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September – — Webinar on Service and Installationsuper important to any project. Here is the signup link —  DSE November  We recommend the 16×9 mixer (if you can still get a ticket) and the Sony opening night party. PSAANPRM for ADA released 9/21

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Raspberry Pi Kiosk Computer Excerpt #1 — Raspberry Pi 400 Kiosk

Editors note:  light and small format clients such as the Dell SFF standard have since graduated to super-light and micro-clients (often an AIO). The base CPU and graphics are now secondary to the most important criteria — how fast is your internet connection?  You still need a lockdown and secure desktop but instead of a $700 computer, 90% of that function can be addressed just fine with a $70 computer. 

Full test and reviews with charts and numbers on Thinclient

We ran two sets of tests.  The first was just 10 minutes of “typical usage” to see if any “slowness”.  The kind of lag you might experience with one of the old Celeron J1900 (or lord forbid an Atom) compared to the typical Windows i5 desktop with Intel graphics.

o Typical baseline for us is a Linux laptop with 4 Ghz i7-8750H with Intel 630. 16 GB RAM. (We recommend System76!)
o Typical monitor is BenQ EW3270L.
o The linux desktop ran at 1920 resolution.
o The Raspberry PI ran at 2560 just to make it tougher

Raspberry Pi Kiosk Computer Alternatives —  6/28/2022 — A semiconductor shortage combined with a surge in popularity has led to a significant supply shortage of Pi 4s. Manufacturers say the device won’t be back in stock until April next year, and in the meantime, the few that are around tend to be priced at a premium — up to 400% more than its intended retail price.

But alternatives are available. Some may be slightly expensive, and others may not have the power a Pi 4 has, but they are all in stock and ready to go straight into your next project. Let’s have a look at what your options are while Pi is off the menu.

Reviewgeek has a nice list and several of them are supported by KMA members

Excerpt #2 — From Market Research 2022

Predicting 2022 trends begins with reviewing 2021 predictions. How many were right and how many were wrong?

The consensus from many respected organizations comes down to one word:  contactless.  We think 2022 will be a breakout year for QR codes and other contactless tokens (facial, biometric, SMS) ourselves.  Some new re-invigorated drivers include social networks like TikTok and their videos. How POS and CMS systems can communicate effectively with customers and generate loyalty. Gift cards, giveaways and incentives will abound.

Tech  Angles

  • IP Cameras now come with AI raising the intelligence and programmability of those cameras and mitigating the usual USB hooked to a PC solution
  • Livestreaming (the pandemic trained us on that).
  • Story on Chick-Fil-A and virtual order takers in the drive-thru (TikTok video) — link

This post is regularly updated and for the year 2022 is now at version 12.

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