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By | June 23, 2020
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Restaurant Kiosks – Why You Need Them

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Eating out is a common feature of our social and personal lives. Everything from dates to important client meetings often happens at a¬†restaurant,¬†yet,¬†there have been minimal changes to the way¬†in which¬†we¬†obtain¬†our food. Customers are changing and so are their habits, but because of the lack of a better alternative, clients continue to experience the hassles of waiting in line to¬†order¬†their food and dealing with incorrect orders. Lines, waiting, delays, and other inadequacies have become a routine part of the restaurant experience.¬†Luckily, the perfect solution to this problem already¬†exists¬†‚ÄĒ¬†self-service kiosks.¬†¬†

What is a Self-Service Kiosk? 

A self-service kiosk is a device that allows the user to complete a task or activity via a machine and without the need for human assistance. In restaurants, customers can use self-service kiosks to place their orders and make payments. With perks like shorter lines and streamlined order management, this new and improved way of ordering is guaranteed to make the restaurant experience more efficient for customers, restaurant owners, and restaurant employees. 

Why Do We Need Self-Service Kiosks? 

Here are 5 reasons why your business needs self-service kiosks: 

  1. Coronavirus Concerns

At a time when everything has changed because of the current pandemic, COVID-19 has impacted customer-restaurant relationships as well by creating new uncertainties and barriers in terms of restaurant accessibility.  

Moreover, government-sanctioned¬†social¬†distancing policies have changed how we order and eat. Most restaurants are extensively utilizing online ordering and contactless delivery to minimize the spread of the virus.‚ÄĮ¬†

Now more than ever, the need for reducing human contact is being realized, and this could be the perfect opportunity for restaurants to revolutionize the way customers interact with restaurants. 

By ushering in self-service kiosks, restaurants will give clients a sense of comfort and safety in knowing that they can receive their food with minimal human interaction. 

  1. Less Waiting for Customers

Self-service kiosks have shown to shorten and even eliminate lines. Reduced wait times ensure that customers get their food as quickly as possible. A convenient and user-friendly online ordering experience lets your clients seamlessly order their food. 

  1. Less Anxiety for Customers

Since using self-service kiosks shortens lines, customers are able to get to their orders quicker, and without any lines behind them, they are able to focus more on what they want to order instead of worrying about holding up the line. 

  1. Fewer Inaccuracies and Inconsistencies in Ordering

When customers enter their orders directly into the system, there are fewer chances of¬†error.¬†With the removal of the cashier as an¬†intermediary,¬†the order goes directly from the customer to the kitchen, so the hances¬†of¬†any¬†miscommunication¬†are¬†minimized.¬†Self-service kiosks along with other business automation technology have the capacity to provide an in-sync way for restaurant employees to manage customers, orders, and payments in one place.‚ÄĮ¬†

  1. Increase Revenue by Upselling

The freedom that self-ordering provides directly correlates with increased revenue. Automated upselling via self-service kiosks is shown to increase revenue by 12-22%. Algorithmically calculated suggestions during the ordering process give your customers that final push they need to add items to their order that they were previously on the fence about. 

Self-service kiosks can completely revolutionize the restaurant experience. By providing comfort and ease of access, self-service kiosks ensure maximum efficiency for customers and restaurants alike. 

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