December 2021 Kiosk News —  We added our local NRF preview here. Updated NRF 2022 Retail’s Big Show

NRF Retail Kiosk Event

Retail Kiosk Event

The kiosk association in conjunction with Datacap nominated PopID Pay-By-Face for Best Payment Innovation.  Please vote and help promote contactless payment options such as this. This is a current solution deployed and being deployed nationwide and across Japan for Wendys. Vote here (30 seconds)!

Kiosk Manufacturer Events 

o Jan 2022 — NRF Big Show #1606 
Jan 2022 – drinks/get together at NRF 2022 for ADA

Public Service Announcements
o Google Forms 2 minute survey — add your company to 2022 Market Report
o ADA Kiosk Checklist 14 Point Per Code of Practice– This is the summation of 2020 Code of Practice


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