit Systems – Visitor Management, Self-Service Kiosks, Interactive Digital Signage HW & SW & Remote Monitoring Services
    • Qwick Media – Digital signage wayfinding software
    • LG-MRI – BoldVu® displays are built not simply to survive, but to thrive in outdoor environments.
    • Lexmark – printers for kiosk self-service
    • Intel Corporation – Public kiosks for smart city initiatives deliver real-time information, services, and alerts to citizens and visitors.
    • AudioEye – specializes in digital accessibility solutions ranging from managed service to self service, and in between. Request a demo today!

    • BRONZE
    • PROVISIO – kiosk software with remote monitoring
    • Kiosk Group – full range of tablet systems and enclosures
    • OptConnect – 3G/4G connectivity Digital Signage & Kiosks
    • CSA Self-Service Solutions – digital signage & interactive kiosks turnkey self-service solutions
    • Storm Interface – keyboards, input devices and accessibility devices for ADA
    • Tech For All Consulting – Making technology accessible for everybody.  Experts in evaluation and universal design.
    • Mimo Monitors – Small Format Touch Displays, touchscreen monitors, displays, and tablets
    • UCP Inc. – a value added reseller of card payment terminals from various manufacturers including Ingenico, Verifone, IDTech, OTI, and Payter.
    • OTI Global otiKiosk — One-Stop-Shop Cashless payment acceptance and remote management solution for Kiosks
    • Evoke – Evoke helps you engage with your customers. You can work with us to deliver your own in-store Experience of the Future.

Premium Members

      • Impresa – financing for self-service projects
      • TouchPay – TouchPay financial bill pay kiosks
      • Panel Brite LCDs – high bright LCDs & touchscreens
      • Acquire Digital – advanced digital signage and wayfinding technology software
      • Self Service Networks – Retail digital and plastic gift card kiosk vending solutions
      • TTCE – Motorized Card Dispensing Modules
      • SEKO MedTec Solutions – logistics & installation
      • Marathon Deployment – Installation & Field Service
      • CUSTOM Printers thermal receipt printer & POS terminals
      • TOKENWORKS – ID Scanners for age verification
      • Insight Touch touchscreens. 10″ to 65″ PCAP. Customized.
      • Microcom Corporation – printers thermal and custom
      • TECA – kiosk cooling thermoelectric air conditioners
      • STEGO USA — STEGO offers Thermal Management solutions to protect sensitive parts in enclosures and other installations from corrosion and malfunctions. Made in Germany.
      • Practical Automation — ticket printers, thermal printers in all form factors. Ultra-reliable.
      • Ingenico – the trusted, strategic partner of choice for merchants and payment industry players in the U.S. and worldwide.
      • BOCA Systems – ticketing and receipt printers
      • – your trusted secure Android lockdown at device level. Esper provides the industry’s first full-stack software solution for the kiosk industry.
      • Axiohm – thermal printers and more
      • TDS TOUCH – touchscreens of all technologies
      • Evolis – Card printers and indentification solutions
      • URway Holdings – standard, custom & turnkey kiosks and managed digital services
      • Digital Business US – hardware & software consulting + Chrome Kiosk services

Members Basic

    • Alveni – custom kiosks and software
    • Kiosk Innovations – interactive kiosk manufacturing & design
    • Apriva – credit and financial gateway services

Kiosk Partners Links include

    • 22Miles – Wayfinding and Digital Signage Software
    • Alveni — At Alveni, we are your single kiosk source, providing everything for your projects from design to  deployment and beyond. If you can imagine it, we can build it, install it, and provide maintenance. We offer personalized service and exceptional value to create the right solution for you. We solve your business problems.
    • Ingenico – credit card payment technology
    • NRF National Retail Federation – largest tradeshow in US
    • PROVISIO — Lockdown browser & kiosk software for safeguarding public access Internet-PCs, Displays and Tablets. Protects the browser and operating system against manipulations. Now featuring IE & Chrome browser engine support!
    • KT Group — Company focus on manufacturer of key standardized enclosures and offering a bespoke customized service
    • Acquire Digital – Based in the UK the company specialise in the creation of advanced digital interactive experiences and software solutions for a multitude of applications, including digital signage and kiosks.
    • URway Holdings – URway Holdings is a group of dynamic companies dedicated to providing unique and engaging solutions for our expanding and evolving digital ecoSystem.

Free Kiosk Manufacturer Company List

Currently over 370 companies listed in our free kiosk self-service transaction machine manufacturer resource directory.  Includes POS terminals, software, and all types of devices and services which are used in self-service. You can also add your company to the list yourself.

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Currently over 330 companies listed in our free kiosk self-service transaction machine manufacturer resource directory.  Includes POS terminals, software, and all types of devices and services which are used in self-service. You can also add your company to the list yourself.

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