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By | March 1, 2022
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Lockdown Browser Software for Android

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lockdown browser kioware

lockdown browser kioware

In Brief

  • Android 11 Now Supported
  • Remote Monitoring Communication enhancements
  • Migration from older versions enhanced support
  • The usual requisite clean up this and that.

KioWare for Android Version 4.1 Released


YORK, Pa. — A new version update of KioWare for Anrdoid has been released. Version 4.1 for Android is now available with many improvements that work toward the company’s goal of constantly improving user experience.

Improved Location Services

The location services have been upgraded to use high-accuracy device location for more precise triangulation.

Manual Migration from Older Versions of KioWare for Android

Manual migration backups on updates have been enabled for any version of KioWare for Android 3.24 or earlier.

Upgraded Communication with KioWare Server 5.0

Implemented improved communication and integration between KioWare Server 5.0 and KioWare for Android.

Upgraded App to Support Android 11

KioWare for Android now supports the new Android 11 operating system.

Added Migration Backup Assistance

Migrations from version are now being backed up by a settings file to prevent the loss of user settings when updating KioWare for Android.

Various Bug Fixes and Updates

Among the major updates to KioWare for Android 4.1 comes other routine maintenance updates and addressing bugs reported in the previous version of KioWare for Android.

Analytical Design Solutions, Inc. dba KioWare has been in business since 1991 providing IT consulting to businesses of all sizes, is located in York, Pennsylvania, and is a worldwide market leader in self-service kiosk and purposed device markets. KioWare is kiosk system software that kiosk applications are built on and is used in over 14,000 projects in over 140 countries with project deployments that range from a handful to many thousands of kiosks.

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