Interactive 50″ Restaurant Drive Thru Kiosk Ordering with Bite Ninja

By | April 14, 2021

Assisted Drive-Thru Kiosk Selling – Menu Board with Live Video Insert

assisted drive-thru selling

assisted drive-thru selling

From NRN — Bite Ninja lets foodservice companies dole out drive-thru shifts to trained salesperson freelancers working remotely in an Uber-like system.  Editor Note: Putting Gig workers to work in advisory order-processing mode onscreen is a first. Normally this is addition to guided selling or customer service app.


Bite Ninja — founded by Memphis Meats cofounder and restaurant operator William Clem and entrepreneur Orin Wilson in 2020 — uses a gig economy model to allow restaurants to outsource their drive-thru operations to freelance “ninjas” working from home. Although the Uber-like system is only available right now at Clem’s restaurant Baby Jack’s in Tennessee, it will be rolling out soon to 5-6 unnamed mid-sized restaurant chains.

Much like Uber Eats, Bite Ninja matches up gig workers working from home with a restaurant operator in need of someone to work the drive-thru, virtually through their own computers and proprietary software. Workers can sign up for shifts, and there is even surge pricing for restaurant operators that need workers at short notice and during peak hours. When a customer pulls up, they’ll see a friendly (remote) face on a screen to walk them through the ordering process. The customer gets clear and consistent customer service, and the restaurant gets to outsource a pain-point for their in-person employees, Clem and Wilson say: it’s both a staffing and software solution.



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