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Ticketing Kiosks Examples by Olea

Ticketing Kiosks and Hotel Check-In Kiosks by Olea

Included here are some recent pictures and video covering ticketing kiosks and hotel check-in kiosks by Olea. Olea Kiosks specializes in ticketing kiosks both indoor and outdoor as well as Check-In Kiosks. Olea is a Gold Sponsor of KMA.  For more info contact [email protected]

Here is video from the floor

Pictures of Check-In Kiosks Vegas Hotel

Self-Service Kiosks Are Transforming the Ticketing Process

Reprinted from Meridian Kiosks blog

Picture this: you just arrived at the airport with a group of your closest friends and you are getting ready to embark on the vacation of a lifetime. Your “out of office” message is on, your bags are packed, your car is parked, and there’s only one thing left to do before you board the plane—get your ticket. Once you locate the appropriate counter, your excitement comes to a screeching halt as find your way to the end of a long line of other passengers.

But what if you didn’t have to wait in that long line just to retrieve your ticket? Perhaps, rather than finding your way to the back of the line and starting your vacation off on a sour note, you instead choose to use one of the airline’s self-service ticketing kiosks to print your ticket. In choosing option two you simply use the kiosk to enter your information, print your ticket, and head to security. While both options will land you on the same plane in the same location, self-service ticketing kiosks kickstart your vacation on a more positive note—without the long lines.

Ticketing kiosks aren’t limited to airports, though. They can also be used for other forms of transportation, concerts, movies, sporting events, or any other use case that requires a ticket. Designed to provide shorter wait times, improve the guest experience, promote operational efficiency, and drive sales, ticketing kiosks have and will continue to revolutionize the ticketing process.

Shorter Wait Times

Whether getting ready to board a flight, attend a concert, or spectate a sporting event, guests typically want to get the details and logistics of their experience squared away as quickly as possible so they can relax and enjoy themselves. Easily duplicatable, multiple check-in kiosks can be installed to accommodate typical attendance levels and use expectancies at a given location. By increasing the number of available ticketing locations, self-service ticketing kiosks can easily reduce wait times by distributing user traffic evenly across the various kiosks.

Improved Guest Experience

While it goes without saying that shorter wait times almost always directly correlate with improved guest experiences, self-service ticketing kiosks can be used as a guest information resource—providing additional information on the location and services offered, including food and beverage, guest services, and more. Ticketing kiosks also allow ticketing representatives,  who were previously tasked with printing and distributing tickets, to devote their time and attention to the guests who need it most—namely those who either have difficulty using or who choose not to use the ticketing kiosks, or those looking to make changes or upgrades to their tickets.

Operational Efficiency

While self-service kiosks certainly do not eliminate the need for a ticketing representative altogether, they do relieve them of some of their more menial duties and reduce the number of guests waiting in their lines every day. Additionally, as the demand for assistance decreases, employees can be transitioned into other roles within the organization that might need more manpower to operate efficiently, such as customer service.

Drive Sales

While not all ticketing kiosks are designed with an ordering and payment interface, some allow guests to select and purchase their tickets directly from the kiosks. Created with flexibility in mind, ticketing kiosks can incorporate cash, card, and contactless payment in addition to printing and ordering capabilities. By incorporating these features, event, performance, and sports venues, especially, can further drive ticket sales for future events.

From transportation to performances, movies, sporting events, amusement parks, and everything in between, ticketing kiosks are completely revolutionizing the way guests retrieve, and sometimes select and pay for, their tickets.

To learn more about Meridian’s self-service ticketing kiosks, visit www.meridiankiosks.com or give us a call at 866-454-6757.

New kiosks offer convenience for state park visitors – Journal Advocate

Outdoor kiosks (Solar Kiosks) For Park Registration Kiosk Ticketingoutdoor kiosks solar kiosks

North Sterling State Park has a new feature to make it easier for visitors to purchase a parks pass.
The park is one of eight state parks to receive a new self-service kiosk so far. These outdoor kiosks are also solar kiosks and provide ticketing and registration via 3G/4G modem.

Source: www.journal-advocate.com

“Not a lot of people have exactly seven dollars [for a daily park pass] in their pockets,” said CPW Statewide Business Operations Coordinator Kirk Teklits. “As far as customer service goes, being able to pay by credit card is definitely a desirable service option.

15 stations are currently installed at nine parks and more will be coming later this summer.

“This helps our state parks become more modernized,” Teklits said. “Most of the kiosks run on solar power, provide multiple sales channels to our customers, and help our staff with money collection and counting. It also helps our law enforcement officers quickly determine who has bought a pass and who hasn’t.”

Teklits said there have already been more than 800 daily passes and 55 annual passes sold through the kiosks since the first ones were installed June 13. The kiosks accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover cards.

Outdoor Kiosks Notes

We asked for some more background information on the outdoor kiosks and learned deployment began in June 2018 with 15 stations. And already the other parks have requested their own solar kiosks. Business at the kiosks has been very good so far and expanding to all the parks in Colorado is just a matter of time (and money).

Each kiosk costs around $6K is our estimate and looking at the kiosks it looks like Parkeon is the vendor.  They have a 3 year contract we are guessing.  The original RFP went out last quarter of 2017. That’s 8 months from spec to deployed.

Connectivity is managed thru a 3G/4G modem.

For more on Outdoor Kiosks see our reference page on Outdoor kiosks.

Craig is a  senior staff writer for Kiosk Industry Group Association. He has 25 years of experience in the industry. He contributed to this article.