Disney gets personal with MyMagic+ reservations

By | February 19, 2015

Disney gets personal with MyMagic+ ORLANDO — Turnstiles, who needs ’em? In fact, at the Magic Kingdom’s entrance, they no longer exist. And soon, you won’t even need a paper ticket to enter the Happiest Place

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From Earnings Call Feb 3– 

 Is there any – on MyMagic+, is there if anyway you can give us some color or quantify the impact on guest spending and guest flow, that’s something you mentioned that it would improve efficiency? How should we think about the benefits of MyMagic+? And the second question is in this ramp-up to Shanghai, can you give us some more color or detail on the financial impact in fiscal ‘15 as you spend into the opening of ‘16?

Bob Iger – Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Well, on MyMagic+, Jessica, I will take this one. First of all, about 10 million guests have already worn the bands. And so what we are hearing from them is overwhelmingly positive, basically a percentage that rated as excellent is significant. So, what that basically tells us and what we actually have seen is that it is serving the purpose that we set out to serve, which is to essentially make the experience more seamless, basically make it easier to give people an opportunity to enjoy what they do when they visit Orlando or Walt Disney World even more than they used to it and make them enjoy more of it, meaning experience more.

Just to give you for instance there were days during the holiday season where we were entertaining 250,000 guests at a time on property. And when you just consider how many guests you have to flow through the gates when the park opens in the morning, the fact that you have a band that enables you to basically walk right in, touch the band to a kiosk and keep going, instead of handing a ticket to a cast member making sure the ticket is right and then going in. That’s obviously creating a huge improvement meaning much quicker entrance into the park. And what this all adds up to is our ability to manage more people at a time without in any way diminishing guest experience. We did see in the quarter a positive impact to the bottom line from MyMagic+ just the beginnings of it. We will continue to see more of that, but we do not have data that we can share with you right now about specific guest spending.

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