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By | April 14, 2021
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All-In-One-Computers Help Taco Bell Go All Digital

Nice article on restaurant kiosks and the new Taco Bell kiosks from QSR Magazine Apr 2021. Times Square comes with its own unique set of variables.  The guess is Elotouch is providing the all-in-one computer with wall mount or countertop mount. Our guess is j1900 Celeron with Windows (and enhanced version of Eloview).  Noteworthy too a couple of years ago Mcdonald’s did their Times Square deal.   — QSR Magazine — The showstopping design has 10 kiosks to replace traditional analog menu boards.


Taco Bell had big plans for the Big Apple in 2018. Roughly three years after revealing a push to enter urban markets nationwide, the chain opened the first of three “Cantina” restaurants in Manhattan. To that point, and since making its 2015 announcement, Taco Bell brought 19 Cantinas and 16 Urban In-Line concepts to life. Six came to NYC’s five boroughs alone.

In total today, Taco Bell has introduced about 30 Cantinas across the U.S., part of about 60 urban in-line locations (Cantina units serve alcohol, while the others just feature a similar design).

But the NYC project itself stalled a bit, and especially in light of COVID-19, when the drive-thru became the lifeline of a clamped industry. In August, Taco Bell unveiled its “Go Mobile” design, a unit specifically built for customers ordering ahead through the chain’s mobile app. Essentially, it’s a double drive-thru prototype built around digital adoption, complete with a smaller footprint (just 1,325 square feet compared to 2,500) and smart kitchen technology that detects when guests arrive and suggests the quickest route.

Improved Employee Utilization: Taco Bell’s open kitchen and alcoholic drink don’t just contemporize the consumer experience, they said. It will also optimize and redeploy the role of the team member within the restaurant experience.  No elaboration on that.

Order Ahead Pickup Cubbies: Cantina design highlights the pickup point. Separate double-door entrance allows customers to skip the traditional experience. Enter order number on touchscreen and grab your meal from one of 15 cubbies.

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  • Elotouch Restaurant and QSR solutions — With a modular hardware platform, you can easily configure restaurant kiosks, digital menu boards, KDS stations, restaurant POS systems, tableside ordering and line busting. Creating a connected restaurant has never been easier.

Souvenirs: Customers can order these—like the food—directly via the kiosks.

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