NCR Reselling GRUBBRR Samsung as Aloha Kiosk

By | May 16, 2024
NCR kiosk McDonalds

NCR Announces Aloha Kiosk

NCR goes all in as reseller for Samsung and GRUBBRR in its Aloha POS business. In 2023 Samsung announced their new Windows-based kiosk and you could see it coming then.¬† Enterprise IT people are not big fans of Linux derivative Tizen (Active Directory/etc).¬† And last year 50% of the NCR booth at NRA was GRUBBRR.¬† Still, change does not come easy with a large mega like Samsung or NCR.¬† We’ll see how the omission of accessible options for their kiosks plays out in the legal liability space.¬† BusinessWire announcement and post on Sixteen Nine

Excerpts:¬† ‚ÄúDigital technologies like the interactive Aloha Kiosk by NCR Voyix provide a better experience for the customer and less stress on the staff,‚ÄĚ said Benny Tadele, EVP & president of NCR Voyix, Restaurants. ‚ÄúThe Aloha Kiosk is integrated with the NCR Voyix Commerce Platform, enabling a seamless flow of data and the ability to unlock unique omnichannel ordering experiences for our customers.‚ÄĚ

From the announcement:

Two-thirds of Americans surveyed said they would prefer to use a self-service kiosk rather than a human-run checkout. This is positive news for restaurant operators, considering the U.S. Department of Labor predicts an average of 2.6 million job openings within food service operations from 2022 to 2032. In addition, fast food restaurants in California with at least 60 locations nationwide must pay employees a minimum of $20 an hour, and other states are considering similar wage requirements.

kiosk market research

kiosk market research

‚ÄúWith escalating costs, a shrinking labor force and the desire to provide multiple options for guest ordering and engagement, solutions like the Aloha Kiosk by NCR Voyix make perfect sense for the restaurant industry as they increase efficiencies and empower brands to do more with less,‚Ä̬†says Tadele.

Worth remembering the not-so-seamless data flow from Aloha when it was hacked. Aloha¬†Outage –¬†NCR Ransomware Attack and also NCR Aloha Update – Legacy of Mike Hayford

NCR has been struggling for the last few years. That’s one reason they split out the ATMs and renamed the Retail financial side.¬† They also let a lot of people go to cut costs.¬† Self-checkout at customers like Walmart have been “in flux” and the historically strong NCR service division is looking over its shoulders these days.¬† We ran the numbers on SCO recently.

The last couple of years have seen NCR and Diebold modify their stance opting to no longer develop specific hardware solutions  (SelfServe and Beetle e.g.) and adopt the reseller with service model. Much of that change can be traced to most POS systems being cloud-based. Estimates in 2024 are close to 80%.  Service and software have always been the recurring revenue gift that keeps on giving. The initial hardware is relatively insignificant in cost.

To an extent they both engender images of the Titanic and the eventual ultimate end to a voyage….

Some market data

NCR Stock Performance

NCR Stock Performance

Aloha POS has market share of 2.57% in pos-systems market. Generally 80% of the customers are US-based. Aloha POS competes with 208 competitor tools in the pos-systems category. The top alternatives for Aloha POS pos-systems tool are Square with 28.80%, Toast with 25.98%, Lightspeed with 8.40% market share.


Nice cost data table from recent Shift4 acquisition of Revel Systems

shift4 statement

shift4 statement

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