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Samsung Tablets In Schools

Tablets in Education

Great video about Samsung’s tablets in schools and how Samsung helps to bring innovation into learning.   This video highlights the Brüder Grimm Schule usage of tablets in the classroom.

While the video highlights some of the great teacher training, student interaction, and classroom usage, it does not mention the need for privacy or security to ensure appropriate usage by students.


More Tablet information

SlabbKiosks expands its production capabilities

Slabbkiosks Expanding

SlabbKiosks Expanding SlabbKiosks Expanding – Slabbkiosks will continue growing its kiosk production capabilities at a newly leased 12,065 square foot facility in Mesa, Arizona.

The move became necessary to meet an increase in customer demand while ensuring the continued production of high quality kiosk units. Operations at the new location will focus on product integration and will include highly efficient quality control processes, testing of hardware, along with both in-house and third party software, resulting in kiosk units that are fully operational
upon delivery to their customers’ locations.

“Our company has seen many changes over the past year and we realized that with the growing demand for our products we would need to expand our production facilities without losing focus of
kiosk design and quality” commented President at SlabbKiosks, Peter te Lintel Hekkert. “We believe that this new facility will assist in helping us meet both.”

Kiosks from the first production cycle were shipped and en route to customers last week and the company intends to invest over $2 million in new equipment to support the expected increase in production rates and levels. Additional personnel will also be hired for the company’s software group and call center that will be housed at the new location. These employees will assist customers with kiosk installation and help them to manage any business process changes that may occur during implementation. Slabb also has production facilities in Phoenix, Dover, Tulsa and mainland China as well as contracted warehouse and distribution centers in the US.

For more information visit Slabbkiosks or contact

Kiosk Industry Dec2017 Newsletter

kiosk industry

Self-Service Industry News for December 2017

Your best resource with  50 members and another 310 in our free industry directory.

tablet kiosk project
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Our feature this month is a case study in tablet kiosks and giving back to the community.  In it an interactive tablet kiosk from the Kiosk Group serves as the centerpiece of a young man’s Eagle Scout Service Project.  Worth noting that every single one of our sponsors and members donate expertise and materials to projects.

ADA Committee – we met with the U.S. Access Board in Washington, DC and had an extended meeting with them covering options for working together going forward.  The group was very enthused on both sides.  Visit our ADA page for the writeup on the meeting.

From left – Randy Amundsen of Frank Mayer, Bruce Bailey, Marsha Mazz, Tim Creagan and Rex Pace of US Access Board

Inside Kiosk News

We’ve added a Digital Signage RFP and a Smart Cities RFP section. Atlanta was Intersect we believe and New Jersey and Jersey City are next.  Very active and competitive space. Those go along with existing McDonalds news watch.  Word there is more changes as far as vendors go. Some in and some out. Sometimes it almost seems easier and better to let someone win the initial deal and then win it for sure later when they don’t execute.

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A self-service transaction machine or SSTM for attended, semi-attended and unattended self-service for customers and employees.

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SlabbKiosks announces another addition to its team

Las Vegas, October 17, 2016 – SlabbKiosks has announced yet SlabbKiosks another addition to its team. Ron Graves will assume the role of Account Manager as part of the company’s sales team, that saw the introduction of Rick Kobal earlier this year.
“I believe the recent expansion of our sales team is a testament to the growing opportunities within the industry and by extension for our company as well. We continue to look for experienced team members that understand the SlabbKiosks philosophy and business model and we are happy to have Ron as the newest member of the company. We are quite certain he will be a great asset to the team” stated the company’s President, Peter te Lintel Hekkert.
Ron has extensive sales experience, gained from working in this field for the past fifteen (15) years. He is also no stranger to the kiosk industry, having spent five (5) years working with Fortune 500 clients, as well as, local, state, and federal government agencies to assess, deploy and manage their various kiosk projects. This provided him with in-depth knowledge of technological advances and new trends within the industry, making his move to SlabbKiosks a natural fit. He is eager to contribute to the team and stated, “I look forward to working with the highly regarded professionals at SlabbKiosks and being a part of this industry leading team.”
Ron has a Bachelor of Arts degree, in Business Management from the University of Illinois and graduated Summa Cum Laude from Western International University where he obtained a Master’s degree in Business Administration.


SlabbKiosks is a leading international manufacturer and distributor of cost effective, interactive kiosks. The company has installed and customized interactive kiosks for thousands of clients in over 150 countries and distinguishes itself from the competition by offering the latest in technological advancements including the wireless kiosk, while utilizing high quality components with designs that facilitate quick and efficient maintenance of their units.
Additional information can be found at:
For further press information about this release, please contact:
Kisha Wilson (Marketing Manager)
Tel: 702-605-4845

In Kiosk News – SlabbKiosks welcomes Rick Kobal to their sales team

SlabbKiosks Las Vegas, July 11, 2016 – Kiosk News – Rick Kobal has joined the SlabbKiosks’ sales team. The announcement was made today by the  company’s President, Peter te Lintel Hekkert. He indicated the move was necessary as the company continues to expand its customer base and increase production.

“We are very pleased to welcome Rick to our team,” said te Lintel Hekkert. “Having worked within the industry for many years, he brings a wealth of experience and knowledge and is a perfect fit in a formula that has worked for us for years – a lean, highly specialized and responsive staff with over 40 years of combined experience in the self-service industry.”

Rick has worked with one of the largest component suppliers for

Rick Kobal at recent kiosk trade show
Rick Kobal at recent kiosk trade show. Click for full size image.

the industry for the past five years and has acquired an in-depth understanding of the industry’s dynamics including changes in end user requirements that have inevitably propelled hardware development. He’s ideally positioned to meet the needs of SlabbKiosks’ clients in an industry that continues to evolve and will be a welcome addition to the company’s sales team.

“Having worked closely with Peter and his growing team over the last five years, I am excited to join SlabbKiosks,” commented Rick. “Exciting innovations continue in the kiosk industry – innovations that the company is positioned to deliver. We see new sectors adopting kiosks.  Diverse payment options are increasing kiosk functionality. I am eager to now be part of the overall solution design and supply.”

Rick has over 25 years of value selling and program management experience within the automotive, industrial OEM and distribution markets and has a proven record of significant sales growth in his previous managerial positions. He graduated Summa Cum Laude from Grove City College, Pennsylvania and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering.


SlabbKiosks is a leading international manufacturer and distributor of cost-effective, interactive kiosks. The company has installed and customized interactive kiosks for thousands of clients in over 150 countries and distinguishes itself from the competition by offering the latest in technological advancements including the wireless kiosk, while utilizing high-quality components with designs that facilitate quick and efficient maintenance of their units.

Additional information can be found at:

For further press information about this release, please contact:

Kisha Wilson (Marketing Manager)
Tel: 702-605-4845

– END –

UCP has Ingenico iUC285 Beta units

iUC285 Ingenico EMV Reader for Unattended Self Service

Unattended Card Payments Inc. Begins Shipping the iUC285 in the U.S. As main Ingenico VAR for unattended hardware, UCP Inc. announces they have received first shipment of iUC285 beta units.


These units are designed for unattended and are being certified with multiple processors as we speak.

Here is spec sheet.

iUC280 product info

CEO Corner – Mike James with Kiosk Group

CEO Corner ceo-corner

Where we talk to “Big Cheese” and find out a little bit about who they are and what company they are with.

The choice of who you do business may come down to the look in the eye and a simple handshake.


Ten Questions for Mike James with Kiosk Group: mike-james

1.  Kiosk Industry Group:  What is your company name, location and your position?

MJ:  To many we are known as the iPad Kiosk company ( or the Kiosk Pro company, but we are officially Kiosk Group, Inc.

We are located in beautiful, historic Frederick, Maryland, an hour outside of Washington and Baltimore, home of Francis Scott Key, and just miles from Gettysburg, Harpers Ferry, and Antietam.

I am the founder and president of Kiosk Group, Inc.

2.   Kiosk Industry Group:  How is business these days?

MJ:  Business is great and growing steadily.

In July of 2010, we came out with the first commercial iPad kiosks and decided to invest heavily in this narrow segment of the kiosk industry.

We have developed a modular system of iPad and tablet kiosks that are the true heavyweights in this niche. While there are many manufacturers in this field that go the cheap route, producing low-quality kiosks that are ultimately not durable or secure, we’ve taken a different approach. Our kiosks are “real kiosks” (to take the words of just one of our satisfied customers), made from milled industrial-grade thermoplastics and heavy-duty, welded rolled steel, and made the way kiosks are supposed to be made.

We created the Kiosk Pro line of iPad kiosk software to make sure our customers had something to run on our kiosks. Kiosk Pro is now widely recognized as the best software for this type of application and tops the charts for the term ‘kiosk’ in the iTunes App Store with over 75,000 downloads.

Today we are very busy with both off-the-shelf and custom order kiosks, and our biggest worry is keeping enough product in stock.

3.    Kiosk Industry Group:  What is your most popular product?

MJ:   Our iPad Standalone kiosk is by far our most popular single product.

We’ve been able to create quite a number of accessories for this model, including branding options, credit card readers and even motion-controlled illumination systems for rear camera photos and barcode scanning.

4.  Kiosk Industry Group:  How large a company are you?

MJ:  Believe it or not, we are just 10 people today. We outsource metal bending, painting and plastic work to four nearby fabrication facilities, so we keep our overhead very low and can offer great prices on our products. Our in-house staff is responsible for software development and support, product design and prototyping, branding, minor CNC machining, quality control and order fulfillment.

5.    Kiosk Industry Group:  How many years have you been in business?

MJ:  I started my business with an Apple II, purchased in 1977 (which I still have). I have a background in developing industrial films and programming multi-projector slideshows and saw computers as a better way to deliver media content. I was able to code control of a 12” laserdisc player with the Apple II via RS-232 and, in 1981, hung out my shingle developing interactive content for sales and training.

This small start expanded into a company with 35 software developers — Multimedia Software, Inc. We developed many hundreds of interactive programs, including World’s Fair exhibits, Amtrak’s ticketing kiosks and training programs for Chrysler, IBM and many others.

After selling MSI in 2001, I studied the market, determined that the kiosk industry was where everything was heading and launched Kiosk Group, Inc. We’ve been designing and selling kiosk hardware and software ever since.

6.  Kiosk Industry Group:   What is your biggest market(s) or skills focus, or do you have multiple?

MJ:  In terms of markets, our kiosks are used in every discipline. It should be easier to name the markets we are not in, but I can’t think of any. Seriously.

We focus on creating the best interactive touch-screen kiosks available. Whether that means taking on a new software feature request or building out a custom hardware configuration, we do what it takes to make each project a success.

7.    Kiosk Industry Group:  What are the strengths of your company?

MJ:  Innovation. Innovation. Innovation. We focus on coming up with the right products, and having the right solution already designed when a new customer calls us with a tough requirement. No other iPad/tablet kiosk seller does this.

I’ve also got a great team of people working with me. Each and every person has multi-disciplinary talents and is driven to grow and succeed.

Having metal-bending and other fabrication out of house has been a terrific asset. Most traditional kiosk companies mark up their cost of touchscreens, computers and peripherals at 100% to cover the cost of a large crew. With our low overhead, our average markup from wholesale is just 28%.

8.    Kiosk Industry Group:  What market trends can you share with us?

MJ:  The next step in the small form-factor kiosk world is the addition of peripherals beyond basic card readers and keyboard trays. Look for the integration of thermal receipt printers, card-stock ticket printers, barcode scanners, RFID readers, ApplePay, EMV SmartCard readers, PIN pads – the list goes on and on.

This is where you’ll see a separation of the serious kiosk manufacturers from the quick-buck, plastic-injection-molded iPad kiosk sellers.

We’re also going to see an end to the made-in-China housings offered by many iPad kiosk sellers. The tablet market is changing so fast, you need a system for managing hardware change. With the introduction of the smaller-sized Apple Air tablets, we’re already seeing a large number of sellers dropping out of the business, and leaving their customers without support.

9.  Kiosk Industry Group:  What new products might we see in the next year or two from your company?

MJ:  In the short-term, look for Bluetooth printer integration for all of Custom America’s thermal kiosk printers ( into our Kiosk Pro Enterprise iOS app.

We have been hard at work on a new system for kiosk customization and delivery for the past two years.

Imagine placing an order for custom kiosks with your own branding and a wide choice of screen sizes and peripherals – previously this meant weeks or months of lead time and a price tag to match. With our new system, you can have this type of custom kiosk at low cost and delivered within a week!

We’re going to deliver this new development in early 2015. Prepare yourself for the next industry revolution!

10.  Kiosk Industry Group:   For more information who should people contact?

MJ:  I’m always available at or you can call me at 888-569-5467 x101.

Thanks Mike!

RedyRef Launches the enGAGE™ Line of Standard Kiosks


RedyRef Interactive Kiosks launches the enGAGE™ line of standard kiosks that can be used as it exists or be semi-customized to meet the component requirements of any kiosk application.

Riverdale, New Jersey. – March 5, 2015 – RedyRef, a turn-key self-service kiosk solution provider announced that they have launched the enGAGE™ line of standard kiosks which features over a dozen different styles for kiosk deployers to utilize as the basic platform of their kiosk requirement. The platform can be used as it exists or be semi-customized to meet the component requirements of any kiosk application.

Platform Approach – It is simple, the enGAGE™ line is built on a standard frame concept that was devised on the idea that retail sells real estate by the square foot. Each enGAGE™ is designed on a frame system that is standardized by the foot –12”, 24” 36”, 48” and so on, so that the footprint easily fits within the parameters of retail space allocations. And, of course, since the enGAGE™ is a frame system, it can easily be customized to other sizes if needed to meet the component requirements of the kiosk component array.

Customizable Skins – The next part of the modularity of the design is in the fact that the metal cabinets, that we call skins, are mounted/hung from the frames, which are also completely customizable to the needs of the sizes of the components that they house.

Branding Platform – Finally, the skins are not only customizable but also they make for a great branding platform for graphics and decals that complete the holistic intentions of the enGAGE™ modular design. Best of all, the design allows us to meet the needs of your brand and performance while managing cost and speed to the market. Additional benefits include the ability to choose from a variety of monitor sizes to fit your needs, optional custom vinyl-wrapped graphics to further strengthen your brand, the possibility of having a branded header on the kiosk, and extensive equipment options.

Software Solutions – As with all of our kiosks, we provide cutting-edge kiosk software that can suit the needs of your company whether you need an electronic directory, interactive way-finding program, digital signage and much more!

The enGAGE™ kiosk can seamlessly blend into any environment and we have the capabilities to make custom modifications on standard kiosk units to fit the specified requirements of your project. Your business could benefit from a kiosk whether you work in an office, hospital, university, hotel, airport, courthouse, convention center, shopping mall and more. The versatile options can give you stand-alone variations, wall mounted, desk mounted and custom mounted applications so it can virtually work in any given space.

About Redyref

Established 101 years ago, RedyRef Interactive Kiosks is a complete vertically integrated kiosk organization with in-house design engineering, metal fabrication, powder coating, electrical engineering and integration, software development, installation and on-going maintenance solutions to meet your self-service kiosk needs. RedyRef truly offers you a one-stop Self-Service Kiosk solution. Learn more at:

Contact: Ben Wheeler Ph: (800) 628-3603 Ext #125

Walgreens Android App Best in Class

Walgreen’s Android Lollipop App Android Walgreen application

MobileCommerce Daily article on Walgreen’s new Android app as being one of the best


Regarding appearance, Lollipop offers a design concept called Material Design, which is more dynamic and intelligent. The icons are simplified, it features bright colors and a tile-like feel, as well as a cleaner navigation system.

Android Lollipop also features interactive push notifications. The notification panel is being merged with the lock screen so users can see an overview of the most important information before they unlock their phone. A learning tool is also incorporated, which learns what users open or do not open and will prioritize the most relevant information deemed by the user.

The Ok Google search tool allows users to interact with brand apps through voice commands. A recent Google study found that 55 percent of teens use voice search everyday, while 56 percent of adults said using voice search makes them feel tech-savvy.

NN4M also believes there are certain Android features that are underused.

Read the entire article at MobileCommerce Daily article

Final Take
Caitlyn Bohannon is an editorial assistant on Mobile Commerce Daily, New York

Kiosk London – The UK Exhibition for the Self Service Industry

The UK’s only conference and exhibition completely dedicated to the self-service industry returns to The Barbican Centre on the 15th-16th October 2014. This will be the show’s fourth year and with all of the U.K’s leading solutions providers exhibiting this year, it is promising to be an exciting event.

Source: oct2014009(167 x 74)

Co-located with Digital Signage London, the show acts as the central meeting point for strategic customer service mangers, managing directors, VPs, Marketing and brand managers, kiosk and self-service project managers, purchasers and heads of IT responsible for the implementation self-service solutions and technologies throughout the UK.



KIOSK LONDON EXPO will return to The Barbican in London on the 15th and 16th October 2014. This will mark the shows fourth year and reflects its status as the favoured event for all those responsible for the implementation of self-service solutions and technologes throughout the UK, Europe and beyond.

This year, for the second time, the show will be co-located with DIGITAL SIGNAGE LONDON, providing a unique opportunity to discover the best that the consumer interactivity industry has to offer, from the comfort and convenience of London’s Barbican Centre.

The Show

KIOSK LONDON EXPO 2014 and DIGITAL SIGNAGE LONDON 2014 is the United Kingdom’s combined self-service and digital signage event. With a high number of self-service and digital signage solutions companies exhibiting this year, it is promising to be an insightful and exciting event. The show acts as the central meeting point for strategic customer service managers, managing directors, VPs, marketing and brand managers, purchasers and heads of IT responsible for the implementation of self-service solutions and technologies. “The UK is at the forefront of self-service and digital signage deployment,” commented Jens Schindler, managing director, hf media & events. “KIOSK LONDON EXPO 2014 and DIGITAL SIGNAGE LONDON 2014 will provide an unparalleled platform to showcase the latest advances in customer service solutions from top suppliers and innovators, bringing the industry together and strengthening the UK’s self-service and digital signage market.” Preregistrations include well-known managing directors and decision makers from the UK’s top retail brands, leading high street banks, transportation firms, hospitality companies, fast food retailers and healthcare providers.

Industry Know-how

Visitors will have a unique opportunity to see, experience and discuss the very latest advances in customer service solutions from top suppliers and innovators from Britain and beyond.

There will be a forum programme featuring an extensive series of presentations, all of which are free to attend. These presnetantion will explore a wide variety of issues relating to self-service  and digital signage including some you will probably not have thought about before. The forum has attracted some of the industry’s most influential and authoritative speakers.

The full programme is available online at and www.

Gold Sponsors

The 2014 Gold Sponsors for KIOSK LONDON EXPO are Star Micronics, Protouch, Cammax and Provisio.

“Kiosk London Expo provides Star with an excellent platform to demonstrate its extensive portfolio of industry-leading products, advanced driver and platform support for mPOS applications and pioneering approach to a wide range of high quality end users and system integrators. With an ever increasing number of relevant visitors each year, Kiosk London is clearly going from strength to strength. We look forward to another successful show this year.”, said Annette Tarlton, Marketing Director, Star Micronics EMEA.

10 Reasons to attend

Customer service – customer service is key to repeat sales and customer satisfaction. The event will feature Kiosk and digital signage technology built to improve and satisfy the customer experience.

Influential speakers – this year we have some well known influential speakers keeping you up to date with the best advances in technology and an insight into what customers really want. Along the way, you’ll get to explore a wide variety of issues relating to self-service and digital signage markets.

Topics to be covered include multi-channel retailing and the effect of a digital culture on consumers.

Networking – connect with industry professionals, share knowledge and make new business contacts.

Interactive technology – experience the latest advances in interactive consumer technology for yourself.

Free consultancy – discuss your business plans informally with experienced professionals.

Your technical questions answered – informed technical support is a key reason for attendance.

Future-proofing your technology – gain a better understanding of what is on the technology horizon, and discuss the opportunities they offer your business in the future.

Understanding capex, opex and ROI issues – with the financial imperative now firmly installed at the boardroom level, there has never been a better time to get a better grasp on these accounting issues.

Understanding convergence – technology is evolving rapidly. As a result, previously disparate businesses are now converging on the technical level. This show will help you gain a solid understanding of how these issues affect you and your business.


Kiosk News – What’s happening in kiosk world DSA Blog

Kiosk News this month is Panera’s 42M upgrade of facilities for self-service, the resurrection of Rubi Coffee Kiosk, and DaaS ala Chromebooks and Dell Lightning. Trivia this month is picture of old Bay Hill Bunch


Craig Keefner‘s insight:

News this month is Panera’s 42M upgrade of facilities for self-service, the resurrection of Rubi Coffee Kiosk, and DaaS ala Chromebooks and Dell Lightning. Trivia this month is picture of old Bay Hill Bunch

See on

Kiosk Manufacturer