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The best kiosk manufacturer resource with over 400 kiosk companies involved in the self-service kiosk industry. Here are the main members plus the free industry list.

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  • Feb 2020 – EuroShop
  • Mar 2020 – CSUN
  • Mar 2020 – MURTEC
  • Mar 2020 – HIMSS
  • May 2020 – See us at NRA 2020

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Kiosk definition for the day

Kiosk – publicly accessible self service touch machine. Publicly includes corporate deployments. Includes unattended, semi-attended and attended.

For contrast there are RMUs which are Remote Merchanding Units.  The “kiosk” at the airport selling BOSE headphones e.g.  That is a structure, not a terminal or station.

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The Kiosk Industry Group is operated by CAKCEK dba Kiosk Manufacturer Association, a registered Colorado company, located in Colorado.  To contact us send an email to craig at

Kiosk Industry is the marketing and information site for the KMA, the Kiosk Manufacturer Association which is a global organization focused on better self-service for customers and employees through kiosks and self service. KMA promotes clear and consistent regulatory standards which are practical and achievable. ADA and Accessibility along with EMV and PCI comprise our major focus. In September 2019 the KMA presented a Code of Practice to the United States Access Board Advisory Board which was very well received.

The kiosk industry website promotes the general industry via news and information and we have been doing this since 1995.

Our association site is and that site is purely focused on the Association.  Be sure and check out the ADA Frequently Asked Questions where we take typical questions and provide plain english answer.

Our LinkedIn kiosk industry group is comprised of over 1,900 qualified members from all over the world (we are international).  And then we have our Mail list. It’s free to join the group on LinkedIn.  We have Twitter and Facebook.  See the latest images and pictures on Pinterest.  Visit our free Kiosk Industry list of over 300 companies (and submit your own for free listing).

Read more in our brochure KMA brochure for NRF

Our Advisory Board participants are listed here on Listly.

KMA Website – the website for the Kiosk Manufacturer Association.  ADA settlement and legal affairs updated. Check out the ADA FAQ.


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