5 Kiosk Design Tips for Scalable Kiosk Applications

By | February 27, 2021
Kiosk Design Applications for Scalability

Kiosk Design Applications for Scalability

Kiosk Software Design Tips

Kiosk Design Tips :  Blog article on designing kiosk application to scale.  Creating a kiosk application capable of scaling from a handful of kiosks at a single location, up to thousands of kiosks spread across multiple regions requires that you design for scalability from day one.

Source: blog.kiosksimple.com


1. Offload computation to the kiosk to reduce the workload on the server

2. Choose the right database engine based on the nature of your data

3. Use a reliable content delivery network with geo-location to rapidly deliver content

4. Ensure maintainability through modular design and loosely coupled layers
5. Regularly analyze your code to ensure it’s running efficiently