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By | July 30, 2015
jpay inmate kiosk

JPay Inmate Kiosks for Prison

Prisons are finally getting a high-tech upgrade to whatever wherever.  Prison kiosk and prison tablets that are basically micropayment driven via “virtual stamps”.

Jpay kiosk tablet

Jpay kiosk tablet

The only hitch: everything comes at a cost, including emails, which require a paid virtual “stamp” to go through to recipients. Stamp pricing varies depending on the prison, but each one goes for about the same cost as a physical stamp.


The company’s various services are now offered at over 1,200 facilities in 34 states, ranging from low-security outfits to supermax prisons. In 2014, inmates sent over 14.2 million emails and 650,000 mobile payments through JPay’s systems. Over 40,000 JP4 Android tablets — the most up-to-date JPay tablet at the time — were purchased.

JPAY Kiosks are devices that allow prisoners to access various services, such as money transfer, email, video calls, music, and education. They are operated by JPay, a company that provides correctional technology solutions in 21 states. The kiosks charge fees for each service, which are paid by virtual stamps that prisoners or their families can buy. The kiosks are also monitored by prison authorities and have accessibility features for prisoners with special needs123Some critics argue that JPay exploits prisoners and their families by charging high fees and limiting their communication options4However, JPay claims that its kiosks improve the quality of life and rehabilitation of prisoners.

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