Chromebook Touchscreen – Is it the new media player for Digital Signage?

By | January 27, 2021

Chromebook Touchscreen Update

Chromebook touchscreen Lenovo at Walmart

$134 Chromebook touchscreen Lenovo at Walmart

January 2021 news updates on regarding Chromebook Touchscreens

Chromebook touchscreen computers are a popular item when it comes to a thin client or restricted computer client. IT administrators usually hold up a big sign that says Patch Management with Windows is Hell. I know I used too (then we switched to LTSB). There is something to be said for Windows-based thin clients especially since, historically, they have been largest segment.  And management was easier.

We see it in digital signage where management features and sheer graphics internet rendering are king priority.  Windows has a greater tendency to interrupt.

Touchscreens are natural.  Most of the interfaces are beginning to blend the mobile UI into the desktop,  discarding the “historically popular” mouse pointer and the little square icon. Pick up a telephone handset and look at the size of the buttons. Not a bad reference.

Anyway, we digress. Here is a quick topical look at Chromebook touchscreen computers.

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