Meridian Temperature Tablets Endanger Public Safety

By | July 22, 2022
IPVM Meridian

Our resource at IPVM just published a PSA on one of many manufacturers’ practices.

By John Honovich, Published on Oct 21, 2020

IPVM’s testing of and investigation into Meridian Kiosk’s temperature screening devices show that Meridian has deceived the public endangering safety. This 1-minute video explains:

Worth Noting

IPVM’s research indicates at least 14 companies are reselling Bems fever detection kiosks as their own product. The companies are listed below:

  • AlphaCard
  • Astouch
  • Atlantic
  • Focused Technology
  • Groove Badges
  • Creative Realties
  • Info-Motion
  • LamasaTech
  • Meridian
  • Native Gaming Services
  • OneScreen
  • Popshap
  • Signfastic
  • Supearior
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