ADA kiosk lawsuits targeting kiosks: Part 1

By | April 6, 2017

ADA Kiosk

Because the ADA does not specify how kiosks should accommodate the visually impaired, the industry is challenged in how to comply with the law’s mandate. Lawsuits on behalf of visually impaired individuals could clarify what measures kiosk manufacturers should take to improve access for the visually impaired.


Nice article on ADA and kiosks

Part II of feature series — A lack of clarity in the Americans with Disabilities Act has led to numerous instances where people with disabilities have encountered problems when trying to use self-serve kiosks.

Part III of series — Assistive technology for the disabled has improved and become more pervasive in recent years, offering an opportunity for kiosk manufacturers to better serve an important customer base and meet ADA requirements.


“Making a kiosk accessible used to be an extremely expensive and time intensive endeavor,” said Laura Boniello Miller, director of marketing at KioWare Kiosk Software Analytical Design Solutions Inc. “As it currently stands, accessible kiosks can actually serve to provide assistive technologies for customers and users that improve the customer experience – making a business more accessible through the addition of a kiosk.”

“Even the most basic and cost effective options are underutilized,” observed Tom McClelland, president of DynaTouch, a self-service kiosk solutions provider.

“There are very few kiosk manufacturers and integrators who make their clients aware of these technologies,” said McClelland. “For some, that may be because they simply aren’t aware of all the technologies. For others, it probably has more to do with the added cost. To equip a self-service kiosk with complete and comprehensive assistive technologies requires specialized design, software and hardware.”

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