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Featured Articles – Retail Kiosk – Screen or Person and also Walmart Removing Self Checkout Fact check. Kiosk Manufacturer News. To submit an RFP or ask a question, our email is [email protected]

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Short Story — Kiosk Industry is the source for opinions, insights, news, and market trends for the self-service kiosks, digital signage, Point of Sale and more. Learn from experts and join the community. We are a collective “co-op”.  We distribute RFPs (average of 10 per month) and we also provide comparison RFPs as templates for other deploying companies to check/compare their RFP composition.

Our mission is information and open discussion aka opinion and insight. Our content is not paid for by advertisers. We support the KMA, the Kiosk Manufacturer Association and for any official KMA policy stance please visit the KMA site.

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  • ACRELEC America – a global technology company focused on reinventing the customer experience for restaurant and retail brands.
  • 22MilesExplore 22Miles flexible and scalable digital signage, wayfinding, video wall, and AI solutions.
  • Ventus – managed network services
  • RedyRef – custom and standard kiosks
  • Mimomonitors – openframe and desktop touchscreens

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This is the Kiosk Industry Group information website which supports KMA. KMA is companies (50+) promoting accurate and objective information. KMA works with several standards groups (Restaurant Technology Network e.g.), U.S. Access Board, PCI SSC and UL.  Editor is semi-retired with 30+ years of experience in the self-service industry. The best manufacturer resource with over 500 companies. The main members plus the free industry list. We support and advocate for regulatory guidance for ADA,  Accessibility, UL, Bitcoin, Credit Card Fees and PCI Compliance. Average monthly users across all channels over 2,400,000. Sign up for our promotional-free insider monthly newsletter

We inform and educate.  We do not sell anything. The sponsors help fund the operation, aggregating leads, RFPs, networking, SEO, research, regulatory involvement and even content.  The main markets are anything self-service, digital signage, point-of-sale, smart cities, and EV charging as of 2023. To view the entire network visit which also shows patient check-in, retail automation, menu boards, telehealth, and others. 

This site is published by CAKCEK based in Denver. Multiple contributing and represented writers and individuals are “part of the editorial team” including:

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