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Health Info at Your Fingertips: Need to review lab results or refill prescriptions? Kiosks offer secure access to your medical records, allowing you to download documents, update insurance details, and even schedule future appointments, all on your own terms.

Empowered Health Assessments: Want to check your blood pressure or BMI? Some kiosks are equipped with basic screening tools, letting you take these assessments independently and track your progress over time. This empowers patients to actively participate in their healthcare journey.

Knowledge is Power: Kiosks aren’t just transaction machines; they can be educational hubs. Imagine interactive displays providing health information on specific conditions, offering animated demonstrations of medical procedures, or even recommending helpful resources. This empowers patients with knowledge and builds confidence in their healthcare choices.

Beyond the Hospital Walls: Healthcare kiosks aren’t confined to clinics. Imagine them in pharmacies, supermarkets, or even public transportation hubs. They could offer basic health screenings, connect patients with virtual consultations, or even dispense emergency medications. This expands access to essential healthcare services for underserved communities.

So, the next time you see a healthcare kiosk, remember, it’s not just a machine. It’s a tool for empowerment, convenience, and improved access to care. Healthcare is evolving, and these self-service superheroes are playing a vital role in this transformation.

HIMSS : Robots, wearables and future of healthcare kiosks

Investors, entrepreneurs and physicians at HIMSS tried to see the future through a stethoscope. Source: www.chicagotribune.com Telehealth was a big factor. Also what to do with patient generated data. “The ‘quantified self’ movement has created millions and billions of data points around consumer health that just didn’t exist a while ago,“ he said. “I think we’re finding that… Read More »

Cleveland Clinic walk-in kiosks

See on Scoop.it – Kiosk & Kiosks MedCity News Cleveland Clinic forms joint venture with maker of walk-in kiosks ModernHealthcare.com Cleveland Clinic and HealthSpot, a Dublin, Ohio-based company, have signed a letter of intent to form a joint venture that will allow more patients…   Craig Allen Keefner‘s insight: The HealthSpot station’s two-way high-definition video screen delivers a… Read More »

Kiosk Privacy Is About To Get Far More Complicated – Feature

Kiosk Privacy and HIPAA Kiosks are a highly effective way to interact with customers, but in healthcare settings, they must be handled carefully to avoid compliance, privacy and cybersecurity problems.  [Feature image by Pyramid Computer] Sometimes, the mere existence of a kiosk at a certain location can itself reveal potentially protected and sensitive information. Consider a kiosk that… Read More »

iPatientCare to Exhibit at Upcoming MGMA

Las Vegas, NV, (PRWEB) October 23, 2014 — Visit iPatientCare Booth#641 at MGMA 2014 Annual Conference, October 26-29, 2014 at the Las Vegas, NV Source: www.prweb.com iPatientCare, Inc., a pioneer in mHealth and cloud-based ambulatory EHR and integrated Practice Management announced to exhibit and showcase the Patient Kiosk, Clinically-driven Revenue Cycle Management and ICD-10 Ready EHR and PMS at Upcoming… Read More »

SoloHealth Cleveland Clinic Wellness Collaboration, Changes Name

SoloHealth Announces Cleveland Clinic Wellness Collaboration, Changes Company Name to Pursuant HealthSoloHealth introduces new employer health and wellness platform; achieves engagement rates as high as 91% for employees and 70% for spousesPR NewswireATLANTA, March 26, 2015 ATLANTA, March 26, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — SoloHealth®, a health and wellness company, announced today a new collaboration with Cleveland Clinic Wellness Enterprise, a subsidiary… Read More »

Healthcare Kiosks 101

From anxiety over test results to anxiousness while sitting in a hospital bed, patients need every tool possible to help relieve stress. One of these tools that can make the process of hospital visits easier are health care kiosks. Source: www.kioskmarketplace.com Post Views: 865

Imprivata acquires HT Systems, adding patient ID capabilities

Marking its entry into the patient identification market, health IT security company Imprivata has acquired Tampa, Fla.-based HT Systems, which develops technology for palm-vein based biometric patient ID.
 Source: www.healthcareitnews.com HT Systems serves hospital systems and large medical groups nationwide. Its PatientSecure biometric ID system provides positive patient identification by distinguishing the vein pattern in a patient’s hand… Read More »

HealthSpot unveils new 2.0 cloud-based software

Company will demonstrate its next-generation consumer retail health software with back-end integration enabled by Xerox at ATA 2015. Source: m.mhealthnews.com The 2.0 software upgrade leverages Xerox’s healthcare IT infrastructure to seamlessly interface with insurance claims through a payment data feed and integrates with electronic medical records (EMRs) for continuity of care. The back-end integration with the Xerox infrastructure… Read More »

Healthcare Kiosks – SoloHealth raises $2.4M + Cleveland Clinic

Health kiosk company SoloHealth has changed its name to Pursuant Health and raised $2.4 million in equity and securities, according to an SEC filing. Per the company’s website, the name change reflects a new partnership with Cleveland Clinic Wellness, which the company embarked on at the end of March. This will add a workplace wellness business to the company’s existing public kiosk business.

Source: mobihealthnews.com

SoloHealth takes on new name and new investors. The big differentiator for Pursuant is the Vision Testing module.  That’s mechanically more complex and adds cost. 

Opinion — So Why Did HealthSpot Fail?

The postmortem on HealthSpot continues even while there is news that another telehealth provider pulled in another $40M in capital investment. We’re not entirely sure HealthSpot failed though the lack of contact would indicate so. Medcity did the first “wrap” on things in their article. Was HealthSpot mismanaged? Were freestanding kiosks too expensive, 1990s technology in a world… Read More »

Montco gets five MindKare Behavioral Health Kiosks

The MindKare kiosk is a freestanding computer station with an interactive display screen that provides users with a quick and easy way to check on their mental and behavioral health. The kiosk asks users to take an online self-assessment, and provides information on mental and behavioral health conditions along with resources for local treatment options. The kiosk screens for conditions such as anxiety, depression and substance abuse.

Source: www.bizjournals.com

The HealthSpark Foundation, which formerly operated as the North Penn Community Health Foundation based in Colmar, Pa., is providing about $60,000 for the purchase, installation and related training for MindKare kiosks at five locations in Montgomery County. HealthSpark launched the initiative in a partnership with Screening for Mental Health Inc., a nonprofit organization based in Wellesley Hills, Mass., and the Philadelphia-based Thomas Scattergood Behavioral Health Foundation.


Russell Johnson, Spark Foundation’s president and CEO, said too often health assessment by primary-care doctors focuses on the neck down.


“There another part of the body that needs attention as well,” he said. “We know that early intervention for mental and behavioral health disorders is critical.”

HealthSpot assets snapped up by Rite Aid for $1.15M

Retail pharmacy chain Rite Aid has purchased the assets of shuttered telemedicine kiosk company HealthSpot at auction for $1.15 million, according to MedCity News.

Source: mobihealthnews.com

The future of telehealth for Rite Aid is uncertain because the future of Rite Aid is uncertain. Last October Walgreen said they would acquire Rite Aid. But the FTC has not okayed that merger.


The merger result would have a 46.5 percent market, compared to CVS’s 30 percent. The FTC recently killed the proposed Staples-Office Depot merger. 


Note that Higi, another kiosk company, also works with Rite Aid. Higi is to install +4,000 kiosks to Rite Aid stores — much bigger than company ever had with HealthSpot.