Kiosk Price & Kiosk Cost – How Much Does A Kiosk Cost?

By | March 16, 2022
Kiosk Price & Kiosk Cost

Kiosk Cost aka Kiosk Price — So How Much Does It Cost?

We are often asked “How Much Does A Kiosk Cost”.  It’s a bit like declaring you are going to buy a vehicle. What manufacturer, what features, etc.  Is it a SUV and if so a small one or a large one? The biggest amount of advice we give is that in the kiosk market, you usually get what you pay for. Let’s define kiosk cost so we see the bigger picture.

Breakdown of kiosk cost and price

  • Quantity 1 price is different than quantity 20
  • There is the “simple kiosk cost” which comprises the physical unit and devices.
  • There is the “overall kiosk cost” which includes software, training, service, warranty, tech support, maintenance
  • American-made kiosks cost most than ones made in China
    • Some advantages of US made
      • Often the only ones accepted for large bids (made in USA with US steel)
      • Much better documentation
      • Much better support
      • Training for staff much better
      • Much better federal regulatory approval (UL, ADA and PCI e.g.)
      • More cognizant of individual state regulations
      • Lower shipping costs
      • Fast turnaround when needed
      • Higher quality components
      • Less downtime
      • Fewer service calls ($150 each)
      • It may sound harsh but our recommendation with kiosks made in China is to be sure and buy an extra one or ideally two extra for spares.
      • Lower storage costs for spares inventory
  • Initial outlay — The cost of the kiosk + components + branding/artwork + software + middleware + warranty + service and spares
  • Initial outlay – software and customization — in-house it could be a million dollar process that takes 12 months
  • Initial outlay — we recommend starting with full accessibility.  Typically that is tactile navigation and audio at the very least. McDonalds uses screen readers as well.
  • Initial outlay – shipping ($600 per unit?)
  • Secondary outlay – installation. Most problems will manifest in the first 60 days
  • Additional outlay – cleaning, maintenance, patch management
  • Additional outlay – adding components later such as assistive devices and ADA related (privacy screens)
  • Additional outlay – field upgrades
  • Service is generally a 5 year cycle and can easily amount to 30% of overall costs
  • Lifespan & Lifecycle Computers — How long will your project last?
    • Short temporary projects can get away with consumer-grade tablets (ie purchased on Amazon)
      • Chinese tablets are half the price – caveats apply
    • Standard term deployment will often use Dell or HP corporate class (Optiplex)
      • Can make for easier servicing if enterprise already uses them
    • Longer term with periodic updates
      • Much better off with purpose-built industrial PC. Will save a lot of money over the long haul.
    • Complex device projects e.g. multi-currency bill pay
      • Industrial PC given the USB, Serial ports
      • Don’t cheap out on your USB hub or router either (if needed)
    • Pick a kiosk manufacturer with years of experience. They can tell you based on data what fails and what doesn’t

Contact [email protected] and we can refer you based on your needs and quantity. We also offer free advice and consulting.

Too often iterations that are not really kiosks are called kiosks, usually, because the functionality is close to the same. A handheld tablet can range in cost from $75 to $7500. Which one are you talking about?

Questions we usually ask, when you ask

  • How many units now and how many later?
  • How big a screen do you want?
  • Will you need someone to provide software?
  • Will you be doing the software and if so what are the preferred platforms?
  • Does the kiosk need to include devices like a printer, barcode scanner, camera, microphone, POS terminal?
  • What about a computer? Do you need a hepped up i7 or will a Celeron/equivalent suffice?
  • Are you wanting to consign any of those components?
  • Is it a standup terminal, or a countertop, or a wallmount?
  • Is outdoor a consideration and if so where and when?
  • Service and warranty are significant price components, and they recur
  • Do you want a custom design? Figure 50K of NRE (non-recurring engineering)

General Kiosk Price Range (including service and warranty)

  • simple check-in low function – $500. Could be as simple as a tablet from Amazon (and China) or an AIO (All-in-one) or an actual kiosk. Success probability = low and expect them to be higher overhead with more downtime.
  • High-end accessible patient check-in – can easily be $10K full package
  • Smart city outdoor kiosk with big 55 inch screens?  Figure 50K
  • Financial bill pay range from $6000 to $20K
  • Outdoor — 25% premium at minimum. There are different mitigation levels.

Video Examples

Here is a look at the “top end” of kiosk price, a DMV kiosk.  Typically they handle multiple payment options and may include a cash recycler.  This is one from California DMV by KIOSK.  The application likely done by ITI. The simple kiosk cost? Closer to $20K…

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Contact [email protected] and we can refer you based on your needs and quantity

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