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Unlock ATMs in Minutes – ATM Security and Kaba Lock Security

Unlock ATMs in Minutes at Defcon27 Story by Wired 8/9/2019 on presentation at Defcon27 Excerpt: SAFECRACKERS OF THE past put a stethoscope to a safe’s panel while turning its dial, listening for the telltale murmurs of the interlocking components inside. It turns out that modern safecracking, despite all its electronic upgrades, isn’t always so different. But now those involuntary murmurs… Read More »

Southco Locks and Latches Conversation

Southco Kiosk Locks Recently we had the opportunity to sit down and speak with Southco and Mike Fahy.  I have know Mike since before 2010 when he assisted developing some locks for major rental bike program. Locks and access control isn’t the sexiest stuff in the world but they are critical components.  Many people that we have worked… Read More »