KIOSK Shows Return Kiosks at Shoptalk

By | June 7, 2022
return kiosks by KIOSK

Return Kiosks News

Find our KIOSK Team Mike RaudenbushKarina Kowara & Kim Sanders at Shoptalk exhibiting return-kiosk solutions for the very first time in Europe. In collaboration with Doddle, we want to simplify the self-service process of returning products for both customers and businesses. Drop by at booth D72 to find out how return kiosks work. For more information email [email protected]

return kiosks

click for full size – return kiosks

return kiosks

Click for full size – return kiosks

About Return Kiosks

Value Drivers

Automated product returns kiosks let customers spend less time standing in lines waiting to physically return purchases, which means they can spend more time in store shopping. Service desks are areas of pressure for stores, as shoppers maintain distance between each other, significantly increasing the length of lines. Providing a self-service kiosk for drop-offs enables customer return transactions to skip the line, save time, and maintain social distancing behavior.

Returns processing solution kiosks enable you to:

  • Reduce line time for customers, for added convenience and more time to shop
  • Reassure customers of return success with simple customer journey and digital receipts
  • Create positive brand associations: easy-to-use tech solves a frustrating problem
  • Save time for staff members with fewer over-the-counter returns
  • Drive additional footfall into store without overloading store staff
  • Increase insight via data capture into who is returning, what is coming back, and why

Retail operators should also see this as an opportunity to drive footfall and better understand customer returns behavior to improve marketing. Using digital kiosks allows retailers to accurately capture returns data as well as streamline returns operations and cost.

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