Dave and Busters Kiosk Next Generation Case Study by Diebold Nixdorf

By | March 9, 2022
diebold kiosk k2

Diebold Nixdorf Kiosks and Dave and Buster

Latest news from DN talks about new rollout for K2 kiosks at Dave and Busters is case study (routine eblast from KMC). This deployment was originally pushed back in October of 2019. We are guessing given the pandemic there haven’t been a lot of deployments since March 2020. We will check the local D&B here in Denver but Colorado basically just opened retail March 1, 2022.

dave and busters kiosk

dave and busters kiosk original screen

In Brief

  • Recycled news but with pandemic ending more relevant
  • The highpoint of the K2s might be the option for AudioNav accessibility options
  • Has the usual ugly non-CAT certified POS wart appendage
  • It’s a version of their McDonalds-type kiosk. Even has the Zivelo-type sidebars
  • The original kiosk design was by Frank Mayer who did a nice job on the kiosks (actually a better design)
  • The software was originally by St. Clair Interactive and Doug Peter. Blast from the past.
  • The old generation was on XP which was discontinued. That likely drove D&B to re-engineer their kiosks.
  • Next-gen Beetle is our guess for PC
  • Here is the original DN blog — note the 404 Not Found errors on the “full rollout” and the K2 kiosks
  • Diebold only has one kiosk listed on its site and it is the K2.  For “kiosk” search results they return results like the Beetle A1050 15″ AIO for POS so essentially no real kiosks. Diebold (and Wincor) generally win and have won few and far between self-service kiosk projects. Their bread and butter is in retail systems, ATMs and financial banks. Wincor did do one of the earlier USPS kiosk deployments with IBM (back when IBM still did kiosks).
  • dave and buster stock performance

    dave and buster stock performance — March 2020 pandemic onset is obvious – click for full size

    Business data

    • DN 2019 entry page lists D&B with 134 stores in 39 states
    • This case study lists D&B with 144 stores in 40 states (1/31/2021 data)
    • Last 10K for D&B March 2021 — next one 3/31/2022
    • Latest quarterly shows 143 stores
  • Here is the latest case study – it says copyright 2022


The K-TWO Kiosk from Diebold Nixdorf is the perfect tool in your omnichannel arsenal. This kiosk allows you to add a digital element to your QSR or business, along with more options for customer personalization. Merge the physical and the digital with this Reddot Award Winning kiosk that empowers customers through choice, frictionless interaction, and an enhanced experience.

Onsite Review

We visited our local D&B.  Interesting they kept the old FMA cash kiosk, added a phone charger station.  Nice accessibility touch.



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