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By | July 11, 2023
panasonic connect

Panasonic Connect Complete Drive-Thru Update – July 2023

panasonic connect

Panasonic Connect

Thanks to its sheer size, Panasonic Connect is one of the few if not only companies that offers and supports a complete restaurant technology portfolio. An example of that is the Panasonic Connect Drive-Thru Solution.

All in all, Panasonic Connect offers technology solutions that meet the market’s needs.

Panasonic Connect’s Drive-Thru Solution

The drive-thru operation has become a quick-service restaurant’s biggest source of revenue, accounting for over 70% of sales (QSR Magazine). To give customers the experience they expect, it’s critical that every piece of technology works optimally together – which means crystal clear communication, accurate orders, and minimal wait times. That’s why Panasonic Connect has created a family of next-generation drive-thru solutions.

Your guests will be greeted with stunning visuals on Digital Menu Boards. They’ll receive accurate orders and friendly service with the Attune HD Communications System. They’ll even experience reduced wait times thanks to TOUGHBOOK® Line-Busting tablets and Stingray® Point-of-Sale Systems.

Panasonic Connect also understands that ongoing support is essential for running your drive-thru smoothly. The Panasonic Connect Professional Services Group is your partner from installation and deployment to ongoing support and maintenance.

Contact info: | 1-877-726-2767, Option 2

Family of Solutions

Attune HD® Communications System

The Attune HD® Drive-Thru Communications System delivers industry-leading sound quality. No more asking, “I’m sorry, can you repeat that?” With 4 levels of noise-canceling technology, your staff will hear customer orders—and nothing else. When communications are this clear and easy to understand, you’ll see improved order accuracy and friendlier interactions with your guests. Plus, the Regional Manager Headset Feature allows you to proactively interact with crew members without having to enter the store.

  • Increase Order Accuracy
  • Enhance Customer Satisfaction
  • Improve Speed of Service

Stingray® Point-of-Sale Solutions

Our Stingray® Point-of-Sale Terminals have a legacy that spans over 40 years. Thanks to unmatched durability and reliability, they have become the workhorse of the quick-service restaurant industry. This experience has enabled us to develop a family of versatile point-of-sale terminals designed to meet the heavy demands of today’s drive-thru lanes.

  • Flexible Configuration
  • Unmatched Durability • Software Agnostic

Line-Busting TOUGHBOOK® Tablets

Deploying the line-busting, fully rugged TOUGHBOOK® allows crew members to reduce the wait time and speed up the entire ordering process in the drive-thru lane. The earlier your staff engages with guests, the more likely they are to remain in the drive-thru lane.

  • 18 Hour Battery Life
  • 1,000 Nit Brightness for Use in Sunlight
  • Software Agnostic
  • Weather-resistant to Work in Rain

Digital Menu Boards

Promote your restaurant’s offerings with rich content on vivid, eye-catching displays. A digital menu board offers an engaging experience from the moment your guests arrive. Your operation will experience increased order accuracy and reduced wait times thanks to your customers’ ability to easily read and confirm their order.

  • Weather-resistant Outdoor Digital Signage
  • Easy-to-Update, Dynamic Content
  • Dayparting
  • Brilliant display

Installation, Support & Maintenance

Panasonic Connect Professional Services Group has installed, deployed, and supported a wide range of drive-thru technology. Whether we’re setting up a single location, multiple locations across the country, or engaging in long-term service and support, you can count on the industry’s most reliable teams to provide a seamless experience.

  • Installation & Deployment Services
  • Service Depot & Repair Center
  • Data Analytics
  • Call Center – 24/7/365
  • Managed Professional Services

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