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Public Service Announcement with video via IPVM website on deceptive temperature tablets. Note there are 20-30 companies effectively doing the same.

Taking Offers – the British Columbia Lottery Corporation has 50 player loyalty units that it has offered for auction.

Last week we published the Intel Solutions Marketplace report which lists multiple KMA-related Intel-qualified kiosk solutions on their site. One of the entries is the Temperature Kiosk COVID Catalog with 20+ solutions available with pricing.

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The best kiosk manufacturer resource with over 400 kiosk companies involved in the self-service kiosk industry. Here are the main members plus the free industry list.

Internet-Wide News Roundup

Self-Service Kiosk News Roundup — curated news from around the industry.  This week:

  • NRN article – Touchless tech gets prioritized at restaurant chains during the coronavirus pandemic. QR codes, artificial intelligence and robots help make the lives of customers and employees easier. — Link 
  • PSA – Deceptive Meridian Temperature Tablets Endanger Public Safety. Includes video. — Link to IPVM article
  • NRN article on Paul Brown Keynote — link
  • AI Kiosk – Lenovo and Reese team up for AI-driven crowd behavior modification to maintain health protocols at sporting events. First use of AI we have seen in this fashion. LINK
  • Betting Kiosk – Newgioco Obtains GLI-20 and GLI-33 Certification for Kiosk Installations of Elys Platform on Yahoo News LINK

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  • May/June 2021 – NRF Big Show & NRA rescheduled

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Kiosk Industry is the marketing and information site for the KMA, the Kiosk Manufacturer Association which is a global organization focused on better self-service for customers and employees through kiosks and self-service. KMA promotes clear and consistent regulatory standards which are practical and achievable. ADA and Accessibility along with EMV and PCI comprise our major focus. In September 2019 the KMA presented a Code of Practice to the United States Access Board Advisory Board which was very well received.

The kiosk industry website promotes the general industry via news and information and we have been doing this since 1995.

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