Contactless Temperature Kiosk – Wrist Check New from Frank Mayer $1950

By | December 14, 2020
Temperature kiosk wrist scan

New contactless temperature kiosk from Frank Mayer

Contactless Temperature Kiosk Brochure

Contactless Temperature Kiosk Brochure

Frank Mayer releases new temperature kiosk priced at $1950.  Made in the US.  Instead of the usual forehead measurement the new model uses the wrist. That will increase accuracy and eliminate a lot of variables the forehead systems entail.

To support CDC compliance this unit provides the approved question and answer protocol.

A RFID proximity reader is provided for reading ID badges along with a barcode scanner. This facilitates employee monitoring.

Contactless Temperature Kiosk Brochure

The Screening Process

  1. An employee or visitor is greeted by a welcome screen and instructed to either answer compliance questions or scan their ID for a wrist temperature scan.
  2. If the temperature is normal and health questions are compliant, the screen turns green and alerts the user that he or she has passed.
  3. If a person is noncompliant, a message appears asking the employee to step aside and wait for a second verification.
  4. Text or email alerts are immediately sent to designated individuals regarding health screening and temperature data.

From the Frank Mayer website —

The best temperature screening kiosk for touch-free monitoring, our Contactless Temperature Kiosk quickly checks body temperatures using an infrared sensor which measures the wrist.

Customized with a contactless ID reader and wrist scan, the temperature kiosk is an efficient way to screen groups of people quickly and in a safe manner.

Kiosk Features

  • Contactless ID Reader with Pass/Fail Convenience or Health Compliance Option
    The kiosk offers a contactless ID reader with rapid pass/fail results to reduce wait times in high traffic environments. A more comprehensive screening using customizable questions regarding health symptoms can be applied at no additional cost.
  • Infrared Temperature Sensor Technology
    Temperature sensing technology measures body temperature through the wrist and is accurate within a half degree Fahrenheit.
  • Real-Time Data
    Text or email alerts are immediately sent to designated individuals regarding health screening and temperature data.
  • Secure Record of Compliance Traceability
    Answers to screening questions and temperature readings are recorded using nondescript user identification.
Frequently Asked Questions

Press Release

The Contactless Wrist Temperature Kiosk offers worksites, assisted living facilities, healthcare clinics, and more a touch-free option to quickly check employee and visitor body temperatures using an infrared sensor on the user’s wrist.

Available as a pass/fail temperature check option to alleviate wait times, the kiosk can also be programmed to offer more comprehensive screening with customizable health screening questions.

Real-time results are communicated to a remote content management system that can keep a secure record of compliance. If a person screens as non-compliant, text or email alerts are automatically sent to designated individuals.

“Our line of temperature kiosks was born from the desire to help businesses offer safe and effective ways to maintain workplace safety,” Mike Mayer, President at Frank Mayer and Associates, Inc. says. “Not only do the kiosks reduce the cost of employing a dedicated temperature checker, but with
companies more mindful of keeping illnesses away from the worksite, they’ll continue to play a role in employee and visitor safety long past the pandemic.”

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