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By | April 2, 2019
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AudioEye Now KMA Sponsor & Joins ADA Accessibility Committee

audioeye ADA We want to thank AudioEye for becoming a sponsor of the Kiosk Manufacturer Association. AudioEye is also now a member of the KMA Accessibility Committee.

About AudioEye

AudioEye works with companies to ensure their digital content is accessible to users of all abilities.

Approximately 15-percent of the world’s population has some form of disability, whether visual, hearing, cognitive or motor. And if not coded correctly, digital content is simply inaccessible to this population.

 Committed to equal access for all, AudioEye has revolutionized the way in which businesses and organizations achieve and sustain digital inclusion … any time on any device. Its patented solution identifies and remediates accessibility issues with both automated and manual testing and engineering, and provides continuous monitoring to ensure digital content meets – or exceeds – legal compliance with ADA-related laws.

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To learn more about AudioEye solutions:

  • What is Ally Managed Service?
  • What is the Ally Toolbar?
  • How does the Ally Toolbar interact with Assistive Technology (AT)?
  • Does the Ally Toolbar replace a screen reader or other Assistive Technology (AT)?
  • How do I turn off The Ally Toolbar?
  • What is the Digital Accessibility Platform (DAP)?
  • What is the AudioEye Trusted Certification
  • What are the steps to achieving and maintaining AudioEye Trusted Certification

To learn more about digital accessibility:

  • What is a disability?
  • What is accessibility?
  • Common misconceptions about accessibility
  • What is Universal Design?
  • What is Digital Accessibility?
  • What does it take to be digitally accessible?
  • What is WCAG 2.0?
  • What does “Digital Accessibility Compliance” mean?
  • What does “Conformance” mean?
  • Are there tools to see what conformance gaps you currently have on your website?

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