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Kiosk Design – Rapid Prototype Kiosks – Modular

Rapid Prototyping Becoming the Norm for Kiosk Design From Olea Kiosks — Today, businesses are always looking for ways to stay ahead, particularly as it relates to technology adaptation or the next evolution in their digital transformation. Rapid prototyping has emerged as a key strategy, allowing companies to quickly turn ideas into tangible models for testing. This approach… Read More »

Kiosk Design – Responsive Kiosk Interface Part 1

How to Design a Responsive Kiosk User Interface – Part 1 A responsive kiosk user interface is a crucial component of developing a kiosk application that’s a pleasure for your customers to use.  If your kiosk’s user interface appears sluggish, you can expect your customers will opt for interacting with a cashier, which defeats the purpose of having a self-service… Read More »

Digital Kiosk Technologies – Transformation Enabled Kiosk Design

Kiosk Design – How to Leverage Technology and Control Total Cost of Ownership Edited from Olea Kiosk blog July 2021  Best Practices  July 16, 2021 Introduction As we continue to see technology adoption grow across the general population, there are opportunities for companies looking to expand their digital transformation using self-service kiosk solutions. Not only are businesses looking for… Read More »

Kiosks vs Kiosks Usability

A very nice article on usability and design by Digital Wellbeing Labs. This is earlier review of earlier iterations of the “cool unit” that was just deployed at JFK. Posted by agrunsteidl on 12/12/08 • Categorized as interactions, retail environments, service design   Why do some kiosks appeal, whilst others are frankly just repulsive? I have this weird relationship… Read More »

Self-Checkout Kiosk Design – Pyramid Computer Award for NANO

Self-Checkout Kiosk Design News Pyramid Computer has received the Good Design Award for its new Polytouch® NANO self-checkout terminal. The GDA has been awarded by the Chicago Athenaeum since 1950 and is one of the most prestigious awards for industrial and product design. From Pyramid. For more information email [email protected] and we can arrange intro. To be eligible for one of the… Read More »

What Ever Happened to Experience Design?

Technology isn’t a substitute for human-centered solutions Source: www.metropolismag.com this uneasy reentry makes me think that, for decades now, we have bought into tech fixes that initially drive us crazy. Human-centered experience design can remedy this condition of anxiety and inefficiency. What are we waiting for? Post Views: 794

Kiosk Magazine – FMA Magazine Spring 2019

FMA Magazine Spring 2019 Issue Released The Impulse Buy – The Psychology Behind Retail How Interactive Can Change the Cannabis Dispensary Industry Usability and Accessibility: Guidelines Brands Must Consider When Developing a Kiosk Program The Psychology Behind Retail Marketing On the Road with FMA Frank Mayer and Associates, Inc. is a leader in the development of in-store merchandising… Read More »

5 Kiosk Design Tips for Scalable Kiosk Applications

Blog article on designing kiosk application to scale.  Creating a kiosk application capable of scaling from a handful of kiosks at a single location, up to thousands of kiosks spread across multiple regions requires that you design for scalability from day one. 

Source: blog.kiosksimple.com

1. Offload computation to the kiosk to reduce the workload on the server

2. Choose the right database engine based on the nature of your data

3. Use a reliable content delivery network with geo-location to rapidly deliver content

4. Ensure maintainability through modular design and loosely coupled layers

5. Regularly analyze your code to ensure it’s running efficiently