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Kiosk Pricing – Self-Service Kiosk Cost

Kiosk Cost & Kiosk Price Guide Terrific article by Olea Kiosks laying out what to consider on self-service kiosk pricing – but first here are some notes we might add There are informational and transactional kiosks — generally the more complex, the more you can determine an ROI Bill payment and other currency options — those tend to… Read More »

Fundraising Kiosks for Non-Profits

New blog entry on Olea Kiosks covering Fundraising kiosks for non-profits. Non-profits are a large percentage of kiosk deployers and they use a wide range of units from Fundraising, to survey kiosk, to donation kiosks and many more. Excerpt from Olea Blog We hear plenty about kiosks for commercial applications like retail, healthcare and hospitality, but what about… Read More »