Medical Kiosk – Doc-in-a-box Hygeia for employers

By | July 14, 2015

Company hopes to bring ‘doc-in-a-box’ medical kiosk to large employers

A quick update for Hygeia Рthey apparently are still hard at work in The Iron Yard digital health accelerator program.  Rumor is they will have their first prototype kiosk ready for testing next week, and we are on the top of the list to receive the promotional video.  Hygeiz says they have a ton of opportunity in the pipeline!


Dexter Goodwin (left) and Ricardo Ibarria (right) are cofounders of Hygenia, one of the nine teams competing at The Iron Yard’s digital health accelerator in downtown Spartanburg. The duo work with telehealth devices to increase the speed and efficiency of on-site health care.

ZACH FOX / [email protected]

Two digital health entrepreneurs are hoping a cutting-edge device can improve the speed, accessibility and affordability of health care in the workplace.

Ricardo Ibarria and Dexter Goodwin III are cofounders of Hygeia, a digital health program. Using a unique kiosk-like device, the company hopes to improve the volume of patients who can be treated remotely where they work while cutting down the amount of time required for each patient. The company is one of nine teams from across the country participating in The Iron Yard’s third digital health accelerator in downtown Spartanburg.

“We’re hoping to improve access and convenience to health care,” said Ibarria, founder and CEO of the company.

The device the company uses is similar to some seen in retail and grocery stores. But Hygeia’s device allows for more customization than those, Ibarria said. Patients can take a seat and have their vital signs measured. The device can record a person’s blood pressure, body temperature and heart rate, among other functions.