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By | February 12, 2024
restaurant drive thru headsets

Restaurant Drive Thru Headsets Case Study


When The Human Bean needed a higher quality, cost-effective solution to improve communications at their current and future franchise locations, they turned to Panasonic Connect, the leaders in durability, to help better connect team members with customers – and each other. The Attune HD is the next generation, drive-thru communication system that features four levels of digital noise reduction technology. Now, team members and customers experience crystal-clear, noise-free sound without annoying auditory distractions.

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There is no frequency disruption because the Attune HD operates on a unique frequency to avoid interfering with nearby devices, with three microphones that detect and cancel out three different types of noises, including burst noises like loud sirens and ice machines, drone noises like traffic or electronic equipment and background noises like indoor chatter from the front of the house.

Several of The Human Bean locations were looking for a different, more cost-effective solution to improve the communication between their employees and customers. They wanted to avoid overpaying for a sound system riddled with static that resulted in team frustration and order errors.


A number of The Human Bean locations installed Panasonic Connect’s Attune HD Communications System, with digital noise reduction technology that delivers the clearest, noise-free sound between customers and employees, for faster service and
minimized errors.


Panasonic Connect’s Attune HD Communications System has helped streamline operations – with clearer team and customers communications and reduced errors




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