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POS Kiosk and POS Terminals

POS Kiosk and Terminal Companies The POS kiosk faces the customer. The POS terminal is generally employee-facing though double-sided is now facing customers.  It is hardware and software. It is transactional but it can also be informational. Consider digital menus and messaging, for example, digital advertising and branding. Simply put — Point-of-sale (POS) systems are all types of… Read More »

NRF Kiosks 2023 KMA – Samsung, Pyramid, KioWare, Vispero,& Olea.

NRF 2023 Also covered for this “NRx” tradeshow — include 22Miles, BurgerFi, Cosmopolitan, Wendys POS, Menu Boards, WelcomeWare and Elotouch — Here is link to NRF page Click here to search NRF site — https://nrfbigshow.nrf.com/search Show Specials Curved Displays are Popular – 22Miles — Good example of curved displays. One of Dizzie candidates is the Peerless-AV project in… Read More »