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Kiosk Drive-Thru Kiosk News

Kiosk Drive thru kiosk latest news and articles related to drive-thru kiosks, which are self-service devices that allow customers to order and pay for food or other products without leaving their vehicles.

  • Benefits of Drive-Thru Kiosks**: Some of the benefits of drive-thru kiosks include increased sales, improved customer satisfaction, reduced labor costs, enhanced operational efficiency, and better data collection.
  • Examples of Drive-Thru Kiosks**: The page features several examples of drive-thru kiosks from different industries and vendors, such as:
  • McDonald’s**: The fast-food giant has deployed drive-thru kiosks in many locations, offering customers a touchless and convenient way to order and pay.
  • Panera Bread**: The bakery-cafe chain has introduced drive-thru kiosks that integrate with its loyalty program and mobile app, allowing customers to customize their orders and earn rewards.
  • ZIVELO**: The kiosk manufacturer has designed and installed drive-thru kiosks for various clients, such as Taco Bell, Dunkin’ Donuts, and MOD Pizza, using its patented Voice AI technology and modular hardware.
  • Challenges and Solutions for Drive-Thru Kiosks**: The page also discusses some of the challenges and solutions for drive-thru kiosks, such as:
  • Weather Resistance: Drive-thru kiosks need to withstand harsh weather conditions, such as rain, snow, heat, and cold. Solutions include using durable materials, waterproof coatings, heating and cooling systems, and sunlight-readable screens. See Isotropic Failures of Outdoor Menu boards at McDonalds 
  • Accessibility and Compliance**: Drive-thru kiosks need to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and other regulations, ensuring that they are accessible and usable by all customers. Solutions include using adjustable mounts, audio and visual aids, and alternative input methods.

Panasonic Connect Drive-Thru Solutions – Toughbooks, Stingray, ClearConnect Family

Panasonic Connect Complete Drive-Thru Update – July 2023 Thanks to its sheer size, Panasonic Connect is one of the few if not only companies that offers and supports a complete restaurant technology portfolio. An example of that is the Panasonic Connect Drive-Thru Solution. All in all, Panasonic Connect offers technology solutions that meet the market’s needs. Panasonic Connect’s… Read More »

Restaurant Drive Thru Headsets – The Human Bean

Restaurant Drive Thru Headsets Case Study Summary When The Human Bean needed a higher quality, cost-effective solution to improve communications at their current and future franchise locations, they turned to Panasonic Connect, the leaders in durability, to help better connect team members with customers – and each other. The Attune HD is the next generation, drive-thru communication system… Read More »

AI Drive Thru Menu Boards – Samsung White Castle

Samsung, SoundHound and White Castle Revolutionize Voice AI Drive-Thrus From Samsung White Castle plans to roll out the cutting-edge, interactive menu boards to over 100 drive-thru lanes Samsung Electronics America, Inc., and SoundHound AI, Inc. (Nasdaq: SOUN), a global leader in voice artificial intelligence (AI), today announced that they will be working together with White Castle, America’s first… Read More »

Drive Thru QSR Study 2022 (eg McDonalds Drive Thru)

Drive Thru Technology (eg McDonalds Drive Thru) Each year Intouch Insight along with QSR magazine do their analysis of QSR drive-thrus to see who is getting faster and who is getting slower. Drive-Thru utilizes a number of technologies including: Humans with tablets taking orders from waiting customers Two way audio systems for ordering Typically multiple large 55 inch… Read More »

Drive-Thru Whitepaper – Continuing Evolution

Drive-Thru Evolution Whitepaper Learn the latest drive-thru trends taking place across the restaurant industry that are meeting customers’ needs while increasing operators’ revenues.  For more information, you can email [email protected] Executive Summary Once considered an adjunct to an established restaurant, the drive-thru has evolved into an essential business component helping eateries achieve profitability and exceed customer expectations. Drive-thrus… Read More »

Drive Thru Voice Order AI – Good Times Order Taking

 Original complete article on the Denver Post published 2/15/2019.  Support the Denver Post!  Updated 3/23/2019. AI Taking Your Order at Drive Thru Kiosk Voice The Good Times Burgers & Frozen Custard at 2095 South Broadway is testing artificial intelligence to take drive-through breakfast orders. The artificial intelligence company, Valyant AI based in Denver says their deal marks one… Read More »

Shake Shack Kiosks Important Component in 2023

Shake Shack Kiosks From Yahoo Finance Jan 2023 Tagline – Shake Shack’s outlook for 2023: more locations, more sales—and drive-thrus Looking for a $10 burger? Most chains cannot stop themselves from uttering the phrase “AI” or “robotics” for that matter.  Interesting areas here are the relentless focus on drive-thru, kiosks improving margins (albeit cashless) and using kiosks to… Read More »

Reverse Case Study – Outdoor Drive-thru Menuboards at McDonalds

McDonald’s Drive-Thru Outdoor LCD Failures Worth noting the noting of this isotropic screen failure at McDonalds Drive-Thru in California (Sep2020).  Further investigation points to a Samsung OH55F, which given the specifications, is surprising. Our guess is the vendor supplying these is Coates and we have sent a query to them asking about this. August 2022 Update Another example… Read More »

Transformation of the Drive-Thru – Whitepaper

Drive-Thru Restaurant Technology Whitepaper Learn the latest drive-thru trends taking place across the restaurant technology industry that are meeting customers’ needs while increasing operators’ revenues. Excerpt Once considered an adjunct to an established restaurant, the drive-thru has evolved into an essential business component helping eateries achieve profitability and exceed customer expectations. Drive-thru’s are illustrative of a case where… Read More »

In The Wild – Drive-Thru Kiosk Self-Order Subway Drive Thru

Caught in the Wild – Subway Drive Thru Kiosk   Steve Evans Account Manager for the World’s Fastest Drive Thru™ Kiosk Solution at NEXTEP SYSTEMS Hello folks!  Please help me congratulate Tara Hill and her staff for her implementation of our World’s Fastest Drive Thru™ Solution at her brand new Fresh Forward SUBWAY® Restaurant located in Lower Sackville, Nova… Read More »

Drive Thru Ordering – McDonalds Goes For Dynamic Menus in Drive-Thru

Published March 25th Yahoo News [April 1st update — McDonalds makes a second purchase. This time it is mobile software. The burger giant is making a $3.7 million minority investment in the New Zealand-based company Plexure] Excerpt The Golden Arches revealed Monday its biggest acquisition in more than 20 years, acquiring privately held tech platform Dynamic Yield. McDonald’s… Read More »

Drive Thru Kiosk Presentation – Intel

Drive Thru Kiosks Nice presentation video by Intel on next technology for Drive Thru Self-Order.  There have been other interations with AI assist on the drive-thru with several companies including Zivelo. Presentation includes a number of new terms including Digital Natives. Strategic Objectives 40% of restaurants want to improve business insights 38% want to improve digital customer engagement… Read More »

McDonalds Drive Through Kiosk Designs – Deployed

McDonalds Drive-Thru Kiosks During recent COVID months, Evoke Creative and McDonalds self-serve has been busy developing and manufacturing over 2,000 new drive-thru car side kiosks and digital order confirmation screens for McDonald’s self-serve kiosks for customers. With drive-thru seeing an obvious surge in popularity, is this now the blueprint for all out of town QSRs? Fantastic to be… Read More »

McDrive McDonald’s Drive Thru Germany

Original article (in German) Mar2021 McDrive – McDonald’s Germany Using LG High Brightness The almost 1,000 McDonalds restaurants with McDrive in Germany will be equipped with LG High Brightness Displays by the end of the year. Almost all drive-thru locations receive the new wind- and weatherproof, sunlight-compatible digital signage displays. March 17, 2021 by Florian Rotberg In total, more than 4,000… Read More »

Interactive 50″ Restaurant Drive Thru Kiosk Ordering with Bite Ninja

Assisted Drive-Thru Kiosk Selling – Menu Board with Live Video Insert From NRN — Bite Ninja lets foodservice companies dole out drive-thru shifts to trained salesperson freelancers working remotely in an Uber-like system.  Editor Note: Putting Gig workers to work in advisory order-processing mode onscreen is a first. Normally this is addition to guided selling or customer service… Read More »